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    I kind of agree with Mz, build the second city and then do the scouting. The sooner we get that second city planted the better off we'll be.
    Try for discussion and debate.


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      Originally posted by DNK View Post
      No scouting now? I dislike that greatly. Waiting for others to come to us ensure that we are late to the real game, that of diplomacy.
      I'm inclined to agree with DNK, but I'm curious to see some tests done on how fast we can get explorers out and how much ground they can cover in different scenarios.
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        Mz, I'm back from holiday, and ready to take over if you are willing..

        Could you please post your planning, and latest test game save, so I can get familiarize myself with the finer details, and do some further play tests, based on our latest scout results..

        But it seems we will even be able to beat your initial play tests, based on these excellent resources


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          I took a look around in-game and used ALT-S to post comments:
          I think this is the easiest way to give info in-game from one turn player to another.

          TURN 9:

          The info I added is for the biggest part based upon discussions you guys had.


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                I'm back from my holiday!
                Great city spot indeed 1N of the gold!

                lack of happiness is indeed cruelsome.
                3rd city should be 4n1w of the gold indeed.

                I assume that NW of our cap there will be fur
                South of our cap can very well be some happiness as well. I'd like it to scout there with a warrior somewhere before we can create our 4th city.

                we didn't met any other civ yet? Your foreign minister is bored.
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                  No contact, and thank god for that because if they stumble onto our capital they could just walk in and take the place. Right now it is turn 9 and I think we can expect people to show up at the earliest turn 12 but more likely 15. We have 2 turns until the worker is finished so I believe the build order we discussed was 2 additional warriors back to back followed by a settler.
                  Try for discussion and debate.


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                    Intel minister is also bored with a lack of meaningful anything to deal with. Also, the minister requires access to operations in order to gather appropriate data.


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                      Originally posted by Calanthian View Post
                      Could you please post your planning, and latest test game save, so I can get familiarize myself with the finer details, and do some further play tests, based on our latest scout results..

                      But it seems we will even be able to beat your initial play tests, based on these excellent resources
                      I don't have too much time now, but will send you my results before I leave. In short I found that following the same path as we planned is the best (so going for pop4 capital b4 settlers and building 2 warriors meanwhile-one improtant thing is to make sure that the finishing of the warrior and growig to pop4 is in the same turn with two hammers overflow)
                      Where it goes differently is that worker only finishes the road on corn (and puts one turn work building road 1sW of cow.) then it goes directly farming the wheat. if you test it it should be there exactly when the second city is founded so it can start working in the same turn).
                      Settlers move ofc 1N gold.
                      techpath Fishing after AH. I found that finishing the settlers should go with mximum production, but after that the +4 prod tile can be switched to the lake and the second worker will still be finished in 3 turns. This worker then travels directly to wheat and helps finishing the farm.
                      This provides the best resul for me so far. I continue with building a 3rd worker and the first 2 works the second cow, then the gold, then they start cottaging.


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                        Results of further play testing:

                        techs: Hunting-AH-fishing - pottery-mining-BW-writing

                        build order:
                        first city: worker-war-war-settler -worker- settler-worker- settler

                        worker turns: farm corn
                        1 turn spent farming banana (cancel)
                        move to deer and build camp
                        move to forest 1 SE cow
                        pasture cow
                        build road 1 sw cow
                        build road on corn (finish it before moving settler to 2nd city site)
                        send 3rd warrior to site second city
                        first worker: towards wheat, build road for one turn 1N of second city
                        first worker: finish wheat, then road 1N of second city
                        T31: switch to lake tile in Capital
                        second worker: build farm on banana, when finished switch lake tile to banana
                        second worker: build cottage 1 NW of corn
                        first worker: build cow SW of second city
                        build third city (2 NW, 1W of capital)
                        second worker: build road SW of third city, to hook up trade route to second city

                        important notes: just before the camp gets ready on deer the city works the +3 food tile instead of deer for exactly two turns. at pop 3 the city
                        must work on the +3 food tile and not on the cow. Benchmark: city grows to pop4 with no food overflow, warrior gets ready in the same turn with 2 hammers overflow. start building settlers. building settler at pop3 is a bit better in science, but behind in producion, so i prefer the pop4 settler.


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                          Turn 10:

                          Apollo has found more good land, we need to decide where to send him now.
                          (it will not be needed for defense for a while, in 6 turns we have another warrior)

                          And for our Intelligence Minister:


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                            Why is the 3rd city where it is instead of in a position to use the fish resource?

                            Edit: Ah, because the fish will be picked up by city 4.
                            Try for discussion and debate.


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                              On the third city we still need to decide (> as we might still find other sites). Turn 30 or so is early enough to decide.

                              At my proposed position it is built and hooked up very fast, this city can work tiles from both other cities (river tiles).
                              The fish will be hooked up later by city 4 (and before that can happen we need culture buildings).

                              But you really need to check the finer mechanics in the test game, to get a real feel for the location.