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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 22 - January 2014]

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  • Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 22 - January 2014]

    Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 22 - January 2014]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Domination of Barbarians" (DoB)

    Domination of Barbarians is a diplomacy game. The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread. Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

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    The great peace of ages has held firm and the industrial revolution is in full swing. In terms of conflict, things have been relatively quiet around the world. The odd report is heard now and again of small detachments chasing barbarians into the northern corners of Asia, but overall, warfare seems to be a relic of the past.

    This has not stopped the development of new weapons however. Greece has developed combustion technology, allowing them to create a new kind of vessel, powered by a refined fuel called oil. These steel ships are called "Destroyers" and it is hard to imagine any force that is capable of more destruction than they are. Almost four times as powerful as any warship ever conceived before, these vessels are bar-none the strongest on the seas.

    Greece has also put the worlds first flying vessel, the Airship, into service and has been using them to patrol the Persian border. This flying dirigible is a massive balloon filled with a lighter-than-air gas that causes it to float. The Greek military now rules on land sea and air.

    England has also been making great advances, acquiring the technology to match Greece, at least on the seas and on land. Semi-Automatic Rifle Infantries, their Machine Gun predecessors, as well as Destroyers have been seen emblazoned with the English flag. As these titans become more evenly matched, the world waits to see if this will lead to even greater peace and prosperity, or greater global tensions.

    The corporate giants of England and Greece have also developed two new International Corporations. Cereal Mills specialized in turning perishable wheat, corn and rice into semi-nonperishable dry foodstuff called cereal. This new type of food promises to lead to even more advances in food production and propel world population to massive levels, never before dreamed of. Creative Constructions on the other hand is the worlds largest construction conglomerate, building massive residential and commercial skyscrapers all over the world. A food and Production company, respectively, they have now equalized the playing field between England and Greece, but giving England the edge in cultural influence.

    There can be no doubt any longer. There are but two world Superpowers... Greece and England. What is in store for these two giants, only time will tell.
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      Headship / Royal Lineages of the World

      Civilized Nations


      President Sancha of La República de Catalunya, formerly Gran Duquessa Sancha, daughter of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, restored to power by Generalissima Ines, usurper of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, successor to Gran Duquessa Himilce de Olónico de Catalunya, Princess of Spain, Aunt of Astor

      King Karlson, son of King Karl, descendant of the old Kings and usurper of Minister Selashen, representative of King Christiansen, son of Queen Kirsten, joint ruler with King Christiaan twin daughter and son respectively of King Christofoor, first King of Netherlands, unifyer of The three factions, slayers of Hanz the Dutchman, named successor of Trotseer the Brave, named successor to Chieftain Aantaleen the Primersteleider and his wife Angeline of France


      Grand Chieftain Durakan, the 33rd in the lineage of Head Chieftain Durukan Hamdi emerging from the Age of Silence following the rule of Head Chieftain Bedri Ayhan

      Qin Shi Huang the Eternal Emperor and his wife Aiko the Eternal of Japan, successors of the Mother of Qin Shi Huang, successor to the Father of Qin Shi Huang

      Queen Elizabeth the Immortal,
      Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Ire and New England

      Grand Vizier, perpetual title of the successors to Grand Vizier Tajimal of Persia, successor to Ameera Sayyadina Shamara, daughter of Sultan Astrakan, son of Sultan Arsalan, son of Malik-Shah, son of Jafar annointed Caliph and successor to Princess Boran, successor to Arsaces XLV, successor of Helu of Awan, rightful ruler of Persia, successor of Kikku-Siwe-Temti, ruler of Persia, usurper of Napi-Ilhush, usurper of Shushun-Tarana, usurper of Hishutash, usurper of Ukku-Tanhish, usurper of Tata I, successor to Peli of Awan, Rightful Chief of the Persian Tribes

      The Citizens of Greece, successors to The Workers of Greece, successors to the Jungle Fighters of Greece

      Emperor Hikao Meiji the Embattled, slayer of the unknown Barbarians, following the exile of Empress Aiko (wife of Qin Shi Huang the Eternal of China), proclaimed Empress following the death of her brother, Heianshi Ainu, appointed to succeed the Family Elders of Kyoto, along with Ainu of Nishikyo & Jiraya of Osaka following the death of Tokugawa, defender of Kyoto, Leader of Japan

      Barbarian Tribes
      (Wild Barbarians)
      -- The Children of Barbarous the Expelled - Warriors, Spearmen, Axemen, Archers, Galleys and Swordsmen sighted

