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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 21 - December 2013]

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  • Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 21 - December 2013]

    Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 21 - December 2013]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Domination of Barbarians" (DoB)

    Domination of Barbarians is a diplomacy game. The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread. Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

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    A Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity has descended upon the remaining civilized nations of the world. The four great powers, Greece, England, Persia and Spain have co-existed in an era of almost no bloodshed. Things are good for the people of the world. Advances in science, technology and weaponry have fostered a new Age of Discovery, but this time it is exciting new technology and industry that is being discovered instead of new lands.

    Ever on the cutting edge of military technology, Greece has refined its infamous, and exclusive Machine Gun design even further. At the beginning of their industrial revolution the Greeks set immediately to work in developing a more portable version of the weapon, and this work has come to fruition in the form of machine rifle armed Infantry. There can be no doubt who is posseses the superior battlefield technology now.

    But Greece has not stopped there in their efforts to lead the world. A new and exciting invention, the Steam engine, has led to an even more powerful mode of transportation than the horse. An ironclad behemoth called the Steam-Engine, Steam-Train or simply "Locomotive" has revolutionized the way people travel. With the Steam Train and the tracks they use to travel on, called "railroads" the Greeks are able to move their resorces and people almost ten times as quickly as anyone using horse-drawn carriages and wagons.

    Along with these new discoveries comes an entity on to the world stage that the world has never before seen, but will almost certainly change the way that global economics functions forever. This new entity is the Corporation. Starting off as a small collection of merchants and trade guilds, some of these guilds have blossomed into larger companies and finally into international corporations.

    These Corporations bring trade, increased productivity, culture, and most of all vast profits for the owners of the Corporation. Already Greece has established Mining Inc, which promises to exploit mined mineral resources to drastcally improve the productivity of their cities. Mining Inc's reach has rapidly grown, and it is already easily the largest corporation in the world, with corporate branches on multiple continents.

    The economic titans of England have responded by forming Sid's Sushi, a corporation that has the potential to dramatically increase the food production and cultural influence of England's cities by harnessing the fruit of the sea. Aggressive expansion of this new Corporation has already begun, and the race towards corporate world domination has begun. Whether other nations will be able to join in this contest or if England and Greece will become Corporate monopolies remains to be seen...

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      Headship / Royal Lineages of the World

      Civilized Nations


      Gran Duquessa Sancha, daughter of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, restored to power by Generalissima Ines, usurper of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, successor to Gran Duquessa Himilce de Olónico de Catalunya, Princess of Spain, Aunt of Astor

      King Karlson, son of King Karl, descendant of the old Kings and usurper of Minister Selashen, representative of King Christiansen, son of Queen Kirsten, joint ruler with King Christiaan twin daughter and son respectively of King Christofoor, first King of Netherlands, unifyer of The three factions, slayers of Hanz the Dutchman, named successor of Trotseer the Brave, named successor to Chieftain Aantaleen the Primersteleider and his wife Angeline of France


      Grand Chieftain Durakan, the 33rd in the lineage of Head Chieftain Durukan Hamdi emerging from the Age of Silence following the rule of Head Chieftain Bedri Ayhan

      Qin Shi Huang the Eternal Emperor and his wife Aiko the Eternal of Japan, successors of the Mother of Qin Shi Huang, successor to the Father of Qin Shi Huang

      Queen Elizabeth the Immortal,
      Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Ire and New England

      Grand Vizier Tajimal of Persia, successor to Ameera
      Sayyadina Shamara, daughter of Sultan Astrakan, son of Sultan Arsalan, son of Malik-Shah, son of Jafar annointed Caliph and successor to Princess Boran, successor to Arsaces XLV, successor of Helu of Awan, rightful ruler of Persia, successor of Kikku-Siwe-Temti, ruler of Persia, usurper of Napi-Ilhush, usurper of Shushun-Tarana, usurper of Hishutash, usurper of Ukku-Tanhish, usurper of Tata I, successor to Peli of Awan, Rightful Chief of the Persian Tribes

      The Citizens of Greece, successors to The Workers of Greece, successors to the Jungle Fighters of Greece

