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    Help! I am starting to get a little frustrated here. Does anyone know any tricks or tips for maximizing your chances of gaining a Leader unit after a combat? My Elite Samurai have been attacking averything in sight for hudreds of years and I haven't gotten a single Leader unit yet? Can anyone help?

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    There's really not much you can do other than consistently attacking with elites, when the chances for a win are high (enemy injured or far less powerful). Perhaps you can try to make more elite units, which would increase your chance, provided there are enough appropriate enemies to attack. And don't forget to pray and try to bribe the gods. As notyoueither found out, eating m&m's helps.

    It's probably just a streak of bad luck.


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      Creating and Using Leaders by SirPleb


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        blando, I feel your pain. Right now I'm playing Scandanavia who, of course, are militaristic and have loads of elite Beserks and Knights - but not one leader yet. I just discovered Military Tradition and there is nothing sadder than not being able to build the Military Academy when you discover MT.

        Sometimes the RNG is just not your friend.


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          Yep. My first epic game - no leaders. 2nd one - leaders galore.

          Also you won't get leaders from fighting barbarians.
          Who is Barinthus?