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  • Civ 2 MP, the players

    I know this thread has been around before but too lazy to find it.

    I was wondering, who do you guys see as the civ2 MP players who made an impression on your game/civ/etc.

    (Lets have a definite (sp???) thread about civplayers)

    For me in random order this should be:

    * Lry: Probably the best civ2player ever, a lot of you dont know him but he's the only guy able to beat me on every setting. Find hm on MSN/ICQ or German 1x1x Deity liga. He's a Chinese guy living in Japan so dont expect indept conversation in English, but if you ned a good hiding he's your man.

    * Gary (also known as strategicking) the guy who thought me about using caravans in MP for something besides wonders.

    *Sean (eyesofnight + 1K more names) although I still doubt his honesty he must be still one of the best wargamers of civ2

    *MartinMs600: A mate from Germany, also one of the best players I ever played.

    *Ming/Rah: for setting up the friday night 2x1x games. Although the strat in those game is pretty much straightforward due to 2x1xDeity I had good fun in the games I played with them.

    *People like Dank, Nev, Larix, Zep. 2x2x king players who still want to play you after they're 35 to 1....

    Game anyone?