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Opensource fan made Civilization II rebuild

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  • Opensource fan made Civilization II rebuild

    For anyone who's ever wished there was a opensource rebuild of Civilization 2, it turns out there is one! A talented member of the Civ community named Axx has worked on and off over the years on a Civ2 clone build and has recently been answering questions and posting links and pictures from his project here:

    Before anyone says it yes there's FreeCiv and C-Evo but they're not 1:1 Civ2 clones (that attempt to replicate everything Civ2 does). They're their own Civ games that have a bit of Civ2 feel to them but are written completely differently and contain bits from multiple Civ games as well as using their own unique features & ideas.

    Civ2's original source files were apparently lost in the downfall of Microprose, so it would be interesting to see what the fan community could do with an opensource Civ2 rebuild.

    Screenshots from his project:

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