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Khartoum Sudan Wars 1883-85 (mod for C3C)

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  • Thrust123
    started a topic Khartoum Sudan Wars 1883-85 (mod for C3C)

    Khartoum Sudan Wars 1883-85 (mod for C3C)

    Khartoum, Sudan Wars 1883-85
    VERSION 1.0

    By Thrust123


    Gladstone says goodbye to Gordon, shortly before Gordon leaves for Khartoum to never return...


    Sudan, 1883. The Mahdi, self-proclaimed as "The chosen one", has started a revolution against Egyptian control of the country.
    The Egyptian garrisons are ill-prepared and lacking morale to prevent this uprising. The main city, Khartoum, still is safe but there are many Europeans and Egyptians trapped there.
    The British governtment, then in control and overseeing things in Egypt, doesn't want to get involved with troops on the ground, nor are they especially interested in helping Egypt maintain their corrupt dominion over Sudan. Notwithstanding a gesture is required and of course the evacutation of the Europeans is necessary.
    General Charles Gordon, aka "Chinese Gordon", is sent to Khartoum as Governor of the Sudan, his mission to evacuate as many Europeans and Egyptians out of Sudan before the Mahdist uprising overruns them.
    But things get worse as gradually outposts and cities begin to fall or are besieged. The General Hicks Expedition, an Egyptian force but under the leadership of an English Officer (Hicks) is destroyed. Later another Egyptian army, but again under the leadership of an English officer -General Baker- is also destroyed. Another gesture is required to reinstate British prestige in the eyes of the world. Under direct pressures from Queen Victoria Gladstone is finally forced to send British troops to Suakim (Graham's 1st Suakim Expedition) with an unclear mission consisting of kicking some Mahdists butts to recover British prestige.
    With time Khartoum itself, with General Gordon in it, comes under prolonged siege. Once more Gladstone, against his will, is forced to do something to at least try and save Gordon. The Gordon Relief Expedition is sent off...
    ==== >Important WARNING: Before starting to play you need to read the sections in the Civilopedia
    -House_Rules_Read_Very_Important (self-imposed rules you need to follow)
    -Scenario_NeedtoKnowsI and II (how to get your reinforcements, etc.)
    These sections are MUST READS before starting to play. If you don't the game won't work as intended or not at all.
    - Scenario to play solo as the British Player (controls British and Egyptian units) against the Madhist AI player. 86 weekly turns from around July 1883 to February 1885.
    - Map covering from Wadi Halfa in the North to the South of Sudan.
    - Many new units: Egyptian, British and Mahdists (the unit graphics are all borrowed from other modders mentioned in ackowledgements).
    - New resources.
    - Three new techs (Gordon Relief Expedition, Jihad and Total Jihad).
    - Several dummy type city improvements to auto-produce units for both sides.
    - Victory conditions: Conquest, Mass Regicide, Victory Points with Victory Point locations included.
    - System to time arrival of the two British Expeditions reinforcements, using "cadre" type units that can only be upgraded to fully functioning units after researching the appropiate Tech.

    House Rule: One of the Victory conditions settings is Capture the Flag. Since the game engine doesn't seem to have an option to disallow the owning player of the Flag unit from capturing and getting points for it himself, you should NOT capture your own flag unit (there's only one flag -or princess type unit-), starting at Khartoum named "Civilians".

    Khartoum, Sudan Wars 1883-85 VERSION 1.0
    In two parts (host limits maximum 50 Mb per upload file):

    1) Unzip ONLY the first Khartoum Sudan Wars file. It automatically triggers unzipping the second one. The third, sixth and eight characters of my user name in this forum is the key. Extraction results in this folder and file:
    Folder: Khartoum Sudan Wars 1883-85
    File: Khartoum Sudan Wars 1883-85.biq
    2) Place both inside your \Conquests\Scenarios folder.
    4) To play start Civilization III Conquests Edition updated to last version 1.22, select Civ Content and then the scenario.


    What are the ISSUES with this VERSION 1.0 ?

    - Military balance between British and Madhists. Have not been able to do as much playtesting as I would have liked; every time I playtest I come up with another idea -inspired by my perfectionism- and have to start all over.
    - Civilopedia information: Most of the new unit's Civilopedia entries are incomplete; might do so in the future. Game Concepts is quite complete so please take a good look.
    - Crash: I some times get a Civilization Game error, which I think is due to the custom music included, even though it's in the mp3 128-44 format. Maybe it's my system; but if you should get a Crash look into the details to see if it mentions mp3dec.asi or sound.dll because if it does then you will have to play without the custom music. To do this, remove the following:
    a) SOUNDS FOLDER that´s inside the Khartoum Sudan Wars 1883-85 folder.
    b) Music.txt FILE that´s inside the TEXT folder in the same folder mentioned in a).
    You will then have the vanilla music as background only.
    While playing, save often so as not to lose too many turns if you get this sort of error.


