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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 23 - February 2014]

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  • Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 23 - February 2014]

    Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 23 - February 2014]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Domination of Barbarians" (DoB)

    Domination of Barbarians is a diplomacy game. The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread. Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

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    The Peace of Ages has ended and the world is plunged anew into a new Barbarian conflict, larger in scale and scope than any seen since the Barbarian Renaissance. The once proud nations of the Ottomans and Japan have forsaken the bonds of the civilized world and sunk into the mindless chaos of Barbarism. Their leaders can no longer be reasoned with, and like a fearless fire-brigade, the few proud nations of the world have descended upon the newly-barbarian states to extinguish their plague before it spreads out of control. But instead of using a deluge of water or bucket brigade to quell the flames, they are fighting this spreading fire with fire of their own... Once again the guns of the civilized world are brought to bear against the threat of the spreading barbarian madness.

    Greece, ever at the forefront in science and military technology, has been preparing tirelessly for this inevitability, and Greece brings her preparations to bear with exacting precision, drawing first blood in a preemptive strike against the Japanese barbarians. And as always, the Greeks bring a new weapon to the battlefield, one that promises to literally level the playing field by leveling all opposition in its path... The Armoured Tank. This steel and iron rolling battlebeast is like a Destroyer ship on land, armed with a front mounted cannon and cannot be stopped or defeated by any technology known to man. Woe to the foes of Greece! is the cry heard round the would at the sight of this monster.

    England, not to be outdone, swiftly follows, sweeping through the barbarians on multiple fronts, taking cities in the Japanese isles as well as the Asian mainland. The lesser nations are quick to follow suit, and soon there is nothing short of a second Worldwide barbarian War in progress.

    Once again, as before, the race is on to claim as much land, as quickly as possible from the brutal barbarians, saving their civilian populations from the madness and oppression that always follows barbarian rule. The only question is which enlightened nation will liberate the most people from the icy grip of the barbarians before the madness overtakes them. The game is afoot and there is no time to lose.

    But this is not the only story. Even in the face of the largest war the world has seen in generations, some nations still manage to grind forward the wheels of prosperity and progress, serving as a shining beacon of hope to all. The wise Catalunyans, were first to adopt some of the worlds most progressive governmental reforms, ushering in a new era of freedom and democracy, and they have added to their accomplishments.

    Civilized Jewelers Inc, is a new corporation dedicated to the fashioning of all manner of luxury goods crafted with precious metals and gemstones. The Catalunyans have founded this corporation, and spread its reach across the seas. Will this inter-continental upstart ever reach the heights of the current multinationals? ...
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      Headship / Royal Lineages of the World

      Civilized Nations


      President Sancha of La República de Catalunya, formerly Gran Duquessa Sancha, daughter of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, restored to power by Generalissima Ines, usurper of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, successor to Gran Duquessa Himilce de Olónico de Catalunya, Princess of Spain, Aunt of Astor

      King Karlson, son of King Karl, descendant of the old Kings and usurper of Minister Selashen, representative of King Christiansen, son of Queen Kirsten, joint ruler with King Christiaan twin daughter and son respectively of King Christofoor, first King of Netherlands, unifyer of The three factions, slayers of Hanz the Dutchman, named successor of Trotseer the Brave, named successor to Chieftain Aantaleen the Primersteleider and his wife Angeline of France

      Qin Shi Huang the Eternal Emperor and his wife Aiko the Eternal of Japan, successors of the Mother of Qin Shi Huang, successor to the Father of Qin Shi Huang

      Queen Elizabeth the Immortal,
      Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Ire and New England

      Grand Vizier, perpetual title of the successors to Grand Vizier Tajimal of Persia, successor to Ameera Sayyadina Shamara, daughter of Sultan Astrakan, son of Sultan Arsalan, son of Malik-Shah, son of Jafar annointed Caliph and successor to Princess Boran, successor to Arsaces XLV, successor of Helu of Awan, rightful ruler of Persia, successor of Kikku-Siwe-Temti, ruler of Persia, usurper of Napi-Ilhush, usurper of Shushun-Tarana, usurper of Hishutash, usurper of Ukku-Tanhish, usurper of Tata I, successor to Peli of Awan, Rightful Chief of the Persian Tribes

      The Citizens of Greece, successors to The Workers of Greece, successors to the Jungle Fighters of Greece

      Barbarian Tribes
      (Wild Barbarians)
      -- The Children of Barbarous the Expelled - Warriors, Spearmen, Axemen, Archers, Galleys and Swordsmen sighted

      (Organized Barbarians)

