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Anyone of the Old Guard here?

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  • Anyone of the Old Guard here?


    I'm Squonk / Heresson / Maciej.
    You remember, I created Fading Lights / Outremer / Komnenai / Mamluks / Heraclius.
    sorry to list that all, I want to make you recall me.

    Anyway. for my proper reasons (I'm finishing PHD and I was afraid they're going to say I had too few conferences) I applied for a presentation at a conference.

    I'm going to talk about presentation of ancient leaders in the Middle East in Civ2 scenarios

    It's result of the topic of the conference, which is about image of ancient leaders in the Middle East in visual arts, computer games etc.

    I only have a couple of days left. I'll try to re-visit old scenarios.

    Now how can you help me:

    1) Mention to me all the old scenarios concerning antiquity in the Middle East that you can remember

    2) If you're an author of such a scenario, I'll prepare and ask you some questions concerning them, ok?

    thank you

    I count on your cooperation

    "I realise I hold the key to freedom,
    I cannot let my life be ruled by threads" The Web Frogs
    Middle East!

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    Hi Heresson!

    I can't remember many offhand, but the spanish site was an important repository, and mentions authors. I don't know if there's a current version running, but the internet archive offers the list of medieval and ancient scens, you can check out the authors of those that interest you and contact them. Many might answer PMs, if their email addresses are up-to-date.

    Most of the SLeague guys are over at CFC, after a move ther a couple of years ago. I see you already posted there.
    Indifference is Bliss


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      Hi. I don't know what you mean by "Old Guard". I've been playing since Civ2 came out in 1996...


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        I started my downward spiral into this addiction on Playstation CIVII somewhere around 1996...lots of fun!!!
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        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah