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  • government strengths and weaknesses

    Good afternoon everyone. I tried to be a 'good rookie' and see if there was a gov't topic somewhere but I came up short. As such, asking is never a bad thing. (The worst that can happen is my being directed to the appropriate topic and sworn at a few times, lol)

    The question: I would like to have a more in-depth look at each government style, so that I can decide for myself which is the best for each situation. The information in the civilopedia is simply too vague.

    For example: I keep hearing all this praise for democracy, but without any unit support I always end up losing money, when the turn before with monarchy I was growing by 3 gold per turn.

    From my personal experience in the game (this is NOT my real belief -- just for the game), communism is my favorite peace-time gov't and facism is my favorite war-time gov't. But I would like to know more of the others to make sure I am not missing out on something.

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    If this is Conquest, then Rep is usually the way to go for all, but war. In Always War I go with Monarchy. I never use Democracy as you have to make an additional switch and also research some optional techs.

    Commie is a decent form to use if the empire is large, but again you need to research a tech or two that you do not need and switch again.

    Also it can get large enough that the corruption starts to hurt the core.
    You end up making extra structures (Police Station) that cost time and shields and support.

    In most games I do not research either Demo or Commie and Facism is just awful.

    Demo also is very problematic in war times, I cannot remember the last time I used it.


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      Yeah, the one time I tried democracy I did not like it one bit. Communism gave me much more productivity, and provided unit support.

      Facism is great when at war. I switched on my first japanese game and literally tripled my allowed units, and my army was strong enough as it was!

      No, I would not stay with it in peace, I'll give you that.