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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 24 - March 2014]

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  • Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 24 - March 2014]

    Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 24 - March 2014]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Domination of Barbarians" (DoB)

    Domination of Barbarians is a diplomacy game. The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread. Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

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    The barbarian nations of the Ottomans and Japan fell like wheat before the sickle in the face of the superior weaponry of the civilized world. Their names are little more now than pages in the history books. But a new Cold War has replaced the War of blades and bullets that ended almost as quickly as it began.

    The new conflict is one of influence. As the International coporations spread their reach all over the globe, it soon becomes clear that the cultural influence that they exert has the power to make and unmake a nation, to change the face of the world itself. As this new struggle for influence progresses, cultural tensions rise, and entire cities are caught in the wake as their speres of influence are swallowed by the gargantuan influence of the corporations.

    Along with the influence the corporations wield, come the infiltrators and influence peddlers. These "economic hitmen" as they have been called, set the stage for corporate takeover, with bribes, promises, lies, and outright assasinations when necessary to achieve their ends. So powerful is their influence, so sinister their methods, that they are able to topple governments, create breakaway republics, start civil Wars and create the kind of mayhem that was formerly only possible with direct warmaking. Now, these shadow operatives can accomplish more with a breifcase or chest of gold than was possible with a thousand swords or rifles just a few centuries ago.

    And in this new era, there is a new force emerging, the first signs of a single World Government. This Catalunyan inspired institution, called The New League of Nations (NLON) harkens back to the Calalunyan Peace Summits of Ancient Times, but this time the Catalunyans have not repeated the mistakes of the past. This new institution is much more than some mere, voluntary by-invitation-only affair. This League of Nations is a binding world-parliment, where resolutions will be passed that affect the entire world. Refusal to abide by the decrees of the International governing body at the NLON will result in harsh sanctions and political unrest in the refusing nation.

    There are new tecnological advances as well. as the invention of household electricity gives rise to a new level or prosperity. Household refrigeration and simple electrical appliances are within reach for more and more of the wealthiest inhabitants, and with the money flowing in from the international corporations, England has completed The Three Gorges Dam. A project so mammoth in scale, that it has promised to deliver hydro-powered electricity to every home in the Americas, a feat that will usher in a new era that establishes England as the most prosperous and enlightened nation in the World.

    Still, quietly and ever so slowly, Greece becomes farther and farther away the singal most culturally influential nation in the world, many of her cities nearly legendary in their status and world reknown.
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      Headship / Royal Lineages of the World

      Civilized Nations


      President Sancha of La República de Catalunya, formerly Gran Duquessa Sancha, daughter of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, restored to power by Generalissima Ines, usurper of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, successor to Gran Duquessa Himilce de Olónico de Catalunya, Princess of Spain, Aunt of Astor

      The Senate of Netherlands, given joint governance with King Karlson, son of King Karl, descendant of the old Kings and usurper of Minister Selashen, representative of King Christiansen, son of Queen Kirsten, joint ruler with King Christiaan twin daughter and son respectively of King Christofoor, first King of Netherlands, unifyer of The three factions, slayers of Hanz the Dutchman, named successor of Trotseer the Brave, named successor to Chieftain Aantaleen the Primersteleider and his wife Angeline of France

      Qin Shi Huang the Eternal Emperor and his wife Aiko the Eternal of Japan, successors of the Mother of Qin Shi Huang, successor to the Father of Qin Shi Huang

      Queen Elizabeth the Immortal,
      Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Ire and New England

      Grand Vizier, perpetual title of the successors to Grand Vizier Tajimal of Persia, successor to Ameera Sayyadina Shamara, daughter of Sultan Astrakan, son of Sultan Arsalan, son of Malik-Shah, son of Jafar annointed Caliph and successor to Princess Boran, successor to Arsaces XLV, successor of Helu of Awan, rightful ruler of Persia, successor of Kikku-Siwe-Temti, ruler of Persia, usurper of Napi-Ilhush, usurper of Shushun-Tarana, usurper of Hishutash, usurper of Ukku-Tanhish, usurper of Tata I, successor to Peli of Awan, Rightful Chief of the Persian Tribes

