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The Tech Tree Thread (including a Tech Tree Template)

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  • The Tech Tree Thread (including a Tech Tree Template)

    As there seemed to be some interest in my self made tech tree template, I've decided to share it with the community.

    After I had gone through some frustrating tech tree developments, I decided to map the tech tree once and for all, to make it easier for my future projects. I took the original tech tree and split it into different brances, and named them according to their respective branch. The next scenario I made with my new template, I just renamed the various tech brances to fit the new theme. It has saved me alot of work and I hope others can benefit from it as well.

    NB! Although this is a nice starting point, the tech tree is not absolutely complete, and not very sophisticated as it is. There's still some work that needs to be done. Especially for the modern techs. So, don't get disappointed when you see that there's still some work to be done. But it has surely saved me of many hours of work.

    This guide written by Kobayashi is also a great asset to be used during your tech tree development:

    Good luck!
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    Mmm, I'm not sure that the Cathedral "must be related" as such to MT, and likewise for Temples and Cer. If you look at the FW MoMJr. scenario (which is full of educationally-valuable bugs), you'll notice that the designers rather sloppily made MT into one of the Sorcery techs, but had Cathedrals and Mike's Chapel built by some other tech. The result? Cathedrals work fine for Jafar once he's discovered that Sorcery tech, and do nothing for anyone else unless they've begged/stolen/gone to the incredible trouble of researching said Sorcery tech.

    So I'm pretty sure MT and Cer don't have to be prereqs for the two improvements, you just have to have them for the Cathedral or Temple to do anything, even if you have Mysticism or Theology. Maybe that's what you meant by "related," but you might want to clarify. You can make it "unrelated" rather handily by making MT and Cer into nonos and giving them to some but not all civilizations, thereby making truly civilization-specific improvements. I imagine the same holds partly true for Radar and Airports, in case you want to give a city veteran and quick-healing air units without the airlift ability.
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      Nice - I will add these to my CIV library!