      -- Japan - Emperor Hikao Meiji the Embattled, slayer of the unknown Barbarians, following the exile of Empress Aiko (wife of Qin Shi Huang the Eternal of China), proclaimed Empress following the death of her brother, Heianshi Ainu, appointed to succeed the Family Elders of Kyoto, along with Ainu of Nishikyo & Jiraya of Osaka following the death of Tokugawa, defender of Kyoto, Leader of Japan

      -- Ottomans
      - Grand Chieftain Durakan, the 33rd in the lineage of Head Chieftain Durukan Hamdi emerging from the Age of Silence following the rule of Head Chieftain Bedri Ayhan

      -- Byzantium (Destroyed by Greece) -
      Unknown ruler following the rule of Emperor Leopold, successor to Justinian II, successor to the Tribal Chieftains, successors to Leader Justinian I, son of Leader Constantine

      -- Russia
      (Destroyed by Ottomans) - Barbarian Czar Kir Stepanovich, son of Czar Stepan Yakovnic, son of Czar Yakov Antonovich, son of Czar Anton Konstantinovich, son of Katarina Konstantinskaia First interim Czarina of the Rus Empire, successor to Czar Konstantin Simonovich, brother of Czar Leonid Simonovich, successor to Czar Simon the Lover, Undisputer Leader of Russia, successor to The Counsel, interim succesors following the slaying of Stanimir defeater of Rostislav, successor to Volg, defeater of the Slav King, usurper of The Czar, successor of Ivan Grozni, successor of Ivan Dragonoff, succesor of Leader Peter

      -- France (Destroyed by Holy Roma)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Abraham, Informal Leader of the Advisory Council, following the assassination of King Louis XXXV the Kingdom, successor to King Louis XXXIV the all-seeing all-knowing all-hearing friend and High protector of the world, successor to King Louis XXXIII the Omniscient, son of King Louis XXXII the Benevolent, successor to King Louis XXXI the Quaker, successor to King Louis XXX the Isolationist, successor to King Louis XXIX the Unfortunate, successor to King Louis XXVIII the Traveller, successor to King Louis XXVII the Arbiter, successor following the assasination of King Louis XXVI the Beloved, descendant of King Louis XXV the Seeker, descendant of King Louis XXIV the Last Hope, descendant of King Louis XXIII the Festive, descendant of King Louis XXII the Spendthrift, son of King Louis XXI Defender of the Faith, descendant of King Louis XX the Grim, descendant of King Louis XIX the Golden, son of King Louis XVIII the Bored Boar, son of King Louis XVII the Beast Tamer, son of King Louis XVI the Sea King, son of King Louis XV the Wine Trader, successor to King Louis XIV the Christian Abolitionist, successor to King Louis XIII The Martyr, successor to The Silent Kings, Louis V- Louis XII, successors to King Louis IV, son of King Louis III the Gullible, son of King Louis II the Zealous, son of King Louis I the Stalwart, first Monarch of France, successor to the Torino Workers, survivors of the Stonehenge Defenders, Successors of the Elder Mystics, Keepers of Benoit the Immortal, appointed successor of Tribal Chief Andre, traverser of the Alps, appointed successor of Pierre, First Despot of France, slayer of Jean-Guy, former co-ruler w/ his wife Patrica & brother Jean-Paul, son of Jean

      --Vikings (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Barbarian King Ragnar II, following the rule of Harald Hardrada, son of Chief Ragnar

      -- Rome (Destroyed by Persia and Spain)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Imperator Augustus, successor to The Council of Rome, ruling following the abdication of Imperatrix Minerva Julii, wife of Aulus Brutus, son of Titus Brutus of the Bruti family, successors of Marcus, leader of the Slave rebellion, beheader of Baron Von the tyrant

      -- Celtia (Destroyed by England)- Barbarian Lord Brennus II, following the rule of Celtics people, in the absence of King Brennus, returning conqueror of King Ire, imprisoner of Lord Chieftain Brennus & Aithe

      -- Arabia (Destroyed by Greece) - Unknown ruler following the rule of His Emminence Mohammed V, following the Arabian exodous and subsequent exile of Grand Ayatollah Kulayni, ending the joint rule of Mohammed V and Ayatollah Kulayni, leaders of the The two Factions, emerging from conflict between the The Tribal Leaders, successors to The Prophet & his wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

      -- Portugal
      (Destroyed by Persia) - Unknown ruler following the death of Ricardo Araujo Leader of the Jesuit Order, usurper of Pedro Machuka, son of Porto & Portu, husband and wife

      -- Germany (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Alemanni the 1st Successor, to Herman

      -- Holy Roma (Destroyed by Persia)
      - Barbarian Lord King Gottfried AKA "Godfried" I Defender of the Faith, succesor following the death of Emperor Charles the Bald, appointed successor of Lotharius rex King of the Sacred Roman Empire, sucessor to Caroli Magni


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        The Eiffel Tower of Valencia is a monument to celebrate the age of prosperity and magnificient Catalunyan culture.