      The Citizens of Greece, successors to The Workers of Greece, successors to the Jungle Fighters of Greece

      Barbarian Tribes
      (Wild Barbarians)
      -- The Children of Barbarous the Expelled - Warriors, Spearmen, Axemen, Archers, Galleys, Swordsmen and Longbowmen sighted

      (Organized Barbarians)

      -- Japan (Destroyed by Greece) - Emperor Hikao Meiji the Embattled, slayer of the unknown Barbarians, following the exile of Empress Aiko (wife of Qin Shi Huang the Eternal of China), proclaimed Empress following the death of her brother, Heianshi Ainu, appointed to succeed the Family Elders of Kyoto, along with Ainu of Nishikyo & Jiraya of Osaka following the death of Tokugawa, defender of Kyoto, Leader of Japan

      -- Ottomans
      (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Grand Chieftain Durakan, the 33rd in the lineage of Head Chieftain Durukan Hamdi emerging from the Age of Silence following the rule of Head Chieftain Bedri Ayhan

      -- Byzantium (Destroyed by Greece) -
      Unknown ruler following the rule of Emperor Leopold, successor to Justinian II, successor to the Tribal Chieftains, successors to Leader Justinian I, son of Leader Constantine

      -- Russia
      (Destroyed by Ottomans) - Barbarian Czar Kir Stepanovich, son of Czar Stepan Yakovnic, son of Czar Yakov Antonovich, son of Czar Anton Konstantinovich, son of Katarina Konstantinskaia First interim Czarina of the Rus Empire, successor to Czar Konstantin Simonovich, brother of Czar Leonid Simonovich, successor to Czar Simon the Lover, Undisputer Leader of Russia, successor to The Counsel, interim succesors following the slaying of Stanimir defeater of Rostislav, successor to Volg, defeater of the Slav King, usurper of The Czar, successor of Ivan Grozni, successor of Ivan Dragonoff, succesor of Leader Peter

      -- France (Destroyed by Holy Roma)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Abraham, Informal Leader of the Advisory Council, following the assassination of King Louis XXXV the Kingdom, successor to King Louis XXXIV the all-seeing all-knowing all-hearing friend and High protector of the world, successor to King Louis XXXIII the Omniscient, son of King Louis XXXII the Benevolent, successor to King Louis XXXI the Quaker, successor to King Louis XXX the Isolationist, successor to King Louis XXIX the Unfortunate, successor to King Louis XXVIII the Traveller, successor to King Louis XXVII the Arbiter, successor following the assasination of King Louis XXVI the Beloved, descendant of King Louis XXV the Seeker, descendant of King Louis XXIV the Last Hope, descendant of King Louis XXIII the Festive, descendant of King Louis XXII the Spendthrift, son of King Louis XXI Defender of the Faith, descendant of King Louis XX the Grim, descendant of King Louis XIX the Golden, son of King Louis XVIII the Bored Boar, son of King Louis XVII the Beast Tamer, son of King Louis XVI the Sea King, son of King Louis XV the Wine Trader, successor to King Louis XIV the Christian Abolitionist, successor to King Louis XIII The Martyr, successor to The Silent Kings, Louis V- Louis XII, successors to King Louis IV, son of King Louis III the Gullible, son of King Louis II the Zealous, son of King Louis I the Stalwart, first Monarch of France, successor to the Torino Workers, survivors of the Stonehenge Defenders, Successors of the Elder Mystics, Keepers of Benoit the Immortal, appointed successor of Tribal Chief Andre, traverser of the Alps, appointed successor of Pierre, First Despot of France, slayer of Jean-Guy, former co-ruler w/ his wife Patrica & brother Jean-Paul, son of Jean

      --Vikings (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Barbarian King Ragnar II, following the rule of Harald Hardrada, son of Chief Ragnar