      Emperor Hikao Meiji the Embattled, slayer of the unknown Barbarians, following the exile of Empress Aiko (wife of Qin Shi Huang the Eternal of China), proclaimed Empress following the death of her brother, Heianshi Ainu, appointed to succeed the Family Elders of Kyoto, along with Ainu of Nishikyo & Jiraya of Osaka following the death of Tokugawa, defender of Kyoto, Leader of Japan

      Barbarian Tribes
      (Wild Barbarians)
      -- The Children of Barbarous the Expelled - Warriors, Spearmen, Axemen, Archers, Galleys and Swordsmen sighted

      (Organized Barbarians)

      -- Byzantium (Destroyed by Greece) -
      Unknown ruler following the rule of Emperor Leopold, successor to Justinian II, successor to the Tribal Chieftains, successors to Leader Justinian I, son of Leader Constantine

      -- Russia
      (Destroyed by Ottomans) - Barbarian Czar Kir Stepanovich, son of Czar Stepan Yakovnic, son of Czar Yakov Antonovich, son of Czar Anton Konstantinovich, son of Katarina Konstantinskaia First interim Czarina of the Rus Empire, successor to Czar Konstantin Simonovich, brother of Czar Leonid Simonovich, successor to Czar Simon the Lover, Undisputer Leader of Russia, successor to The Counsel, interim succesors following the slaying of Stanimir defeater of Rostislav, successor to Volg, defeater of the Slav King, usurper of The Czar, successor of Ivan Grozni, successor of Ivan Dragonoff, succesor of Leader Peter

      -- France (Destroyed by Holy Roma)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Abraham, Informal Leader of the Advisory Council, following the assassination of King Louis XXXV the Kingdom, successor to King Louis XXXIV the all-seeing all-knowing all-hearing friend and High protector of the world, successor to King Louis XXXIII the Omniscient, son of King Louis XXXII the Benevolent, successor to King Louis XXXI the Quaker, successor to King Louis XXX the Isolationist, successor to King Louis XXIX the Unfortunate, successor to King Louis XXVIII the Traveller, successor to King Louis XXVII the Arbiter, successor following the assasination of King Louis XXVI the Beloved, descendant of King Louis XXV the Seeker, descendant of King Louis XXIV the Last Hope, descendant of King Louis XXIII the Festive, descendant of King Louis XXII the Spendthrift, son of King Louis XXI Defender of the Faith, descendant of King Louis XX the Grim, descendant of King Louis XIX the Golden, son of King Louis XVIII the Bored Boar, son of King Louis XVII the Beast Tamer, son of King Louis XVI the Sea King, son of King Louis XV the Wine Trader, successor to King Louis XIV the Christian Abolitionist, successor to King Louis XIII The Martyr, successor to The Silent Kings, Louis V- Louis XII, successors to King Louis IV, son of King Louis III the Gullible, son of King Louis II the Zealous, son of King Louis I the Stalwart, first Monarch of France, successor to the Torino Workers, survivors of the Stonehenge Defenders, Successors of the Elder Mystics, Keepers of Benoit the Immortal, appointed successor of Tribal Chief Andre, traverser of the Alps, appointed successor of Pierre, First Despot of France, slayer of Jean-Guy, former co-ruler w/ his wife Patrica & brother Jean-Paul, son of Jean

      --Vikings (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Barbarian King Ragnar II, following the rule of Harald Hardrada, son of Chief Ragnar

      -- Rome (Destroyed by Persia and Spain)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Imperator Augustus, successor to The Council of Rome, ruling following the abdication of Imperatrix Minerva Julii, wife of Aulus Brutus, son of Titus Brutus of the Bruti family, successors of Marcus, leader of the Slave rebellion, beheader of Baron Von the tyrant

      -- Celtia (Destroyed by England)- Barbarian Lord Brennus II, following the rule of Celtics people, in the absence of King Brennus, returning conqueror of King Ire, imprisoner of Lord Chieftain Brennus & Aithe

      -- Arabia (Destroyed by Greece) - Unknown ruler following the rule of His Emminence Mohammed V, following the Arabian exodous and subsequent exile of Grand Ayatollah Kulayni, ending the joint rule of Mohammed V and Ayatollah Kulayni, leaders of the The two Factions, emerging from conflict between the The Tribal Leaders, successors to The Prophet & his wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

      -- Portugal
      (Destroyed by Persia) - Unknown ruler following the death of Ricardo Araujo Leader of the Jesuit Order, usurper of Pedro Machuka, son of Porto & Portu, husband and wife

