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Looking for the correct version of Civ 2

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  • Looking for the correct version of Civ 2

    Hello folks. I'm new at this forum and I signed up because I love Civ 2. I played it for the first time many years ago and still keep playing it. At my opinion, the best turn-based strategy game.
    Here comes my doubt. I have formatted my PC and I forgot to back up my Civ 2 wich I downloaded 2 years ago. In order to keep playing it, I downloaded Civ 2 and Civ 2 MGE but they are not the same I had. The one that I played had the chance of reaching a gold age and even destroying the taken enemy cities. Do you know what Civ 2 version was it? =/. I keep looking for it but I'm not lucky to find it. Also, the one I deleted was in spanish language. Please, give me a hand!

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    Civ II can't be the best TBS game with that very stupid AI,with suicidal attacks,one unit killing 5 units in a tile,and more..In Civ II the victory against that stupid AI is always sure.Civ IV,a game of the year has more problems with bad play of AI,Civ II is full.Is a funny game and that's all