      (Organized Barbarians)

      -- Byzantium (Destroyed by Greece) -
      Unknown ruler following the rule of Emperor Leopold, successor to Justinian II, successor to the Tribal Chieftains, successors to Leader Justinian I, son of Leader Constantine

      -- Russia
      (Destroyed by Ottomans) - Barbarian Czar Kir Stepanovich, son of Czar Stepan Yakovnic, son of Czar Yakov Antonovich, son of Czar Anton Konstantinovich, son of Katarina Konstantinskaia First interim Czarina of the Rus Empire, successor to Czar Konstantin Simonovich, brother of Czar Leonid Simonovich, successor to Czar Simon the Lover, Undisputer Leader of Russia, successor to The Counsel, interim succesors following the slaying of Stanimir defeater of Rostislav, successor to Volg, defeater of the Slav King, usurper of The Czar, successor of Ivan Grozni, successor of Ivan Dragonoff, succesor of Leader Peter

      -- France (Destroyed by Holy Roma)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Abraham, Informal Leader of the Advisory Council, following the assassination of King Louis XXXV the Kingdom, successor to King Louis XXXIV the all-seeing all-knowing all-hearing friend and High protector of the world, successor to King Louis XXXIII the Omniscient, son of King Louis XXXII the Benevolent, successor to King Louis XXXI the Quaker, successor to King Louis XXX the Isolationist, successor to King Louis XXIX the Unfortunate, successor to King Louis XXVIII the Traveller, successor to King Louis XXVII the Arbiter, successor following the assasination of King Louis XXVI the Beloved, descendant of King Louis XXV the Seeker, descendant of King Louis XXIV the Last Hope, descendant of King Louis XXIII the Festive, descendant of King Louis XXII the Spendthrift, son of King Louis XXI Defender of the Faith, descendant of King Louis XX the Grim, descendant of King Louis XIX the Golden, son of King Louis XVIII the Bored Boar, son of King Louis XVII the Beast Tamer, son of King Louis XVI the Sea King, son of King Louis XV the Wine Trader, successor to King Louis XIV the Christian Abolitionist, successor to King Louis XIII The Martyr, successor to The Silent Kings, Louis V- Louis XII, successors to King Louis IV, son of King Louis III the Gullible, son of King Louis II the Zealous, son of King Louis I the Stalwart, first Monarch of France, successor to the Torino Workers, survivors of the Stonehenge Defenders, Successors of the Elder Mystics, Keepers of Benoit the Immortal, appointed successor of Tribal Chief Andre, traverser of the Alps, appointed successor of Pierre, First Despot of France, slayer of Jean-Guy, former co-ruler w/ his wife Patrica & brother Jean-Paul, son of Jean

      --Vikings (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Barbarian King Ragnar II, following the rule of Harald Hardrada, son of Chief Ragnar

      -- Rome (Destroyed by Persia and Spain)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Imperator Augustus, successor to The Council of Rome, ruling following the abdication of Imperatrix Minerva Julii, wife of Aulus Brutus, son of Titus Brutus of the Bruti family, successors of Marcus, leader of the Slave rebellion, beheader of Baron Von the tyrant

      -- Celtia (Destroyed by England)- Barbarian Lord Brennus II, following the rule of Celtics people, in the absence of King Brennus, returning conqueror of King Ire, imprisoner of Lord Chieftain Brennus & Aithe

      -- Arabia (Destroyed by Greece) - Unknown ruler following the rule of His Emminence Mohammed V, following the Arabian exodous and subsequent exile of Grand Ayatollah Kulayni, ending the joint rule of Mohammed V and Ayatollah Kulayni, leaders of the The two Factions, emerging from conflict between the The Tribal Leaders, successors to The Prophet & his wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

      -- Portugal
      (Destroyed by Persia) - Unknown ruler following the death of Ricardo Araujo Leader of the Jesuit Order, usurper of Pedro Machuka, son of Porto & Portu, husband and wife

      -- Germany (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Alemanni the 1st Successor, to Herman

      -- Holy Roma (Destroyed by Persia)
      - Barbarian Lord King Gottfried AKA "Godfried" I Defender of the Faith, succesor following the death of Emperor Charles the Bald, appointed successor of Lotharius rex King of the Sacred Roman Empire, sucessor to Caroli Magni
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        "..the current tally being close to 6 million. 1 executive is relocating, and the workforce continue upgrading the railroad network. By dividing them into capacity, the archery units count 34 divisions. Mounted units merely 12 divisions. Pure melee units merely 3 divisions. Siege weapons a fearsome 61 divisions, half of which are purely defensive. The backbone of their army presented by the 106 Gunpowder divisions, mostly Infantry. From what we can ascertain, there are 18 naval units. However, this is a slight number compared to what has been spotted before going out to sea. There may be many more than this out there. The last units accounted for, thanks in part to those numbers from the factory managers, are 17 Airship divisions. These are the ones spotted in the skies and.."


