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railroad bypassing cities?

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  • railroad bypassing cities?

    I've worked a circle around the city, but the city doesn't connect to the rail. This means it takes a road step to get in n out of the city.

    The city isn't in starvation, disorder, resistance. it currently has a library and barracks, and coal+iron in the resources. it's a recently captured city, but that shouldn't matter cuz cities that i capped AFTER it are on the rail line.

    I have 2 cities that are like this and it's pretty perplexing.

    [edit] make that 3 . . . all are in conquered territory, but all 3 are very different in terms of terrain, size and improvements.
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    This is fixed in the 1.22 patch.


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      oh . . . 9_9 < eyeroll

      maybe i'll go do that then. ya think?


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        What patch do you have? If you don't have at least 1.15, patch as soon as you're done with your games! (1.22 can't load a lot of pre-1.22 saves.) Pre-1.15 has some monstrous bugs. Even if you do have 1.15, I would still upgrade once you're finished.