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(BTS.3.19) PBEM 18civs huge, vote settings

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  • (BTS.3.19) PBEM 18civs huge, vote settings

    Anyone up for a fun PBEM (play by E-mail) game?
    I am an emperor/immortal player looking for a great MP civ experience. I have not played MP before except with friends and its so much more fun than SP, making pacts, backstabbing, cooperating etc. The goal of this game is not just to win but to have fun. It will just be a ordinary game with no specifik rules except no use of exploits, like trade withdrawal, constant anarchy etc. All victories will be allowed except time so you can play just as you like. The AI will be at emperor/immortal (depending on average playerskill) difficulty so its recommended that you can handle that but all skill-level players are welcome to join. Low skillers maybe can use teamwork to survive against AI for example, use creativity. I just want you to not be a quitter and play on as long as possible and try find a way to survive even if things are going bad (maybe permanent alliance or help from a kind human). The goal is to have a turn-rotation av 1turn/day but i encourage everyone to make their turns asap. Players may vote for many settings to make it as suitable as possible for everyone. I am looking forward to se many different strategies in this game. Therefore i hope both skilled and less skilled players join to add to diversity.

    Map: Players may vote between: (Balanced, Continents, Pangea, Terra, Earth 2, Global highlands)
    Size: Huge
    Climate: vote
    Starting era: ancient
    Speed: Normal
    Worldwrap: Cylindrical
    Resources: Standard

    OPTIONS, following will be checked:
    Normal or raging barbs (vote)
    No tech trading
    Permanent Alliances
    Complete kill: vote
    Vassals allowed
    huts: vote
    events allowed
    espionage allowed

    VICTORY CONDITIONS: all checked except time

    If you are interested answer this thread with the following:
    1.What leader you want to play? (max1 of each civ, first come first served, see list below who is taken)
    2.Difficulty lvl on SP?
    3.MP experience?
    Keep in mind: Its a long game (years maybe)
    Also write down your votes (or leave blank if you dont mind)
    Map: 1 of following: Balanced, Continents, Pangea, Terra, Earth 2, Global highlands?
    Climate: 1 of following: Temperate, Tropical, Arid, Rocky, Cold?
    Sealevel: low, medium or high?
    OPTIONS yes or no
    raging barbs?
    tribal villages
    Any special request? motivate and i may listen

    (optional reading)
    (One of the fun parts will be that players dont know each others and will over time reveal their characteristics. Some will be MP juggernauts steamrolling just for winning and some may role play, do whatever you want the doors are open for everything. This can be a teamgame against AI, simcity or bloodsheed it depends on players.
    To balance things and add a bit of reality to the game i will once in a while write in this tread and give people a reputation depending on their actions. I encourage everyone to post about once per week what has been going on for them (wars, trade, diplomacy etc).In this thread everyone will have a diplomatic value depending on their actions. Good acts like helping a minor civ, will add to this value. Bad acts like declaring war will dercease it. Having a casus belli for declaring war (like religious war, reconquer land, cought spy, attacking a villain with bad reputation or bad diplomatic value) will decrease the diplomatic penalty for DoWing. You may as well come up with own reasons for DoWing and see if I buy them Reputation and diplomatic value is only for balance and fun and with the intention to make people team up against villains becoming too powerful. All this is just an idea i have to add some flavour and balance and if i will actually do it will depend on how much interest there is for this game at all and what players may join.)

    PLAYERS---------------------------DIPLOMATIC VALUE------------REPUTATION----------------
    1.Bismarck----------------------------------0--------------------Wandering nomad-------------