        "What do you mean, no proof?"


        The girls were chatting among themselves when she came back down, hair a little ruffled and her dress somewhat
        rumpled. "Ooh, did he give you a long, hard story?" said one, and giggled pleasantly. "More like a short joke, I
        bet!" said another, setting all the girls to bouts of laughter. When they were finished, she said "He speaks like all
        men who like their own voice, and having heard one, you've heard them all." and walked out while the girls giggled at
        what she said. In the alley behind the pleasurehouse, words were exchanged and money shifted hands.


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          From the world around were many gathered, young and old. This place was as it had been since its foundation, sacred and true. Within, one could breathe in and be at peace, no matter the pressure or stress in the daily life that was outside. In this sanctuary, this holiness in honor of the one true God, all was good. Many were gathered and few were at ease, even in this place. Mutterings and whispers was filling the great hall like a orchestra of bees gathering momentum before a performance.


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            A journey unlike any other in history. The fabled ship sailed triumphantly into Japanese waters it had departed so many centuries past. Though a fully modern ship, the Sunchaser's captain's log dutifully extends back to its origins exploring the known world. The only other remnant of that original vessel is a wooden desk in the captain's quarters paneled with salvaged elements of the original ships hull.


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              A crowd of tavern wenches, barmaids and ladies of the night were gathering around. This always had a tendency to happen whenever Sir Aaron was telling tales of his adventures. Women wanted him and men wanted to be him, the famous, infamous, legendary, Sir Eron Aaron "the Relentless", Defender of Paris, Circumnavigator of the globe, survivor, warrior, lover, scoundrel, his presence was always certain to liven any taproom, ball or gathering.

              Especially here, on Ice Island, where the weather was frigid year round, and the people were even stouter drinkers. Here, in the frozen north Atlantic, the taverns and inns were all the more the place to gather, as the nights were far too cold to venture outside.

              "So there I was, marooned, stranded on a tiny island in God knows where in the middle of the pacific ocean. With no one but the seagulls to keep me company" Sir Eron stretched his arms in wide circles around him to accentuate the vast expanse of the ocean and then squeezed his first finger and thumb together in front of his right eye, the scarred one, to show how tiny the island was.

              "You mean no one but you and the Cardinal?!" A shrill voice shrieked from the back of the smoky taproom.

              Eron rolled his eyes "Yes yes, I forgot about him. So as I was sayin-"

              "FORGOT INDEED!!" a loud voice boomed from the door, as a gust of cold wintry wind and a splendidly dressed nobleman entered the room.

              Even through his elaborate disguise, Sir Aaron recognized his friend and partner immediately and a wry smirk crept across his face "Why your royal Excellency! Your illustrious holiness-ness! Your-"

              "Enough of that, you pirate in rich pirate's clothes! Let me finish this story before you keep everyone awake all night with your lies!" Cardinal Sean Jean was beaming, but Sir Aaron could tell that there was heavy news on his mind. A new mission perhaps? Once again a chance to save Netherlands for King and country, and wealth of course.

              The two men laughed heartily and Sir Aaron sat as his friend recounted the tale of how they survived for weeks shooting seagulls with crudely fashioned blowdarts and cooking them under the stars on the beach, with nothing to season them but salty seawater. The Cardinal told them how finally a royal rescue ship arrived and took them back to Paris where they were given a feast fit for kings but then sent right back into the field for another great trade mission to the East. This time the journey took them through a very different country, the dark woods and chilly plains of the Ottoman lands. Relations with Persia had soured, treaties had been broken and it was no longer safe to travel the old routes. Not that it ever truly was.

              The lands were beautiful, albeit backwards and they missed some of the comforts enjoyed when traveling through Greece and Persia as they had done in the past. All in all, the nation and lands had much unrealized potential, and the mission was not as profitable, but the Cardinal and his constant companion did not disappoint, as they were able to make up the difference in Japan with an exchange of goods that was the most profitable ever.

