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    I've browsed a bunch of CIV stuff, but have yet to see much detail about pitboss. Could someone summerize or provide (a) link(s)?
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    Other than stating that it's a Persistant Turn Based Server mechanism, there has been little said in all the previews. This is likely because it will not ship with the first release but as part of a future patch, and therefore the specific details have likely not been finalized. The only thing that's been hinted at is that it's likely alot like a PBEM game except that no save need be sent since he game is always "online".

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      My assumption is that this would eliminate cheating and provide an automated mechanism to skip turns if players don't respond within a given window (ah, to be free of my Iron Civer responsibilities... ;-) .

      Would it possibly be an expansion pack? I wouldn't mind paying extra for it if it has those features, but my precognitive powers foretell a boatload of complainers for something like that...
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        I have no concrete information at hand, but I got the idea it wasn't so much the ability/lack of ability to play such a game in the shipped game so much as the existence of a persistent server to play from ... and probably some significant testing of such a medium that requires more than the rest of the game, hence the delay.

        I hope it would indeed both eliminate cheating and provide turnskipping ... certainly I imagine this to be THE future for Iron Civer games
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