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HI i have a problem :(

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  • HI i have a problem :(

    HI Look i have civ3 complete and i have intalled and all.. ok the problem is that after the intro video my screen gets black and apper the text "please check pc display settings" it apear before and after the intro video, and i dont have idea how to fix it my screen rsolution its 1152 X 864

    please help i need to play!! :'(

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    Try to change the ini setting using these:

    Can be 0 or 1. If 1, your screen resolution is used for the game instead of the default 1024x768.

    Video Mode=1280
    Can be 1024, 1152, 1280, 1600, 1792. Changes the game's resolution to the value specified (instead of the default 1024x768).

    Changes the default refresh rate of your monitor. Do not change/add this line unless you are experiencing problems!


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      Where do i chage that stuff XD


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        There should be a .ini file in the folder you installed to. By default, I imagine it will be something like C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III

        Also, each of the two expansions has its own .ini file, so if you're playing Conquests, change the conquests. ini file in the Conquests subdirectory.


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          Thanks i can play now!!


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            Sounds good, that what we like to hear.


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              Hi, I am having similar problems b/c of a new monitor but can't figure out which ini file(s) I am supposed to be altering. Could you give the exact name? I have CivIII Complete. Thanks.


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                look the only ini file i foud in game directory was conquest.ini it is in the conquest subdirectory it was the one i change and it works for me


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                  You will have an ini for each of the versions, if you have C3C, but only if you have started each version.

                  D:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Civilization3.Ini for vanilla.

                  D:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Civ3PTW\?.ini for PTW. I have not brought the game up in some time, so I do not have one.

                  D:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\conquest.ini for C3C


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                    Great, thanks! Works very well now.


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                      Hi there,

                      I have another problem. I bought the old plain vanilla Civ III, installed and played it. It was 1.07 version (IIRC). Then I went for the latest patch 1.29f, and after the instalation the game launch asks for the CD.

                      No matter if the (obviously) original CD is in or not the game refuses to load whether is from the desktop shortcut or the CD autorun. Now I'm stuck and before re-installing I'd to know if there is an easy fix somewhere.

                      Any ideas? Please help me to get my drug
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                        Definitely get the patch, it fixes so much.

                        Not good that it doesn't work with your CD now... not sure what to recommend besides re-installing, though. :/ If that fails, contact Atari tech support. Worse comes to worse, I believe they can supply you with a no-CD check fix (long as you can provide some proof of purchase).


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                          I re-installed, re-patched and again the same thing. I went to Atari support site, they have all kinds of self-support advice. One of these recommends to fiddle with the Windows Registry.

                          I noticed I have two entries for Civilization III. One called "Civilization III" and the other "Civilization III v1.29f". The latter has almost no strings in it. Atari site's advice was to "change to the correct CD-ROM drive letter (D: in this case)" but the letter is the same.

                          Can anyone post what HKLM\Software\Infogrames Interactive\registry entries contain (with the patch in)? Maybe it's just a registry issue (or it's something wrong with the patch?).

                          So far I have emailed to the Atari guys asking for help. However they said it will take 7-10 business days to reply . In the meantime, I have reinstalled but kept playing with the "original version"
                          "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill


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                            It is the stupid SecuRom looking for blacklisted products. If you have any virtual drive tools, that will cause it. There are ways to defeat it, but forget what they are now.

                            The patch brought a new (then) version and it caused a lot of legit users the same problem. You can run into it with C3C patches as well.


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                              (wow long time for a necro)

                              And does anyone knows the URL of a proper patch to address this problem?
                              "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill