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Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 20 - November 2013]

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  • Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 20 - November 2013]

    Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 20 - November 2013]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Domination of Barbarians" (DoB)

    Domination of Barbarians is a diplomacy game. The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread. Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

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    The German Barbarians are long gone, their last days ending in little more than a whisper. A forgotten people in a forgotten land, doomed to wander tundra wastes and finally desert isles, and finally absorbed into the greater nations of the world, never to be seen again in this lifetime.

    It is a time of great Alliances. The last passing years have seen two of the world superpowers, Greece and Persia, band together to utterly exterminate the struggling nation of Holy Roma. After being crushed underfoot by the two behemoths, the people of Holy Roma began the slow and painful assimilation into the surrounding cultures.

    There can be no doubt now. There are four great powers emerging, Greece, England, Persia and Spain. And a great Alliance exists between them, which is poised to usher in a unprecedented age of peace, stability, and enlightenment all over the globe. The peaceful and cooperative spirit between the wise and powerful leaders of these lands will undoubtedly set the stage for a new world order... one of enduring peace, scientific discovery, cultural enrichment, and economic advancement for all mankind.

    Still, there is some lingering tension between the great powers of the world, and their arms race continues. The English are ever eager to maintain their own dominance, and they have put their own ingenuity on display with the creation of the worlds first Rifles, a weapon that obsoletes the recently discovered Musket, and substantially equalizes the field against the formidable Grenadiers of the Greeks.

    The Grecian Grenadiers have long boasted the ability to best troops armed with guns on the battlefield, but the English elite trained Riflemen corps, dubbed "Redcoats" for the bright red uniforms they wear, are so skilled that even the Grenadiers seem to be powerless against them. Always the brilliant diplomat and tactician, Elizabeth the Immortal Queen has already neutralized the Greek advantage, by generously sharing the advance Rifle drill techniques employed by her Redcoats to other nations of the world, innoculating them against any threat from the once feared Greek Grenadiers.

    ever focused on staying at the forefront of battlefield technology, Greece has introduced a new and terrible weapon onto the world stage. New weapons that are rumored to be powerful enough to make the formidable English Redcoats obsolete almost immediately after they were first introduced.

    The "Gatling-Gun" or "Machine-Gun" represents the latest in firearms technology. With its rotating rifle-barrel design, it can fire hundreds of rounds of gunfire in mere seconds, literally blanketing the battlefield with a rain of death. There is no weapon to date that can overcome such a weapon, at least as it has been rumored to function. But such a terror will likely never be tested in battle, precisely because of how dire the predictions are for any who would dare to face it. Greece adds this new weapon to their already formidable Cannon technology, giving the Greeks the most powerful defensive weapons in the world.

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      Headship / Royal Lineages of the World

      Civilized Nations


      Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, restored to power by Generalissima Ines, usurper of Gran Duquessa Catalina de Valencia de Catalunya, successor to Gran Duquessa Himilce de Olónico de Catalunya, Princess of Spain, Aunt of Astor

      King Karlson, son of King Karl, descendant of the old Kings and usurper of Minister Selashen, representative of King Christiansen, son of Queen Kirsten, joint ruler with King Christiaan twin daughter and son respectively of King Christofoor, first King of Netherlands, unifyer of The three factions, slayers of Hanz the Dutchman, named successor of Trotseer the Brave, named successor to Chieftain Aantaleen the Primersteleider and his wife Angeline of France


      Grand Chieftain Durakan, the 33rd in the lineage of Head Chieftain Durukan Hamdi emerging from the Age of Silence following the rule of Head Chieftain Bedri Ayhan

      Qin Shi Huang the Eternal Emperor and his wife Aiko the Eternal of Japan, successors of the Mother of Qin Shi Huang, successor to the Father of Qin Shi Huang

      Queen Elizabeth the Immortal,
      Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Ire and New England

      Sayyadina Shamara, daughter of Sultan Astrakan, son of Sultan Arsalan, son of Malik-Shah, son of Jafar annointed Caliph and successor to Princess Boran, successor to Arsaces XLV, successor of Helu of Awan, rightful ruler of Persia, successor of Kikku-Siwe-Temti, ruler of Persia, usurper of Napi-Ilhush, usurper of Shushun-Tarana, usurper of Hishutash, usurper of Ukku-Tanhish, usurper of Tata I, successor to Peli of Awan, Rightful Chief of the Persian Tribes

