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Has Anyone Played Civ II MP Lately?

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    Originally posted by pondichery View Post

    If you want to join our group you are welcome!

    You can join this group on Comodo Unite and play with us: civ2multi3 pass: civ2


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      Since Comodo Unite is down, I cannot register a new account and hence cannot join your network.

      If you are still interested in playing civ 2 multiplayer, please

      1) Add me on steam
      2) Join my hamachi network

      NetworkID: DaringPaw
      Password: Seattle

      3) Write an e-mail to me so we can find different ways to connect or I can join another network of yours:

      D a r i n g P a w @ w e b . d e

      [please delete the blanks]

      Great. Thx. CU.


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        I wanna play!
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          Hi,today I saw your post.Still available,you have time to play?


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            Hey guys... I've been going through a cycle of playing, deleting, playing, deleting. Basically just trying to keep it from eating my life BTW, was the great library lost?
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