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Multiplayer: Combat animations?

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  • Multiplayer: Combat animations?

    I'm playing with a friend via Internet versus some AIs. Its great, but one really anoying problem destroys all the fun: Whenever its the AI's turn, their units rush through the battlefield, start combat and finish it before you have a chance to look at it. In a single player game, one animation comes after another, here it is all at once. Airplanes are not visible at all. Additionally, even combat between human players has been shortened in animation.

    That basically leads to the weird solution, that after each turn, we have to carefully investigate the status of our troops for injuries and death in order to determine what might have happend during the AIs turn.

    Is there any way to make sure the AI combats get displayed properly one after another? And yes, we checked the corresponding settings in the preference menue. No effect