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[PBEM]Civ4 Succession Game #2: India

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  • 225 A.D. -- Moved new worker to connect Banglore (now size 3). Reconfigured the new citizen to work the gold mine for extra cash and production. It is producing a granary, which we'll let it finish out (7 turns to go). Madras set to produce archer.

    250 A.D. -- Madras set to produce another archer. Washington and Caesar are annoyed with one another--that is a good thing and something to keep in mind going forward. It might stand as an opportunity to keep them tied up with one another in the future, or find some other advantage for us.

    Since we'll soon have three horses hooked up (one under Madras), it might be a good idea to become very friendly with Julius by either gifting a horse too him (and taking away his reason to invade us, if he has such a mind...and he very well may) or by cutting him a really good deal and selling them cheap. The result could lead to him getting aggressive with Washington and expanding, while also becoming closer friends with us. Furthermore, there's nothing like having a pit bull around in case Isabella comes calling. I'll let someone else make the play on that, if they want...

    275 A.D. -- Mathematics discovered. As much as I really want to go for forges via Metal Casting, Currency seems like a better idea for the +1 trade routes per city and the ability to build markets. The markets should be fairly high on the priority list for our coastal cities to build once they have made some size and our military defenses are in order. A strong economy going forward is key even as much as the forges would/will help any major projects started in the future. Something to keep in mind for the next couple of leaders.

    As well (and I should've done this earlier!!), I turned off Organized Religion because our coastal cities are not yet converted to the state religion and our major three cities (which are), will be primarily producing units. Being that Ghandi is spiritual we shouldn't be afraid to flick switches like this any time a change can be beneficial like this--people really overlook spiritual leaders for this ability and I think it most pays off later when diplomacy often calls for quick change-ups. It's a great trait all around!

    Regardless, that was a poor oversight on my part, not switching earlier, as it could've saved us a little bit of cash. Currently we are running at a -4 deficit and if possible it'd be ideal to not drop below 80% tech rate at this point--last thing we need to do is start falling behind on that front or, better yet, get our economy in order so we can go even stronger on our tech rate.

    Having switched over from organized religion, we are now running at +2 surplus (Yay!) and it looks like 80% is about ideal for us at the moment regarding our tech rate (moving to 90% would only gain 1 turn on currency while causing a deficit again, which isn't necessary).

    Once currency hits we should have a bit more cash flow and can either look to increasing tech, increasing military or simply building up a small emergency piggy bank, though I'd personally be inclined for either of the former. With that said, there are some techs coming up that will call for troop upgrades and it is always nice to be able to upgrade a few key troops quickly via cash, especially if someone is hostile.


    • 300 A.D. -- Archer built in Bombay, another que'd and I got rid of one of the warriors (we have free support for 18 units and that warrior just became #19. I know he has kid's to feed and all, but there should be plenty of job opportunities for him in our northern cities.

      Julius has now sent in some spearmen to start scouting our land...It really might be wise to cut him a deal on horses as mentioned above, and likely the sooner the better. In my experience, Julius (like many of the AI) *love* to have horses for their pillage power. We might just be too pretty looking to pass for him with three sources.

      Worker was put onto flood plain for a cottage--again, looking for future cash flow to support all those things we'll need in the future, not the least of which being more cities! Added axemen to que in Madras and ahead of the horse archer being built in Deli--if Julius does become hostile we'll need axemen to counter his prats.

      We are now #2 in rank regarding soliders, however that is deceiving since much of our force is still warriors. Having said that, we are looking a far-sight better now with several more archers and some axes and horse archers on the way. If we are attacked we won't be utterly defenseless now even if things still aren't as good as we might hope for.

      As well, our GNP has moved up indicating that our cash flow is looking much better. Once currency hits both our GNP and our imports/exports should be looking pretty strong and we can better focus on expansion and not have to worry that we are falling behind on tech.



      • 325 A.D. -- Moving a worker to connect up the last horse resource available and get Calcutta connected to the rest of the country (finally!) They were getting a little backwards up there thanks to a lack of contact I think. Certainly they had become the butt of many Indian "redneck" jokes from those in the more civilized areas.

        350 A.D. -- An axeman was built in Deli with another horse archer only a turn away. Julius has moved his little spearmen in to investigate our land further. With all the horses we have I find it amusing he sends a spearman; just what do you think he was expecting to find, eh? We aren't the mongols after all!

        I also cleaned up another warrior (deleted) as the axeman was produced to keep our books balanced and positive for the time. Chances are a bit more military will flatten that out soon but Currency will turn us back in the right direction, and that is only seven turns off--we're looking good in that respect.

        375 A.D. -- Last turn and all is well. The 2nd horse archer is out and I que'd another archer in Deli. It would be wise to get two archers in each of our coastal cities before long incase someone decides to make a little sea invasion anytime soon.

        My guess is that staying the course with a focus on tech (particularly those with wonders some future leader my want to build) and keeping up in a military fashion while growing new cities and the coastal cities should lead to a solid near-term game.

        Also, we still have a handful of warriors who need to be replaced, as well as a chariot (if possible) and Deli is already primed with a settler capable of being built in 3 turns (I think) for when we are ready to expand. Another fast worker would probably be good due to the sheer size of the land we have, much of which still is undeveloped. That's where the true potential lay for the mid-term, getting the cities properly developed and with bulging populations.

        So I end my brief reign with a stronger India, I believe, and one that can focus on expansion and building projects (i.e., wonders).

        Alright, I'm signing off! Good luck to the next leader!


        • Save Game for 375 A.D., Ghandi Succession--someone take over!


          • I am now patched...wonder if everyone else is?

            thought we should address it is all
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            • Patched here (and played the above with it in place). Are you having a problem with the save game, or anyone else for that matter?


              • I'm patched too.
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                • Originally posted by Derelict
                  Patched here (and played the above with it in place). Are you having a problem with the save game, or anyone else for that matter?

                  I just wanted to bring it up so whomever plays gets on board is al my friend
                  Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


                  • who is up?
                    Ill take it if no one else does

                    need to keep this game moving folks
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                    • Ill fight the urge

                      In tommorrow, if no one then Ill play

                      sure wish we had more players
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                      • Im gonna play since no one else is
                        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


                        • i'm finally free and would like to take a shot some day.

                          however, gotta read up on the 210 posts so far. don't wanna ruin anybody's plans
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                          • Originally posted by sabrewolf
                            i'm finally free and would like to take a shot some day.

                            however, gotta read up on the 210 posts so far. don't wanna ruin anybody's plans
                            ill post the results of my turn
                            you jump in

                            have some fun

                            its your rule dawg
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                            • 400 A D

                              Archer completed for defense in Bombay

                              Start a Jewish Temple there

                              Granary in Bangalore completed

                              Start a work boat for fishing now
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                              • 425 A D

                                Library started in Madres

                                We also start a Quarry East of Madres

                                a Farm is started North east of Bangalore
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