    Note that the scenario presented here won't work well except for playing solo as the British because the Mahdist has a large amount of units at start and, in the hands of a clever human player, would mean concentrating on and taking Khartoum early on, which means eliminating Gordon who is the British King unit and winning.


    Inspiration: The Dervish Wars by Robin Neilland, Osprey's Campaign #23 Khartoum 1885 - General Gordon's Last Stand- and the film Khartoum (1966).

    Scenario Concept & Design, new Techs, special sounds for Highlander (attack, death) and Colonial Regiments (fortify), text label type resources: Thrust123

    *Firstly I wish to express my gratitude to Vuldacon who gave of his time and work to reply to all my questions, give me ideas and solutions, as well as resources such as his Terrain pack. Without his assistance this mod would have not been possible.
    **REINFORCEMENT SYSTEM GORDON RELIEF EXPEDITION: Idea by Vuldacon. Also he taught me all about auto-production of units, among so many other things.
    **TERRAIN: Thanks to Vuldacon.
    Alligators (Crocodiles), Date Palms, Camels: From Rise & Rule Mod.
    Sunken ship (Stewart's Abbas): From Hegemon Mod.
    Game (Gazelle), Native Huts: From Worldwide Mod.
    **CITIES: From Rise & Rule Mod.
    **UNITS: None are new made by me. They are borrowed from many modders and mods. I downloaded them all from the Civfanatics CIV III website.
    *Mahdist Units: Almost all of the fighting units (Ansar, Mahdi, Hadendowa, Taaishi) by Balam-Agab from his Armies of Africa-Mahdist Sudan and bonus units packs. Aren't they the best units?
    *British/Egyptian type units:
    Egyptian army units and Bashi Bouzuk: Most of them, if not all, thanks to the several packs of Ottoman and Egyptian Units by Imperator 1961. Just perfect !
    Land Mine: Vuldacon, from his Escape from Zombie Island mod.
    British Explorer/Adventurer: Marc Angstadt Kinboat.
    British Colonial Infantry/Zulu War Rifleman and British Colonial Regiment/Colonial Trooper: Created by Wyrmshadow and Sounds by Ares De Borg.
    Voyageur: Daniel Lisboa Rennó, with nickname CivArmy.
    Sudan Fusiliers/Senegalese Riflemen: Wyrmshadow, AOI mod.
    Highlander/1812 Highlander Line Infantry, British Hussar and Cadre units: Sandris.
    Leader British/Royal Dragoon Late 19th: From the British part V Unit Pack.Steph ?
    Captain Thrust: Turkrifle blue by Imperator 1961.
    Captain Vuldacon: US Marine from the AOI mod.
    Royal Artillery / Italian Art. Late 19th: From the Europe Late19th it6171895 unit pack. Steph?
    Civilians/Khmer Settler by Shirokobbure.
    Nile Steamers/Paddlewheel: Aki Neuvonen.
    Warrior/Mbuti Spearman: Balam-Agab
    *Thanks to the Rise and Rule mod for the following:
    General Gordon/Bedouin Raider.
    River Intercept Force/Bombard.
    Water Supply/Supply Shipment1.
    Whaling Canoe Flotilla/Canoe.
    Hadendowa Camel/Camel Raider.
    Dhow/Dhow Cannons.
    *Thanks to the Age of Imperialism Deluxe mod for the following:
    Egyptian Worker/Industrial Worker.
    Gatling/Gatling and British Gatling
    Scenario set-up screen,top left menu buttons in-game, and smallheads: From AOI mod.

    * Game Engine & all else - Firaxis

    Probably forgot to mention someone as some of the sounds/icons of the units mentioned -that didn't come with them- are taken from other units. Let me know so as to include them please.

    This mod, dedicated to the brave Mahdist warriors, as well as General Gordon, is the result of a life long interest/obsession for those Sudan Wars, which started when I first saw the Film Khartoum (1966) at an eary age.
    Since CIV III isn't really a "wargame" as for example board wargames are, there are limits as to how well the historical aspects of the campaigns can be implemented. The design guiding principle has been foremost "Playability" (concept borrowed from the board wargame world). Represent as well as possible the historical events but making the game entertaining.
    This made me sacrifice and adapt several historical aspects including location placement of cities, terrain features (hills and mountains, i.e.) and mainly arrival of the two British Expeditions, Suakim 1st and Gordon Relief Expeditions, which arrive much earlier than historically to avoid boring the British player for too many turns. Most units have the best possible flcs, but for some I couldn't find one for that part of history so I took the best I could find; i.e. Hussars are actually Napoleonic type units.

    If you have an interest in the Sudan Wars of that period I think you will enjoy this mod

    The main ones are explained in the Civilopedia GAME CONCEPTS sections:

    These sections -I must insist- are MUST READS before starting to play. If you don't the game won't work as intended or not at all.