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How do I add units for PtW?

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  • How do I add units for PtW?

    I just got PtW and am fiddling with the editor to add an exploer for my civ.

    I added in the editor and said it could be used by all and then saved the file and loaded the game.

    When I built my first city and clicked on my explorer the game said


    error reading file

    missing enty in "text\PediaIcons.txt animname.

    game will exit."

    What did I do wrong? I thought everything was saved in the editor. I read at the top of the posts how to save units to your game, but does that work for PtW?

    Do I have to go to explorer and into my Civ3 files in the text\Pediaicons.txt and change things there as well? not a good editor if I have to do those things, but will if I have to I guess.

    All help will be appricated.


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    Try reading my comment here, hopefully it is of some help- although I am also seeking the same answers you are.

    *woah, that sounds Deep!
    Freedom Doesn't March.



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      Hey Problem child try this link that someone gave me on the civfantics forums. (the responses here seem to be slow or not many people here anymore)

      copy and paste since I don't know how to make a quick link

      I tried reading it and still have problems since I don't know where to find my animation files.

      try it and hope it helps you



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        Ok heres the answer (to my problem at least)

        Ok, I was having the problem where Id load a scenario in which I used an add on unit, and Id get the message "error locating pediaIcon-text-animname-etc..."
        The way to fix this problem is as follows- When setting up the unit in the editor, enter #PTRO_(unit name) in the slot for the civilopedia info. Then, go into pediaIcons.text, find the unit at the animname_prto_ area, and change it to read #PRTO_(unit name here). The numerical symbol apparently needed to be in there, and it not being present is the reason the file could not be located. Anyways I hope you are able to track with me here, its 2 in the morning and I just figured this out after tons of playing around, and this post seems to me rather incoherent. If it doesnt work for you, or you have questions, please post them and Ill attempt to clarify, as I think I have found some logic behind this gaggle-f**K of an editor.


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