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    Well... a place about all those Civ4 funs who find more interest in playing against humans and socializing, in a fashion of diplomacy or time limitations, than competing themselves in solo games, but... don't know where to start or how to join a PBEM game. Or for current PBEM players who are simply looking for new games to join or new players to start from scratch.

    There are two known ways to join a PBEM game. Either start a new one or replace another player who has left from a game in progress.

    Some basic facts you should know about PBEM in general:
    • Play By EMail is the way to play Civ4 one turn at a time, when time permits, and email that turn to the next player in order up to the next turn and so on.
    • You need not to worry about time pressure:
      "Damn I have to leave. I have an urgent job to do."
      "Common hurry up dude! I don't want to wait a whole life to play a turn!"
      "I am an American. I can play from 1:00AM-5:00AM (GMT). I am European and I can only play from 6:00PM-10:00PM (GMT)."
      "Is it day or night?"
      You can play via email at any time you like and yes you can go to the rest room without having to worry about what excuse to find.
    • PBEM games can last for years depending on the number of players and their consistency, map size, wars, etc.
    • If you are thinking of getting engaged to PBEM games then you should know that we PBEM players DO NOT LIKE players who disappear without giving a reason why they did. If you are not sure whether you want or have the time to join a PBEM then DO NOT JOIN.

    And some basic facts about Civ4 PBEM in particular:
    • In order to play PBEM, all players in a game must have the same Civ4 version. The latest update is 1.51. If you don't have it you can find it at Apolyton, Firaxis or 2kgames. You can determine which version you have by clicking "ADVANCED" and then "ABOUT THIS BUILD" in the welcome screen.
    • There is another way to play Civ4 starting from update v1.51 and later. PitBoss. It is a bridge between online and PBEM worlds. In short, you can play one turn at a time, the PBEM way, or all players can meet online on the same time and simultaneously play their turns. You can change from one state to the other at will and while the game is in progress. You can download PitBoss from here.

    Is there anyone looking for his first PBEM game experience? Or perhaps an older player who wants to join a new game?

    P.S. You may post for temporary substitutes as well.

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    I took the initiative to start this thread after I read some recent posts asking for a thread regarding recruiting people for new or currently in progress games. So I figured out it could help the process of joining a game a bit. Any comment is welcome


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      New PBEM game

      I am looking for 4-5 players of noble/prince level to start a new PBEM game, with interest in diplomacy and would like to build more than to destroy
      Do not post your preferences yet.

      This game will start as soon as the upcoming patch is released.


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        Yep, I'd like to play Keygen


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          OK, I moved this back to Civ4-PBEM, I think it was wrongly posted where it was, but correct me if that's not so .
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            Well, it was posted in the unified forum "Civ4-PBEM/Succession Games" just before it was split into two different forums, "Civ4-PBEM" and "Civ4-Succession Games"

            There must be lot of other PBEM games left in the "Civ4-Succession Games" forum.

            Thanks for moving it


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              rick, welcome aboard


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                OK, ricketyclik and Andydog have joined the new PBEM game

                We need 1-2 more players to get this game going


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                  Bring it on


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                    Now that the new patch is out, I'm willing to give civ4 another go. I could beat prince level pretty easily a few months ago, but struggled with monarch(?). So what better way to give the game another go than with PBEM?

                    So I volunteer to join your game Keygen.


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                      Welcome aboard EPW

                      Prince level would do fine.


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                        I would like to take a momement of your time to solicit your skills in the following game


                        You open this thread.

                        You find the post with the latest save, and download it.

                        You post a message here saying you are playing the turn (so that while you are doing so, somebody else doesn't get the same idea).

                        You play 10 turns in the game.

                        You post the turn log here (that is, what you did, and hopefully an explanation of why you did it). In addition to the post log, it would be great if you posted a screenshot with the globe view of the nation, and the contents of the F9 screen. This way, people can see what's going on without necessarily downloading the save.

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                          For want of an "I'm not here" thread, I'll post here.

                          I'm gunna be away for most of the next 2 weeks.


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                            Originally posted by ricketyclik
                            For want of an "I'm not here" thread, I'll post here.

                            I'm gunna be away for most of the next 2 weeks.
                            The Admin thread is used for this very reason. So all know what is going on.

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