              But that had been their last mission together. Afterwards, the Cardinal had gone on to assist in the founding of the Sushi Corporation in England, as well as lay the groundwork for more Corporate advancements. Most importantly, he had managed to secure suitable training and weaponry for the soldiers of the Kingdom, strengthening the national defense, and modernizing the army. His latest feat involved another trip to the Ottoman lands, bu this time a solo trip, where it is rumored that he annexed a large formerly Ottoman city that was deciding whether to join Netherlands or Greece. And the price he negotiated was rumored to be quite a bargain, paid in bars of silver.

              "Meanwhile you were saving Paris from the Spanish and getting Greece to come down off the fence and finally give us a real peace treaty!" The Cardinal nodded in Sir Aaron's direction, much to the adulation of the crown, who began clapping for Sir Aaron.

              Sir Aaron waved his hand as if to signify it was nothing special he had done, and the crowd, satisfied with the story, left the two men to their business. Sir Aaron finally was able to ask "What is it? Why are you here? And in disguise? Where have you been?"

              The Cardinal sighed "I am on another mission, part of which is to give you your latest mission. There is trouble brewing. I have heard of Persia's waffling on the treaty talks with you. Now Greece is demanding we declare our position. I have urgent business and must depart tonight. Here are your orders. You have a role to play in the King's latest plan. Change is coming that will rock Netherlands to the very core.

              "Good luck and godspeed my friend" said Eron

              The Cardinal pressed his open palms together and bowed slightly, just briefly showing his Islamic roots "And to you, Asalaam walaikum my friend, but I know that may not be possible depending on the relative success of each of us."

              "We shall see your Cardinal-ness, we shall see" another smirk from Sir Aaron, always relentless in his humor.
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                Rumours spread like wildfire that the prophet had taken his own life outside the gates of Mecca. It was said that sands were stained brown by his bloodied body, forming the shape of a cross pointing in the direction of the Masjid Al-Haram. These rumours flew everywhere the islamic faith had foothold.


                In Santander, two men followed a man of non-descript clothing carrying a satchel. Looking back, the man saw nothing out of the ordinary.

                When his body was found in an alley, the satchel was empty. Description of his face matched that of a high-standing citizen of Persia travelling to Santander the previous day, where he failed to meet with certain high regarded bankers. His body was lost during an inquiry into the manner of his death, and later the entire matter was hushed up.


                A new form of puppetry runs through the greek nation, making a mockery of persian islamic believers and painting with broad strokes how the common man should view persians. This show was set up in every greek city and were sold out, even in the smaller communities according to reports.


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                  Now this was the form of the movement; toppled bottle spilling drink, smashing one of the glasses causing fragments to scatter across the table. One such fragment landed on the very edge, balancing. I held my breath. In that moment I saw the form as balance, unrestrained and wild. Yet, at the same time following a structured path. Any given moment it would topple, but it remained there for a full five seconds before the steps of an approaching serving girl unhinged it. I saw then my purpose clear, and payed heavily to get more texts smuggled across the border.

                  -Passage from the book "Scattered glass & empty vessels - a treatise on the manner that physics rule our world."


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                    Through the desert a string of steel, like a snake uncoiled glides through sand.

                    It brushes up against stone and gravel, laid on trunks of wood to stabilize and conform.

                    Soon enough the camels will be gone, swallowed by the iron viper.


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                      Japan kicked from the Brotherhood of Muslims following a diplomatic crisis including several royal samurai guards, the youngest daughter of the Grand Ayatollah and a bucket of pig's blood.

                      Ottomans kicked from the Brotherhood of Muslims after revelations too dire and perversely obscene for the public knowledge.


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                        Reports have arrived that Persian infiltrators have started fires at some local towns, learning of this the Greek intelligence office has ordered its agents back into Persia.


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                          Massive riots caused in several towns after reports of the well known greek hit music band "Seltaeb Eht" offering free concerts in large public arenas. A combination of factors resulted in many towns being left as smoldering ruins following uprising when the band did not appear. In a mysterious coincidence, the same band was reported to play at up to four different shows on the same evening, at the same time. Persian government mystified.


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                            ** URGENT LETTER TO COMMANDER ERON***

                            Large Defection of Greek Military to Netherlands.

                            Looks to be their Northern Offensive force.

                            We have received multiple Infantry Divisions, cannon and Tanks.

                            Enough to force to take control of Asia from the Ottoman Barbarians.

                            Please advise what orders to give these defectors.

                            ** END OF TRANSMISSION **
                            "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy