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Civ 3 Multi- tool finished?

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  • Civ 3 Multi- tool finished?

    I'm a relatively new Civ3 enthusiast (which I prefer to Civ4). I'm not a programming wizard like many of the people writing on this site must be, so please be patient. In fact I rarely register on sites like this and it's a measure of my enthusiasm for Civ3 that I've made an exception here, however I'm not even sure I'm writing this in the right place.
    I have been truly amazed to discover the multi-tool for free download and have had great fun learning to install new units and resources. I even managed to produce my own version of 'tea' and one or 2 techs and wonders of my own (stonehenge, olympic games, tourism etc). All old hat to you guys no doubt but I was thrilled.
    Now I am puzzled though. The development of multi-tool seems to have halted round 2003/04. It's a great tool but it seems unfinished. For example it looks like the tech tree tool was going further but has stopped.
    I can move techs around but can't create arrows between them. Are there plans for updates or has it fizzled out?
    I'd love to be able to create new kinds of terrain tile and change them DURING the game. For example by creating Panama or Suez canal wonder to cut through those annoying bits of land that require long shipping detours. Bridges between neighbouring land masses would be good too. I assume this might never be possible as terrain type must be hard-wired? I also think there is room for developing tourism further with discovery of natural wonders like Grand Canyon and Barrrier reef.

    I'd love to develop future tech too.
    As a theoretical physicist I'd like to see quantum mechs, special / general relativity and string theory following from the gravity tech, leading to wonder: Einstein Institute. I could do all that now I think but then I'd like time machine wonder which calls up earlier saves and allows units sent back to conquer an earlier map!

    These are just a few silly ideas, but what I'd most like is to know if the multi-tool will develop please.
    Thanks for reading.