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Hurrying production with leader

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  • Hurrying production with leader

    Help please.

    I am attempting to hurry production of a Wonder using a Great leader. The leader is in a city. I can build an army using the "b" key, but I've not figured how to hurry production. A reply to a previous post mentioned a "hurry production" and "build army" button associated with the leader. My 1.29f version of CIV 3 does not have any such choice or association. Thanks in advance.

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    You can hurry producton in 1.29F of CivIII. Is that city on wealth?
    The two buttons should be side by side. I can't remember if it need to have movement points left to hurry production. I know I have used that feature, even when there is resistance. I am not so sure about is they are in an uproar.


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      Thanks for the help, I've found the button. CTR-H is the key command.


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        LOL, it happens


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