        In Santander, the Corporate Headquarters of the Civilized Jewelers Corporation is now one of the main attractions of the city, and the corporation is raking in money. The word is that the Senate of Catalunya has sanctioned spreading the corporation to the other civilized nations of the world after the corporation has spread to a sufficient number of Catalunyan cities.

        The Civilized Jewelers Corporation brings exquisite jewelry to the people of the world, allowing the populace of cities who have access to their fine wares a formerly unheard of quality of the luxury goods. Only the richest are able to afford the truly magnificient jewelled insets of pure gold that the Civilized Jewelers manufacture, but the corporation leadership has also had the foresight to launch cheaper lines of wares, so that even the poor can display a piece of the finest jewelry in the world with pride.
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        La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors


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          Redcoats effectively take two barbaric island settlements from Japan.


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            Heavy machineguns are deployed in the cities recently liberated from the barbaric Ottomans. Attackers beware.


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              To the Citizens of Greece:

              After your withdrawal of troops close to the Persian border, we have reasoned that the difficulty between us may be possible to mend in some way. Already, a small token has been proposed, without a reply. So we ask in public what is the Greek view as possible when proposing peace and a reopening of borders between our two nations.


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                Hello Persia,

                We are glad to see that you too are willing to refresh and work closer for a more stable future between our nations. Greece will further reduce its military presence near our common borders. Also as i updated you earlier, we are currently recalling all Greek agents from your lands, I hope you will do the same. We are willing to resume the NAP we had once and honor the duties which went along with it. We will sign open borders if you wish once again for both nations to travel freely across them.

                Citizens of Greece.


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	dam water.jpg
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                  The hum of the generators was oppressive. The city of Desert was a-light, as were all of the cities in the vast tracks of land that comprised New England.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Elizabeth reflected that her meeting just 20 short years ago with the largest ever assembly of great English people had made all this and more possible. Few of those eminent great people remained, but so much was accomplished. It was they who had recommended a second experiment in freeing the Buddhist slaves to unleash their pent up economic potential. A vision of technological and industrial growth had been achieved.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	tech city.jpg
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                  But even with that far sighted assemblage, so much was left unseen. The reemergence of the barbarian menace in Japanese and Ottoman lands was a shock. But sadly all too true. The Greeks were first to strike and when they relayed reports that they had discovered the mutilated bodies of the English crew who had returned the legendary ship “The Chasers of the Sunset”…. England followed suit. Relatively small English expeditionary forces—led by Victoria and William the Conqueror—were dispatched to East and Central Asian where they cut through the barbarian armies of Japan and the Ottomans.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Golden+Age,+The+-+Elizabeth+-+(Elizabeth+-+Altın+Çağ)2.jpg
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                  The completion of the massive hydroelectric dam in Desert was a final culmination of what can only be considered an English golden age. Yet, all things cannot last. With huge numbers of captured barbarians pouring into English cities a return to slavery was necessary to control an ever more restive population. The cost was a slowed economy, but the gains of the past 20 years would endure.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Victoria was surprised to hear the news from the Chinese troops joining the English expeditionary force to garrison another captured Japanese city. China was at war with the Ottomans.

                    English military advisers had strongly recommended China avoid conflict with the militarily superior Japanese. And the Ottomans were even more advanced. But it appears the Chinese could not be dissuaded. They would join this most recent fight against the barbarian menace.

                    And with Ottoman forces suffering crushing losses in the west, perhaps China could have some success.


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                      Never before did the world resound with such noise on the battlefield. Never before had the cries of feeble anguish from the weak so truly vibrated with fear in the presence of terrible weaponry and frightening countenance. Never before.. yet now they did. Now they sat there like a single child abandoned in the face of adult foes wielding terrible weapons of war.

                      Now.. they found enemies implacable in their cold service to the dim light of civilization. Holding to their beliefs meant nothing against the advance of scientific awareness and ingenuity. Cold steel did not avail them against the flame of a union founded on the pretext of civilized rule, joining former foes in a single front that turned towards any one nation that dared side with empathy and natural beliefs. Burning them from the pages of history.

                      Stories were moving to the cities of great slaughters in the name of good. Telling how the significant advance of cannons, rifles, airships and tanks removed much of the anguish given to those who lost members of their family in the wars. Making great nations like Persia, Netherlands, England, Catalunya and Greece able to crush Ottoman forces beneath their heels like bugs, capturing their population and breaking their spirits under slavery and capitalistic rule, be it under king, queen or a council of peers.