      -- Germany (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Alemanni the 1st Successor, to Herman

      -- Holy Roma (Destroyed by Persia)
      - Barbarian Lord King Gottfried AKA "Godfried" I Defender of the Faith, succesor following the death of Emperor Charles the Bald, appointed successor of Lotharius rex King of the Sacred Roman Empire, sucessor to Caroli Magni


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        To Persia,

        We have seen unlawful vessels traveling near our Christian holy city close to your own fleet, for the security of our coast and fisheries we have engaged the Pirate vessels. These Privateer ships are a threat to any sea faring nation, thus we will continue to engage any we see. We will encourage other nations to defend themselves against such vessels. I hope you are aware that this Privateers sailing under the skull flag are a threat for the international community.



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          The great trader merchant and negotiator Cardinal Sean Jean has done it yet again, with the help of his partner Sir Eron the Relentless. While his partner have successfully negotiated a long peace with Spain and Greece, Cardinal Sean Jean has secured a lucrative trade deal with our former enemy England, proving that in this golden days of peace nothing is impossible.
          "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy


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            "Dark smoke tasting foul follows thunder, sea parts before an enormous monster of steel and black powder. Nightmares made flesh. The prophet was right. The prophet was right."

            These words to heaven recorded and delivered to the Vizier.

            Far north, Inés receives orders delaying her return.

            In the west, beneath many layers of cloth a man hides from those who seek to do him wrong. Now more than ever is his ancestor the furthest from him, and the most needed.

            River village claims a kinship with Paris far beyond that which previous kings thought wise to entertain. With free religion a new acceptance for Islam has become prevalent. This has reached the ears of the Vizier, who sends representatives of a new office to discuss a new kind of agreement, a possible friendship through kinship.

            These were the years when the lands of Persia were filled with discord, and many sought power where it was most unlikely to be found.


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              Qin's Revenge

              It is without a doubt man’s ultimate self-worth to feel that he has accomplished something at the end of his life. That is why Qin was so devastated at this time. Not only could he not die but that his one true sense of self-worth, his love for his wife Aiko was meaningless.

              Qin had been in the field for many years now. Seeking revenge for the barbarian uprising that had resulted in Aiko being removed from the throne in Japan, he had sort war on Japan and punished them without satisfaction. The Persians had negotiated a peace but his mind had not been difficult to convince. There was too much shared blood between with the Japanese, to make the sword feel right as he plunged it through their hearts.

              But that was many years ago. It was also the last time he had tasted human blood. He saturated his thirst with that the beasts of the forest, while ridding the world of these raging Barbarians. His blood lust had scared him during the Japanese invasion. The last barbarian cities in the far north appear to be the target of all the remaining nations. The Greeks, Persians and the Netherlands now searched out the barbarian lands. Each city razed resulted in another Barb encampment. Now the Greeks were settling lands he had hoped to secure. Rich in minerals his citizens desired were being scooped up by foreign nations. They had appeased him by gifting him units of immense power; infantry and ships capable of carrying great numbers of his men. He needed them as he had amassed an army of superior crossbowman to battle the barbarians.

              They were now sort all over the world. The Persians had sent a Great General to Beijing to help train several thousand crossbowman, that were to be used by Persia for unknown purposes. He did not mind, Persia was a good ally. The people were happy with the Muslim brotherhood. Qin did not care if they enjoyed praying to a prophet they thought represented God, so long as they were productive. Qin had seen God, he had no need to pray to him. Being alive since the beginning of time allowed Qin a unique sense of reflection, to avoid contact with deities. Except now. Now Qin wanted to summon them all to his side.

              You see … Qin learned that the Great Persian General has been fornicating with Aiko, and Aiko was pregnant. Something he had failed in. Now as he sat on the shores of the newly won Japanese Kamchatka peninsula, waiting for his ships to transport him home, he wondered what he should do.


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                Catalunyan citizens all over the world celebrate the construction of the magnificient L'Estàtua de la Llibertat in Valencia - a truly great monument to the first nation of the world that emphasise the true value of democracy, freedom and liberty for the people.

