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Missing Final Fantasy, Dune, & Starcraft scenarios on Dustin Dunn's Civ2 Site

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  • Missing Final Fantasy, Dune, & Starcraft scenarios on Dustin Dunn's Civ2 Site

    It's a cruel world lol..

    There probably isn't a hope in hell that anyone will have these but I'll try anyway...

    I'm in the middle of a Civ2 website search side project as part of my bigger scenario hunting work to feature in a video series I located a webarchive backup of an old Civ2 website called The Zandanian League by DSquared (it was also described as 'Dustin Dunn's Civ2 Site' in the link to it). This long lost site hosted a number of scenarios not found in any other repository I've searched through. Some of them relate to topics of great interest to me!

    I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan especially the retro SNES/Super Nintendo ones and so I've been keeping an eye out for Civilization 2 scenarios based on it. Other than a vanilla Civ2 scenario with no changed graphics or sounds I'd found nothing in all the big repositories I've searched through. Yet on this site sits a full total conversion Final Fantasy 4 (2 in US) modpack for Civ2 by a fellow named Frank Johnson . As you can see in the surviving picture the trees, grass and hills are taken directly from the original game as well as the units and even the friggin cities are built from castles and villages you'd find on the world map. But of course this modpacks main download and 4 sound downloads were not backed up by webarchive.. such a shame that something this cool is likely lost forever..


    Then just as I'm reeling from that painful discovery I then visit his scenarios section to find that there is a Starcraft scenarios called Starcraft Terran War by aland007. I'm also a big Starcraft fan and have been hunting for any scenarios or modpacks related to it and was surprised to find none considering it's a late 90s game with 2.5D isometric graphics that would convert in pretty well. Now sure enough it appears someone did.. and of course the bloody download for that is not backed up either lol. Even the screenshot wasn't backed up so I don't know how good it is, however the site describes it as having "new graphics".

    I don't suppose by some flukey chance that someone here has these?

    I notice there are emails for these guys posted.. long shot after 20 years but I guess it's worth a shot to email them and see what happens.. but yeah.. not holding my breath!

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    I wonder what happened to Dustin Dunn / DSquared as his account here has been inactive for years.. his Civ2 site was huuuuge.. is gonna take me a while to finish going through all his pages. Such a shame none of his stuff got backed up!

    ah man.. there's also 3 Dune scenarios on his site that appear to be different from the Dune scenario I've found elsewhere and already know about.

    Sands of Dune by James Dahl

    Dune - Pour L'epice! by N.Chautru

    The Battle for Arrakis 1.0 by Isaac Ashdown

    They're about 3/4 down this page:

    No screenshots (other than those maps) and wow.. no luck.. Dustin links to the authors homepages.. I find their backups and go to their downloads sections and while some of the other downloads work fine but the dune ones fail.. coooommmoooon... give me something universe haha
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      omg there's ANOTHER FF scenario called Final Fantasy Civ by Jomb on dustin's website (about 5 or so down on this page)..
      total conversion again with awesome imported graphics except this time it's from the classic NES era instead of SNES.. once again no luck lol.. it links to authors page where there's NO webarchive backup of the download... this is torture lol!

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        Been posting around lots of forums and social media groups but am not holding my breath. I do have some very small leads of interest though..

        Spoke with Solver who's always super helpful with my rescue work (cheers mate ) and sure enough these files never made their way to Poly's servers sadly.. however he then went above and beyond and managed to locate an old conversation here at Poly about Frank's FF4 mod for Civ2:

        In that thread a (still active) member Elok talks about making his own FF mod for Civ2 meaning there's friggin 3 out there I can't find now lol! So I did a search for any FF posts by Elok and that lead to some other discussions where once again Franks mod was discussed and even CFC's resident guru modder techumseh also posted a link to Frank's FF mod too (Techumseh hasn't been here in a while so I'll chase him down on CFC instead).

        No one seems to talk about Jomb's cool looking NES FF era scenario for Civ2 sadly but jeez Elok if you still have a copy of your FF mod, Franks FF mod or Jomb's FF mod please let me know!!! I can arrange permanent safe hosting for these mods and ensure they never get lost again. I also plan to cover them in a video in my big Civ video series I'm working on too!



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          My catalogging of lost Civ2 website backups continues and I managed to find a site called SciFilization which specialised in Scifi Civ2 Scenarios and was hosted at Sidgames giving it it's own download file hosting that had the Starcraft scenario and 2 of the 3 Dune scenarios! But yeah.. once again downloads not backed up by Webarchive.. so close but so far.. especially as I used to be a member of the sidgames forums back in 1999 and chatted a couple of times with it's 'infamous' owner Whistler.

