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    When I try to load files all the files that have been previously saved (Over a long period of time) still show up and can be reloaded. However when I open Windows Explorer and go the Conquests Save folder it is empty, however the Auto saves are there. This is becoming a nuicence when looking for a file to reload, Can any have any suggests on how to delete these files.

    I am running on Patch 1.22 under vista.

    Please I need held

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    I never used Vista, but I am using Win7. I suspect Vista is similar. Do you have a folder called User? If so look in Appdata. Local, VirtStor, Program File x86 and finally Infogrammes.

    If not, do a search for *.sav. In Win7 the Program Files folder is protected and, if you do not run C3C as Admin, it cannot write the save where you expect it. All apps will then default to the User folder someplace.


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      Windows Explorer will let you delete files.