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    I am new to playing Civ III online. A number of aspects disappoint me:

    1) General rudeness and intolerance -

    there seems to be a particular species of player who lacks patience with new players. They won't share tips. They are quick to boot new players who make elementary errors without consideration of their feelings. They are gung ho and only interested in fighting.

    2) There seems to be a fair amount of cheating

    I played a game the other night and within a matter of a few turns one player had acquired advanced flight and was bombarding people with bombers launched from aircraft carriers while the rest of us were still on spearmen and archers. How is this possible please? It spoils the game for those who enjoy working up the tech pathway and who have a more mature approach.

    3) There seems to be a strategy which is unrealistic in the sense that players identify the unit for their civilisation which packs the most bang per dollar and then produce nothing but this unit. Surely, it's more realistic to have a force mix?

    4) There are players who quit at the drop of a hat, sometimes after an hour or so of playing. This is a complete waste of my valuable time.

    I suspect that the way to avoid these problems is to join a league where there are similarly dedicated, serious players willing to share and improve the game for all by encouraging and mentoring new players and sharing strategy with them. I believe that this is the best way to make the game more interesting for all and to meet really interesting online challengers who pose a good mix of originality and interest. I don't know how to join such leagues. Anyone out there able to advise please? Bear in mind that I am also new to this sort of forum so make it obvious when you reply that it's aimed at me and answers my questions please. Thanks,


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    Much of online play has these problems. You want to find a group like you say. As to bombers, it sounds like a hack to me. Bombers are late in the Industrial Age.

    You may enjoy SG games (succession games). If you do try CFC (civfanatic).

    In a game were you want to kill of nations or players ASAP, if is best to have a 2 move very early unit such as jag warriors and spam them out.


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