          I also notice both this site and Dustin's have a Dawn of the Dead scenario too that is apparently a full total conversion zombie survival scenario set in the US where you have a small by powerful force surviving against a huge hoard of zombies. No sign of its files in Poly backups, here at CFC (other than some forums posts where people talk about how great it is) or anywhere else so that's another cool one I'll have to chalk in as lost forever too.

          And finally I also spoke to Elok here at Poly, he confirmed he did indeed have the Final Fantasy 4 modpack but that the computer died so his copy was lost long ago.

          So yup.. I think that's it for these ones unless someone comes forward on one of the forums I've posted about them at. You win some you lose some haha!

          EDIT: There's also a few more rare scenarios I've found on an old German Civilization 2 website called Civ 2 Paradise by Willi Gross:
          - A German Babylon 5 scenario (so presumably different to the 2 English ones I know of)
          - A English Star Wars - The Dagobah System scenario
          - A English Orion - Alpha Centauri scenario
          - A English Alpha scenario (no description but possibly just the regular Alpha Centuari scenario also on Apolyton).

          Considering these seem to only be on a German Civ2 site there's even less chance of finding them lol. But I've created a thread over on the German Civ2 forums about these just in case and will leave it at that.

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            SCORE! I believe I've obtained one of the rare Alpha Centauri scenarios I mentioned above and more lost treasures! How it all went down was pretty flukey lol!

            While doing the recent Civ 2 websites archive search side project (hunting for more rare scenarios of interest to me) I found this old Geocities Civ2 site by a guy named John Mavin:

            His scenarios page seemed to be filled with scenarios he made that weren't anywhere else. Some of the names may look familiar but you'll probably find that the ones you're thinking of were made by other people and not this guy. What of course stood out to me was that he'd made a Alpha Centauri one as that's one of my big main scenario hunt search & rescue project categories. Like in the above situations I held my breath and clicked on the download links hoping webarchive had the files but sure enough they all failed... was devo!

            However as I moved through the different years of webarchive backups of his site I found that John had later replaced his Civ2 site with a blog about some novels he was writing. It turns out the novels became successful and I discovered his blog still exists nowadays elsewhere. And because he's a successful writer he's got social media pages where he updates his fans on all his latest works! So I thought scr*w it, I've got nothing to lose by asking so I msged him on his facebook page and asked if he still has his scenarios lol.

            Within a few hours he'd gotten back to me to say HE DOES! He even thanked me for messaging him as he thought no one cared about those Civ2 scenarios and would ever message him about them lol. I was like no man, thank YOU for making these and allowing me to preserve and share them with the community after all these years!

            Great moments like that are why I do this crazy stuff haha! As every now and then you actually DO find the treasure lol!... Actual treasure and not trash haha!!

            I have of course tested each one of them and added them to the CFC Civ2 downloads area so all collectors should grab a copy (click on titles below to go to download pages).

            Alpha Centauri
            I was so happy to see that the scenario I wanted the most was sure enough a total conversion scenario different to other AlphaC ones out there, and is heavily influenced by Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Which is awesome as scenarios with influenced or ripped graphics from SMAC has totally been what I've been looking for in my super scenario hunt thread! Looks like this is probably the closest we'll get to a Civ2 scenario with totally ripped and converted SMAC graphics as I've always thought that would be cool to do (hell maybe I'll make one myself one day lol).

            Even though I was mainly after the AlphaC scenario I said yes to his other stuff too as I had a feeling there would be some more rare gems and cool scenarios that even if I didn't want then others would definitely want and sure enough I wasn't disappointed. Nearly all of them are total conversion and have cool title pics too (I like it when people put effort into a good title pic). The historical ones (Roman, Viking/Saxon, & Napoleon) will no doubt be of interest to the ScenarioLeague members for possible ToT conversion with Fairline's & other's existing enhanced graphics. He's done a nice job at taking on all areas as we've got scifi, fantasy and historical ones below!

            The Holy Immortals
            A rather impressive fantasy scenario. The strange dark farm/irrigation graphics technique seems to unexpectedly work quite well. I love the look of the cities, they're not Age of Empires so I'm guessing they're possibly from the Caesar and Pharaoh games.

            The Chelonian Conquest
            A space scenario which appears to be influenced by the Master of Orion Jr scenario but with some new graphics and new aliens.

            Heptarchy - The Conquest of the Saxon Kingdoms
            If you're a fan of the TV show Vikings like I am and recently saw it's final season then this one will be of even bigger interest to you as it's set around the end of the Viking age and focuses on Ecgberht of Wessex conquering the Saxon kingdoms and unifying Britain.

            Napoleon - Wars of Conquest
            There's a number of Napoleon scenarios out there but I've not seen John's before until now. Looks like he gave the old CiC Napoleon scenario a fresh coat of paint.

            The Punic Wars
            A nice Roman scenario focused on the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage. Once again we see those dark farmlands and cool city buildings.