      The Citizens of Greece, successors to The Workers of Greece, successors to the Jungle Fighters of Greece

      Emperor Hikao Meiji the Embattled, slayer of the unknown Barbarians, following the exile of Empress Aiko (wife of Qin Shi Huang the Eternal of China), proclaimed Empress following the death of her brother, Heianshi Ainu, appointed to succeed the Family Elders of Kyoto, along with Ainu of Nishikyo & Jiraya of Osaka following the death of Tokugawa, defender of Kyoto, Leader of Japan

      Barbarian Tribes
      (Wild Barbarians)
      -- The Children of Barbarous the Expelled - Warriors, Spearmen, Axemen, Archers, Galleys and Swordsmen sighted

      (Organized Barbarians)

      -- Byzantium (Destroyed by Greece) -
      Unknown ruler following the rule of Emperor Leopold, successor to Justinian II, successor to the Tribal Chieftains, successors to Leader Justinian I, son of Leader Constantine

      -- Russia
      (Destroyed by Ottomans) - Barbarian Czar Kir Stepanovich, son of Czar Stepan Yakovnic, son of Czar Yakov Antonovich, son of Czar Anton Konstantinovich, son of Katarina Konstantinskaia First interim Czarina of the Rus Empire, successor to Czar Konstantin Simonovich, brother of Czar Leonid Simonovich, successor to Czar Simon the Lover, Undisputer Leader of Russia, successor to The Counsel, interim succesors following the slaying of Stanimir defeater of Rostislav, successor to Volg, defeater of the Slav King, usurper of The Czar, successor of Ivan Grozni, successor of Ivan Dragonoff, succesor of Leader Peter

      -- France (Destroyed by Holy Roma)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Abraham, Informal Leader of the Advisory Council, following the assassination of King Louis XXXV the Kingdom, successor to King Louis XXXIV the all-seeing all-knowing all-hearing friend and High protector of the world, successor to King Louis XXXIII the Omniscient, son of King Louis XXXII the Benevolent, successor to King Louis XXXI the Quaker, successor to King Louis XXX the Isolationist, successor to King Louis XXIX the Unfortunate, successor to King Louis XXVIII the Traveller, successor to King Louis XXVII the Arbiter, successor following the assasination of King Louis XXVI the Beloved, descendant of King Louis XXV the Seeker, descendant of King Louis XXIV the Last Hope, descendant of King Louis XXIII the Festive, descendant of King Louis XXII the Spendthrift, son of King Louis XXI Defender of the Faith, descendant of King Louis XX the Grim, descendant of King Louis XIX the Golden, son of King Louis XVIII the Bored Boar, son of King Louis XVII the Beast Tamer, son of King Louis XVI the Sea King, son of King Louis XV the Wine Trader, successor to King Louis XIV the Christian Abolitionist, successor to King Louis XIII The Martyr, successor to The Silent Kings, Louis V- Louis XII, successors to King Louis IV, son of King Louis III the Gullible, son of King Louis II the Zealous, son of King Louis I the Stalwart, first Monarch of France, successor to the Torino Workers, survivors of the Stonehenge Defenders, Successors of the Elder Mystics, Keepers of Benoit the Immortal, appointed successor of Tribal Chief Andre, traverser of the Alps, appointed successor of Pierre, First Despot of France, slayer of Jean-Guy, former co-ruler w/ his wife Patrica & brother Jean-Paul, son of Jean

      --Vikings (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Barbarian King Ragnar II, following the rule of Harald Hardrada, son of Chief Ragnar

      -- Rome (Destroyed by Persia and Spain)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Imperator Augustus, successor to The Council of Rome, ruling following the abdication of Imperatrix Minerva Julii, wife of Aulus Brutus, son of Titus Brutus of the Bruti family, successors of Marcus, leader of the Slave rebellion, beheader of Baron Von the tyrant

      -- Celtia (Destroyed by England)- Barbarian Lord Brennus II, following the rule of Celtics people, in the absence of King Brennus, returning conqueror of King Ire, imprisoner of Lord Chieftain Brennus & Aithe