                      But there were many who did not like the stories. A surge of denial and anger towards leaders of a nation that formed a founding law embracing belief in the precept of non-violence. In the ages before, General Ines had won renown for her numerous victories amongst the populace, yet now the ones who most fervently supported her, denounced her victories as empty and shallow, bringing despair to the people and hurting their beliefs so dear and close to heart and home. In Persia demonstrations took place in the new capital of Mecca, showing the leaders therein that the people were unhappy with the war and its meaning. Many hundreds of thousands made personal calls to the many different Imams, Ayatollahs and other religious leaders that were evident throughout the land. Calling for an end to hostilities against even the barbarians.

                      Many called out to the leader of the recently created United Nations, President Sancha, to have her halt all hostilities against the Ottomans, even if they dubbed themselves as barbaric and holden to no civilized rule. The only reply so far was that the question was being considered, and an answer would be given, though no time had been set for her reply.


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                        With tremendous pressure from its populace, Persian messengers dispersed towards Catalunya with increased pace, attempting to bring forth a solid peace treaty with Greece to truly secure borders and offer peace and friendship in equality. Catalunyan diplomats were being put to the task with efficiency, and it was rumoured that a long-awaited agreement would soon be announced.


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                          A change of the Guard

                          As a part of the many reforms going on in Netherlands, there has been an exciting change in the structure of the government. The illustrious King Karlson has given up much of his governing powers over the State in order to take a more prominent role in leading the Netherlands forces into battle against the barbarian Ottomans. Ottoman Rifles are proving to be accurate and deadly, slowing the Netherlands advance. There are also wild barbarians on the Ottoman frontier as well and they have upgraded their weaponry to Longbows, and are proving to be a bigger nuisance than anticipated.

                          Because both the King and Commander Aaron are away from Europe, a new form of government is approved. The people of Netherlands will now be able to vote for elected representative to speak for their individual City-State. There are already political parties forming and contentious elections are being held as the Senator from Nidaros campaigns vigorously against corporate expansion, while the Senator from Sevenrivers argues aggressively on the need to leverage corporate cultural influence to expand Netherlands territory.

                          The Netherlands Constitution has already been ratified by a majority of the original City-States, but there is a dispute over whether the newly conquered Ottoman lands should recieve representatives in the Netherlands Senate. There have already been problems concerning their loyalty as Greek agitators living in the City-State of Samsun disavowed their ties to Netherlands and tried to join Greece. However in a shocking turn of events, the Netherlands faithful fought them and bloody struggles resulted in the Greek loyalists burning the city to the ground, killing every man, woman and infant in the city.

                          This sensless slaughter by the Greeks has caused the Senate to reconsider the proposal to attempt to repatriate the Greek defectors from their Northern Army after the Ottoman war concludes. After witnessing the way the Greeks brutally butchered their own people, many of whom were kinsmen of the Northern army, the soldiers are saying they would rather die than return to Greece. Making matters worse, a den of Greek spies, infiltrators and agitators have been discovered and arrested in Uzbek, further proving the hostile intents of Greece against Netherlands.

                          There is trouble in the Nether-American colonies as well. After years of peaceful immigration from England, the situation finally escalated into violence, as the English began to outnumber the Netherlanders in Jamaica. The violence resulted in a local skirmish that eventually set the city ablaze. The fires could be seen across the sea all the way in the neighboring island of Haiti. Reports are sketchy, but it is rumored that the colony is in ruins, and little more than a military camp remains. The English government has taken responsiblity for the actions of their people and their role in this situation, and the Netherlands Senate has apologized to the English Queen for the death of the English citizens livign in Jamaica that died in the clashes. Both governments are cooperating to rebuild the colony to its former glory and restore tranquility and peace to the Carribbean.
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                          "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy


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                            REPORT ---

                            Ottomans interim capital destroyed ---

                            No casualties ---

                            Tank performed well ---

                            Beyond all expectations ---

                            Advise developing Tank technology or purchasing soon ---

                            Greek culture a major threat in newly subdued Ottoman cities ---

                            No solutions to propose at this time ---

                            King Karlson wounded, Commander Aaron treating personally ---

                            Recommend upgraded weapons for Commander Aaron's division as well as King Karlson's ---

                            Wild barbarians settlements spotted in far north ---

                            Sending detachments to investigate ---

                            Orders are to terminate with extreme prejudice ---

                            END OF REPORT ---
                            "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy


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                              The bombardment of the final Japanese stronghold in Manchuria had begun. Victoria was pleased to see the artillery, newly shipped from the New World, was exceeding all expectations.
                              Click image for larger version

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