      -- Rome (Destroyed by Persia and Spain)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Imperator Augustus, successor to The Council of Rome, ruling following the abdication of Imperatrix Minerva Julii, wife of Aulus Brutus, son of Titus Brutus of the Bruti family, successors of Marcus, leader of the Slave rebellion, beheader of Baron Von the tyrant

      -- Celtia (Destroyed by England)- Barbarian Lord Brennus II, following the rule of Celtics people, in the absence of King Brennus, returning conqueror of King Ire, imprisoner of Lord Chieftain Brennus & Aithe

      -- Arabia (Destroyed by Greece) - Unknown ruler following the rule of His Emminence Mohammed V, following the Arabian exodous and subsequent exile of Grand Ayatollah Kulayni, ending the joint rule of Mohammed V and Ayatollah Kulayni, leaders of the The two Factions, emerging from conflict between the The Tribal Leaders, successors to The Prophet & his wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

      -- Portugal
      (Destroyed by Persia) - Unknown ruler following the death of Ricardo Araujo Leader of the Jesuit Order, usurper of Pedro Machuka, son of Porto & Portu, husband and wife

      -- Germany (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Alemanni the 1st Successor, to Herman

      -- Holy Roma (Destroyed by Persia)
      - Barbarian Lord King Gottfried AKA "Godfried" I Defender of the Faith, succesor following the death of Emperor Charles the Bald, appointed successor of Lotharius rex King of the Sacred Roman Empire, sucessor to Caroli Magni
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        The Japanese and Ottoman wars showed the true power of an advanced military and the need for the widespread modernization of English military forces. It would be a long and expensive process, but necessary to ensure the safety of Crown in these uncertain times.
        Click image for larger version

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        (newly equipped infantry on parade)


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          Flame and smoke…distant screams…..foreboding terror…..the earth shaking….a deep growing rumble….

          Click image for larger version

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          …Elizabeth awoke with a start. It was a dream, more a nightmare. But not an unfamiliar one. It brought back a flood of near forgotten memories of a childhood leading her people out of the apocalyptic barbarian collapse of pre-history. A past none save Elizabeth even remembered.

          But was the dream a memory….or a premonition? Elizabeth pushed the though from her mind. It was of little consequence, the orders had been given. It was the right decision. The only decision.

          She shook her head at the misguided path the world had taken. Even her own advisers were caught up in their enthusiasm for the United Nations. Yes it was right to condemn the development of theoretical weapons of world destruction, but world government… abomination. It was such an insidious beginning, that such a great threat to the world’s future would start with a universal appealing weapons ban.

          But such dictates would continue, and would end with enforced civics, forced religious conversion, a new world order. War was inevitable…better to fight it now on our terms to preserve the crown and the way of the everlasting Tao.

          Elizabeth of course remembered, like no one else could, how the barbarian collapse had started much the same way. The Barbarian Order had once before tried to assert dominion over the world and was defeated by those who understood that the only hope for the future was freedom for every people to choose their own path to civilization.

          But now with the barbarians all but defeated a new menace had arisen. The Tao was out of balance. And yet the Tao would be a guide to reestablishing balance. All must be risked. All was. All is.

          Click image for larger version

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            Barbaric states were eliminated, more evident in the poor quarters of cities big and small, where they kept on the fringe of society. Living outside of society was harsh, and the better part of them had died or gone civil to eke out a life in accord with the modern rule. For the most part, they were left alone and lived meager lives with few possessions. The family keeping close as the one glue to hold them together in the adversity where they could still keep to their old ways.

            Elsewhere, giant metropolitan states grew ever larger in their own right. The past hundred years had seen the influence of Greek corporations to the full extent of the law, when more and more land becoming subject to greek law as straw companies bought land on behalf of greater companies from Persian landowners, seeking quick profit from big investments on the grain markets of the world. When the grain disaster of 1811 took place, it became all too evident that the greed of Persians did them a wrong turn in the end, when they harvested their own greed and found it wanting.

            The city of Adrianople became the laughing stock of the entire world as the disaster and all of its small steps were spread through radiowaves from broadcast tower to broadcast tower, and from hand to mouth as books like the aptly named Adrian's Folly were written and circulated by a Catalunyan author of high regard in the financial community.