      -- Arabia (Destroyed by Greece) - Unknown ruler following the rule of His Emminence Mohammed V, following the Arabian exodous and subsequent exile of Grand Ayatollah Kulayni, ending the joint rule of Mohammed V and Ayatollah Kulayni, leaders of the The two Factions, emerging from conflict between the The Tribal Leaders, successors to The Prophet & his wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

      -- Portugal
      (Destroyed by Persia) - Unknown ruler following the death of Ricardo Araujo Leader of the Jesuit Order, usurper of Pedro Machuka, son of Porto & Portu, husband and wife

      -- Germany (Destroyed by Netherlands)- Unknown ruler following the rule of Alemanni the 1st Successor, to Herman

      -- Holy Roma (Destroyed by Persia)
      - Barbarian Lord King Gottfried AKA "Godfried" I Defender of the Faith, succesor following the death of Emperor Charles the Bald, appointed successor of Lotharius rex King of the Sacred Roman Empire, sucessor to Caroli Magni
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        "Grand Vizier Tajimal, how do you explain the proliferation of those excerpts from Mehrdad? Is it mere coincidence that he died there, and those same documents were found and publicized right after the Nether took over the city from the Ottomans? I will not have Investigator Junayd the cause of more grief from the Nether ministries."

        "Sayyadina, I have only sought to extract the truth and nothing but the truth in the name of Allah. I know they have waited for some time while our compilation took- Yes, I am aware of the number of years- Yes. Yes. I shall pen the reply myself. Your will, Sayyadina."

        To the Netherlands Foreign Minister,

        Your continued efforts to get answers from our investigators have so far been met with silence. For this it is possible that your Minister of War have given advice pertaining to the danger presented from Persian fleets recently seen outside Nether territories. Let me assure you that these ships have not been present as any kind of threat, merely being trade protectors for our friends in England against barbarians who foolish or not have presented themselves at high seas in Caravels. I wish for your fleet to take heed that barbarian Caravels have been spotted and sunk by several Persian ships. They have been spotted in gatherings of up to three ships at a time, something that may pose a danger even to a single ship if caught unaware. Please bring this to the proper authority in your chain of command.

        As to the investigation itself, know that it has been shut down after a thorough and complete gathering of evidence from many sources. Your historians have added to this investigation and we still welcome a similar investigation from your people if you wish to ascertain the truth with your own hands. The actual report is very lengthy, seeing as it has taken several decades to put together. Let me give you a few points that may be foremost of concern to you at this time.

        • The tales of reptilian persians are exaggerated, this tale is caused by brief glimpses of those following a celebration of the animals, in which make-up is applied, that is, coloured clay applied to bare skin bringing about changing appearances. Many officers respect the use of this tactic, and some use it as a personal signature denoting rank. I have added an example to this letter.
        • The truth disputed on the letter from HRE where must/most was the first example noted, it has been found that Persian claims are the truthful ones, and the sources that your tale was based on did indeed seek to harm relation between us. HRE fell to barbary and all sources from HRE became corrupted from this debilitation. If it is any consolation, our investigators have found that in reverse positions, Persia may very well have done as you did based on the evidence as it were at that time. There is no ill will now that truth has been ascertained, and our brothers of the faith in Mehrdad report friendly relations with your ruling body there.

        With these points explained, and the full report available, I hope that any former enmity between us is at an end. I look forward to your reply and wish your King the best of health.

        Sayyadina Shamara, Ruler of the Persian Empire.

        Example of Persian officer signature decoration:


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          "They what!"

          "Yes it seems the Greeks have miniaturized their machine gun technology and started using the same intensive training tactics we use for our redcoats. We have not yet seen these forces deployed in the field but anticipate to see them soon."


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            It started in London as a celebration marking the 1500 anniversary of the completion of the Statue of Zeus, but soon the jubilee had spread all throughout the English nation. Buddhist slaves given the day off, instead of turning to idleness, began to work for their own personal advancement. While the Buddhist slaves lacked the great wisdom of the ageless Taoists, they more than made up for it in their frenzied efforts to achieve and create as much as possible in their short fast burning lives. Productivity skyrocketed. Soon local governors throughout the United Kingdom implemented similar open ended jubilees. An age of great prosperity and discovery commenced. Some called it a revolution of industry.