            Axis and Allies
            Not much in the way of custom graphics in this one however what makes it interesting is that John has designed the scenario and map positions along with modifying the rules and settings to best match the Axis and Allies board game by Milton Bradley.

            Well now I'm going to go dip into the last great frontier of scenario hunting which is 'scenarios attached to ancient forum posts' and once that's done I really will have exhausted all possible options, hopefully I can find more of the rare and missing stuff posted previously in this thread or maybe some new stuff! Once the treasure hunt is over I can finally get everything uploaded and finish my Civ2 MGE video, not to mention release all my own scenarios which have been sitting on ice through all this lol, and then move on to ToT & beyond!



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              Originally posted by Blake00 View Post
              scenarios with influenced or ripped graphics from SMAC has totally been what I've been looking for in my super scenario hunt thread! Looks like this is probably the closest we'll get to a Civ2 scenario with totally ripped and converted SMAC graphics as I've always thought that would be cool to do (hell maybe I'll make one myself one day lol).
              Quoting myself here lol.. as with 24 hours of me posting the above and beginning my big forum history searches I've found this very thing, a total conversion SMAC scenario for Civ2.. Once again it's John Valdez / Civpartisan that had a similar dream to me.. except sadly he & his modding partner Andrew didn't finish it. Got quite far too! Will try to get their final files and have a think about whether I can quickly do something with it (eg merge it with John Mavin's scenario) in-between everything else I'm doing haha.

              Thought I'd list a few more I'm having no luck finding so far... due to downloads failing, no backups, authors either long gone or no longer have a copy of their work etc.

              Battle of Endor by Markus – (351kb) (not josh adams one) FOUND!!!
              Battle at the Hoth System by J.Bélanger – (396kb) (not Brandon Dunaway one)
              TATOOINE by J. Bélanger – (71kb) (not Justin Giles one or Chris & Steve's one)
              Star Trek: Mission on Vesta by Dirk Weber - (636kb)
              Alpha Centauri Modpack v1.5 by Carlos Alb. Romero Díaz - (795kb)
              Command & Conquer 2 by unknown -
              Star Wars by Ambra – (2.5mb) or st_1 and 2 zips FOUND!!!
              Star Wars Rebellion by C. Kerdrain – (1.3mb)
              Battle of Hoth by unknown – (1.55M)
              Master of Orion Jr 4 by Jeelen / Agent327
              Star Trek 7of9 by St Leo – /

              Oh and if anyone wants a cleaner version of all the above stuff from earlier in the thread that's still missing then here's all my info on them but compacted...

              German Babylon 5 by unknown -
              Orion (Alpha C) by unknown -
              Star Wars - "The Dagobah System" by unknown -
              Starcraft: Terran War by aland007 - (1mb)
              Final Fantasy II/IV Modpack by Frank Johnson – (225kb) / (267kb) / (337kb) / (338kb) / (477kb)
              Sands of Dune by James Dahl – (293kb)
              Dune - Pour L'epice! (For the spice!) by N.Chautru – (246kb)
              The Battle for Arrakis 1.0 by Isaac Ashdown – (163kb) (not David Emery's Battle for Arrakis)
              Dawn of the Dead by Peter F. Delaney – (203kb) / (503kb)
              Final Fantasy Civ by Jomb – (208kb)



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                SCORE! Over at CivFinatics a kind fellow named minipow01 saw my list and gave me 4 scenarios to match against my list! These were the results of my checks on his files...

                1) I've checked out Battle of Endor and yup this is definitely the right one as Markus's name is in the events file, the file size matches, the intro text matches Dustin's description text on his site perfectly, and the screenshot matches too. Curiously the scenario comes with the readme file from Justin Giles's Tatooine scenario which is a bit misleading. I guess Mark used Justin's graphics and kept the readme as a credit. Missing a title.gif so I added a generic one for fun. Have created a download page for it and can tick this one off as found!

                2) Yup this is definitely Ambra's Star Wars! This is great! His intro text didn't load though so I renamed the files to match. Have created a download page for it and can tick this one off as found!

                3) Unfortunately this is a different Battle of Hoth by Brandon Dunaway that I already have and forgot to mention (I think it's already on CFC & Poly but I'll double check that) so I've added a 'not Brandon Dunaway's one' to the Hoth entry in my file list above.

                4) I've checked out Dune and nope this is an entirely different one I didn't know about!!! Wowzer!!! I've found author details in the rules file, this was by David Greenfield and he titles it CivDune. There's no intro and the map is completely different to the ones on Dustin's site so yup this is definitely another one. Great news, although that of course means the original 3 above are still missing. His custom ocean replacements were incorrectly sized resulting in nasty transparency bleed errors across the whole map so I've fixed it. Missing a title.gif so I added a generic one for fun. Have created a download page for it !