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              Shock....Spanish counter espionage had obscured an even greater danger. Spain was in fact occupied by Greek military forces. All along the Spanish coastline English forces encountered a warm welcome from the Spanish people who seethed in resentment at the Greek “advisers” who had overrun their lands. The government in the Catalunyian capitol was but a puppet. These were not the enemies of the English people.

              Greek “culture” was to blame and must be destroyed. England had prevailed over past French and Nether efforts at cultural domination, but had never before faced a foe so powerful. Or a foe committed not just to cultural domination over portions of English territory, but over the entire world.

              But the Tao smiled on England. Shortly after entering Greek waters the Great White Fleet encountered the Greek Mediterranean navy. Looses were heavy on both sides, but the Greek forces were decimated and the Great White Fleet, though bloodied, remained intact and sailed further East. Patriotic celebrations broke out all across England.

              Click image for larger version

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                Shocked by the breaking of the NAP, Greece asks the treaty breakers dishonorable English what do they want to end this war?


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                  The proclamation was made in the U.N. chamber of debate, and it would soon be evident how this would change the world.


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                    Greece asks for peace, England shall only accept terms that remove the Greek threat of cultural domination and restore balance to world affairs.

                    English terms:
                    The cities of Antium, Crossroad, and Start are to reassert Greek corporations of Cereal Mills and Mining Inc. and stop preying off Spanish and English corporate generosity.

                    The cities of Old Con and East Coast shall be given to Persia

                    The cities of Gallipoli and Border shall be Nether

                    The city of Frontier shall be given to Spain.

                    The cities of Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, and Kyoto shall be given to China.

                    30 tanks shall be given to Persia, Nether, and Spain each.

                    3000 gold shall be given to China.
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                      Greece rejects this crazy turns, by the MMW rule, war can go on for 4 more turns then peace has to be signed.


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                        President Sancha offers the following appeal to the English Crown:

                        "We never wanted a conflict with your people, and we hope that a peaceful negotiation can be established between our nations. We require no reparations or apologies for the ships that have been sunk, and humbly ask that you offer us your terms for ending this war."
                        La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors


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                          England is happy to accept peace if Spain throws out Greek occupiers and closes borders with Greece.


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                            Being the true ally he was President Sancha, did not hesitate to fully commit to helping his Greek Allies. The English barbs landed on the Greek coast and used their Artillery as soon as possible to inflict as much as possible damage onto the Greek and Spanish troops defending the town. Thanks to their great bravery the troops were able to hold on to the city. Now the next great battle was to start, so the Alliance was preparing for it.

                            Somewhere else, the hunt for the so called Great White English Fleet was ON, The White Fleet which England so praised, the very one which so cowardly backstabbed the Greek Med fleet just some days ago was being hunted down. The Grand Greek Fleet was entering the Med from the west, with one goal - to sink this so called White Fleet and to demonstrate who really controls the high seas . Meanwhile Spanish and Greek battleships were picking one by one English ships and opening the way for the Grand Fleet to get closer and closer to its iron pray.

                            Else where, learning of the total annihilation of some Greek cities by the English, Greeks had to return the favor and now the first English city was burned to the ground.


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                              Crunching the message in her fist, it was thrown far out of the window into the snow. Tearing off her formal gown and shouting for her principal armor, shocking the local corporate mediators and farm leaders, she strode naked through the halls of commerce as her bodyservants leapt to attention, bearing her regalia piece by piece. Dressed while walking, she was a sight not soon forgotten. Movement was fluid and graceful even in the midst of a host of servants offering her armor at intervals, not to mention the cold snap that she completely ignored while moving to her steed.

                              Sending quick orders for all knights to assemble at Persepolis, she began her own journey not half an hour after recieving the message. But she knew that it would be too late. Far too late. But her honor compelled the attempt be made. General Inés stopped only once on her journey, while traversing the high mountain forests. There, she offered a prayer to her deity, asking that she be made able to die on the field of battle instead of a slow, dreadful death behind a desk.