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  • Civ 3 PTW 1.27f

    I have Civ 3 Play the World, v1.04, but when i download the new patch for PTW, v1.27f, i need the original CD. Does anyone know where i can find a noCD crack?

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    On the off chance this is not a DL:

    For god's sake, poeple, read the freaking FAQ before you register. Asking for no-CD keys, illegal copies of a program, or anything like it - even discussing them or providing links to them - is AGAINST FORUM RULES. Ming, kill this thread and ban the sucker


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      I would bet it isn't a DL.

      This question is asked all the time. Why didn't you search before posting this? Not only these forums but a search engine, this isn't exactly an esoteric question.
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        Before yelling at you, I'd assume you have a legitimate demand, and that you have a UK version of PtW. The 1.27 patch doesn't work properly for the UK version and needs a 'workaround' even if you have bought your copy.
        You can find information about this here. Scroll down and read the entries titled with "UK `PTW` V1.27F RELEASE? MAYBE NOT" and "UK `PTW` V1.27F PATCH: UPDATE, WORKAROUND".
        (Note to Ming: this is 'Poly's Civ3 main new page. I think I go by the site's rules on this one )

        If you don't own a UK copy of PtW, I am not sure it will work. Besides, if you don't own a UK version, you're asking us to help you pirate one of the games we cover, and this is against the rules of this site.

        The DL Dance is only performed in the OT. Unlike the OT, on-topic forums welcome new posters all the time. They are especially many in the Help forums, which is the only place many registrees will ever post.
        Please keep the DL dance for the OT where it belongs, where complete 'Poly newbies are not expected to come.
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          Ok, sorry.