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    I've never played a Civ game but have always been rather curious about it. It wasnt until i started actively hunting 'em out that i've really considered grabbing it. And then i found something that would have absolutely made me play it...but im not sure if its even real at this point.
    Doom is my favorite game of all time and according to this page of fan games on mods on the wiki, there was a Doom modpack for Civ II. The link led to a non-existent thread on this website and any google searches i've done have had no leads on any surviving links or topics about this mod. Part of me wonders if it even exists or if its just been lost in the deep depths of the internet. So i signed up to ask a question. Does anyone know anything about this or maybe possibly have it sitting on an old install or hard drive or something and could possibly link it? I'm more curious as to it even existing at this point and would love to possibly see it surface again, not only for my interest, but for preservation purposes.

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    I am not delusional! Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go dance with the purple wombat who's playing show-tunes in my coffee cup!
    Rules are like Egg's. They're fun when thrown out the window!
    Difference is irrelevant when dosage is higher than recommended!


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      holy crap! thank you so much! i honestly wasn't expecting this pack to even be real!