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Civilization 1 For Windows - Complete Soundtrack Overhaul Mod

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  • Civilization 1 For Windows - Complete Soundtrack Overhaul Mod

    From mod README file:

    ================================================== ====================
    Civilization 1 For Windows - Complete Soundtrack Overhaul Mod
    ================================================== ====================

    1. Information
    2. About
    3. Installation Instructions
    4. Known Issues
    5. Credits
    ================================================== ====================
    1. Information:

    Author: Blake
    Version: 1.0 09/06/2018
    Website: (If link doesnít work Google it)
    News & Updates:
    Demonstration Video: (COMING SOON HERE)
    ================================================== ====================
    2. About:

    As someone who grew up playing the Dos version of Civilization I was frustrated when I tried the windows version and found that all the music tracks had been converted from midi to low quality 10-30sec WAV files. Some of Civ1ís music tracks went for minutes so a lot was lost, especially considering that the Civ1 intro goes for 3 minutes meaning you sat there in silence for 2.5 mins! There wasnít much we could do about this in the 1990s as space was premium however these days a few big WAV files isnít going to do any damage!

    So I decided to test replacing the gameís music files with high quality full length versions of the soundtrack and was pleased to discover that the game allowed them and on most occasions didnít Ďchop endí playing the music. I hunted across the internet and managed to discover on youtube a very special high quality genuine Roland MT-32 recording of all the Dos version tracks uploaded by BarbariaBros. He very kindly gave me his original uncompressed WAV files to use for this mod. You can find his uploaded copy HERE.

    I had the lower the quality a bit for the files to be compatible with the game (see known issues) however working from an uncompressed source instead of a youtube compressed file has produced a much better final product which I hope you all enjoy. Most people couldnít afford a Roland MT-32 back in the day so this soundtrack mod for CivWin will give even experienced Dos Civ players a much upgraded music experience should they wish to jump ship!

    Finally if youíre someone like me who also prefers the graphics & colours of the Dos version but wants to play in the higher resolutions of CivWin then I recommend you try out Honzas ĎDOS Tileset for Civilization I for Windowsí mod which combined with my mod converts CivWin into the ultimate classic Civ 1 experience. Iíve been playing Civ 1 in 1080p HD on my 46 inch screen with both these mods and having a blast!
    Example Picture:
    Honzas DOS Tileset for Civilization I for Windows mod:
    ================================================== ====================
    3. Installation Instructions:

    * Just to be safe I recommend you backup all of your WAV files in your CivWin install folder just in case you donít like the mod or it causes an unforeseen bug I havenít already listed below.
    * To install just simply extract all the WAV files out of the 7zip archive file into your CivWin install folder overriding all of the old music WAV files in there. If you donít have 7zip installed, you should as itís better than all the others.
    ================================================== ====================
    4. Known Issues:

    * 24,000Hz 16bit Mono WAV format was the highest the game would accept during my testing. If anyone knows of a way to trick the game into using higher quality files (eg 44,000Hz stereo) let me know!

    * Unlike the DOS version CivWin uses only 1 track for both the title sequence and the evolution intro. Forcing me to combine both songs into one track that fits the 3 minute length of the intro sequence. As a result I had to edit out a few Ďslowí bits.

    * Music stops playing in Diplomacy screen once you start pressing the ok button. Unfortunately this would require someone very skilled with hacking the Civ1Win game files to fix.

    I had no other issues with my Windows XP VirtualBox VM CivWin test install, however I had these extra issues occur on my Windows 98 DosBox VM CivWin test install:

    * Music starts playing when you receive the "an emissary wishes to speak with you" message however it sometimes stops playing when you continue into the diplomacy screen.

    * Sometimes after the above issue all sounds & music would stop working and only restarting the VM would fix it. Not sure if it's the virtual OS or the VM program.

    Note: All tests were done with CivWin version 1.2.0. Other versions of the game may produce different results. Testing in other Virtual Machine software or other Operating Systems may also produce different results. CivWin will not work on 64 bit Windows hence why a VM is required.
    ================================================== ====================
    5. Credits:

    * Original Civilization 1 Soundtrack composed by Jeff Briggs
    * High quality genuine Roland MT-32 recordings done by BarbariaBros
    * File conversions, editing, mod assembly & release by Blake
    ================================================== ====================



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