Catch the wave. The first ModCast (MC) special, entitled "Focus: "Civilization III"", is now available with a runtime of 01h38m29s. MC regular co-host Rob "Rob (R8XFT)" Riley, Jonathan "Plotinus" Hill, John "El Justo" O'Neill and Balthasar "Balthasar" Syennisis are lead by Bruce "Blue Monkey" Long as they explore what has happened, what is happen and what is to happen in the modding of Civilization III.

This is second production in ModCast's sixth season, following its season premiere fiftieth episode last month. The show is the first spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast, and this is the first "Focus" special not under that heading. Fellow sibling RevCast focuses on Civilization: Revolution, SCivCast on Civ social gaming and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.