                With the great statue - the embodiment of liberty - keeping watch above her, the Gran Duquessa Sancha speaks to the citizens of Valencia. She formally invests the power of Catalunya to the Senate of Catalunya, and abicates from her position as Gran Duquessa. In the weeks after her abdication, the first formal election is held in Catalunya, and thanks to her benevolent rule as the last Gran Duquessa, the people of Catalunya elects Sancha as the first President of La República de Catalunya.

                All nations are invited to send a representative of their government to the celebrations that will be held in Valencia two years from now, celebrating the success of the new form of government in Catalunya. The invitations are personally signed by President Sancha, and she emphasises that the Republic hopes that all the leaders of the nations of the world will be able to attend these magnanimous celebrations - a true testament to how the people should be allowed the freedom to choose their own future, destiny and who they believe is best fit to lead them into the future. A government that trusts it's citizens to the point where even a poor beggar may be elected President, should the people wish it.
                La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors


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                  There is great upheaval in Netherlands as the Democratic transition in neighboring Catalunya has inspired the people of Netherlands to demand an end to the centuries long monarchy. The people are demanding the end of the consolidation of economic and political power in the Royal capital, as well as other reforms. The revolution of political thought has ushered in a new era of free speech in Netherlands, where everyone is able to speak his mind against the monarchy and their bureaucratic institutions that have kept power in the country for so long.
                  "In the service of Netherlands, always" - Captain Eriksen, Royal Netherlands Navy


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                    After many an age of more and less enlightening discourse, a new dawn has risen in the grand lands that follow the world under the flag and rule of ancient Persia. Now, in this the century of new ideas and new organizations a form of choice by agreement has arisen after a long time of idealized leaders who -after decades of debate- have been judged as emotionally unsuited and bearers of too much responsibility caught in the hands of a single individual.

                    Now, rule is established by concensus from a body of elected individuals that give out their choices by proxy in the form of the Grand Vizier, who has followed a new path in the way of rulership. Being selected and denied the right to bear an individual name as the Grand Vizier, he holds the position as speaker for the masses, on behalf of the entire Persian nation. When a Vizier dies or becomes unable to act as speaker, a new Vizier takes his place. Always remaining simply, Grand Vizier.


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                      Recent changes in Nether powerstructure has brought about a strong curiosity in the higher branches of Persian electees. Representatives are underway to investigate this through official channels.

                      A gathering of powerful individuals is taking place in Adrianople, but the reason for their gathering remains a closely guarded secret.


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                        A majority vote in the Senate of Catalunya today passed the final piece of the plans President Sancha have been working on for decades, turning Catalunya into a full democracy. Universal Suffrage is now implemented by law all over the republic of Catalunya, giving both men and women equal rights to vote.

                        La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors
                        La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors


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                          A great silence from the east of China has been broken by news of Greek settlers bribing locals with powerful weapons to look the other way as they found a new mining town in the northeast territory. Already their claim is spreading far and wide, and former claims to the area by China and Japan have been overlooked as not important.

                          Ugly rumours are spreading that fully half of all the rifles thus given away to the locals were faulty, causing the loss of a chinese settlement outfitted with these riflemen to barbarians. Inés and her army came upon the sight and followed the burial rites for all the chinese soldiers she could find, before chasing down the barbarians and annihilating them on the frozen plains.

                          No comment has been forthcoming from greek authorities on the matter, and those attempting to complain near the mining town have been shot on sight.

                          Quoted one greek merchant: "What old claims? This is the age of the automatic rifle! It does not come cheap of course, this being the best of the best in the whole wide world. It works in all terrains, but remember to keep oil with you at all times, especially in hot, cold, freezing, rainy, sunny and dry terrain. Say, your daughter is quite attractive, come here and listen to my.. proposition."


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                            The past advances of what is commonly known as a "greek tragedy" in the nuances of theatrics reached a new level of epic proportion when a surge of pacifism ran through the cities and lands of Greece. Where there had been advances welcomed in both sea power and land power, now a new, peaceful power seemed to steam from every pore in the bodies of greek citizens. Increased funds for the military and a decline in the arts of science permeated their every dwelling, with rumours that it all started from a chance remark by a persian midwife to the wife of a greek statesman, mere moments after she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


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                              To Persia and the world,

                              Persia has declared war on Greece and has massively started using infiltrators.

                              To Persia If you one more time do use infiltrators to hurt/attack Greece count yourself in a total war with Greece RIGHT AWAY.
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