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              Sorted words spoken in soft voices, memories changed by weight of gold and removed by cold steel at night. Far from the courts, far from the gods of cross, balanced colours and crescent moon. Here did Inés go, in stealth, through faithful lands and beyond frozen wasteland to find the last remains of godless dogs.

              Here, she put them down using every means at her disposal. Here, no ruler stood in her way to do what she did best. Here, she was free. With cold as bitter and deadly as her, barbarian villages disappeared, their raiding parties never returned. In the long night many terrors lurked, none were as feared as former Commander General Inés the lioness, the queen of ice and death incarnate.


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                With the death of Gran Duquessa Catalina, a new age of prosperity and productivity arrived as her daughter, Sancha, took up the golden crown of the Grand Duchy of Catalunia.

                Catalina was loved by her people, but her daughter reached new heights of popularity as one of the first decisions she made after her coronation was to sign an edict that reduced the work day from twelve to ten hours.

                A year after that, she signed an edict that offered the Catalunian men the liberty to speak freely, just like all Catalunian women had enjoyed for hundreds of years now.

                And now, the Gran Duquessa was signing an edict that would offer the Catalunian people the liberty to give their vote for who would represent them as senators, as Catalunia was becoming the world's first democracy. The Catalunian Palau Nacional in Valencia was now the official seat of power where the Gran Duquessa accepted the advice of the lawfully elected senate, representing the will of the Catalunian people.

                La República de Catalunya sempre en els nostres cors


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                  After much debate, Greece has decided that it will end in 10 cycles its current alliance with Persia. The development is mostly due to recent findings that Persia's real intentions are not friendly towards Greece, thus the Greeks see this alliance as unrealistic. After the alliance ends, relations will Persia will become neutral, Greek trade will continue as always and open borders will remain.


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                    Shorthand note on progress in the world:

                    Grand Vizier takes control of Persia, Shamara dies of old age without a clear successor and the world plunges into darkness. Former allies use this to claim "real intentions" and proclaim an end to a millenium of peaceful relations and cooperation with close neighbour. Time will tell what "real intentions" actually are - a prelude to armed conflict if the Vizier is right! It is not surprising, by now every citizen in Greece has its own rifle. A weapon designed not to defend, but to attack! Persia will be the first to fall when they do charge. It will be reasonable. It will be after 10 cycles. But it will come to pass. It will happen and it is only a matter of time. Build defences, build your army, protect yourself at all costs, for now Greece becomes the next great scourge of the world!

                    Or will they? Greece has done nothing provocative towards Persia. In fact, Greece has on many occasions sought to become ever closer neighbours and friends. When Persia sought to extend itself in southern Australia, Greece planted itself there to be as close to Persia as possible. What good friend would not do such a thing? The past hundred years alone have marked a closer and closer proximity of borders with the heartland of Persia. Greek culture is marvellous, expansive and omnipresent wherever they settle. The tales of Persian farmers vanishing after Greek musicians and bards have moved through the area is obviously false. The marked increase of ships' oarsmen at the same time is clearly only a rumour and nothing more. Greek garrison increase is also simply another step to defend against barbarians in the heartland of civilization. We applaud this and look forward to future relations with Greece, now simply neighbours and in 10 cycles.. who knows?


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                      Elizabeth looked up from the microscope with astonishment. “And they are truly alive? Unbelievable.” Such tiny creatures flew in the face of several thousand years of scientific tradition. Only an uneducated Buddhist would be rash enough to look for something where there was known to be nothing.

                      Yet here in front of her a mere drop of water teemed with some multitude of life. Proof that even the most fundamental tenants of reality could come under question and be overturned. It was a truly troubling thought.


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                        It seems Persia's ruler is not clear of the Greeks decision to rethink its relations with Persia. First of all why does Persia blames Greece for its freedom to change its foreign policy, we as every other free nation have the right to do what is best for our nation. Yes we feel sad about some smaller civs which aren't given the right of choice due to some bulling by other great nations.

                        Much intel has come to Greece from other nations sharing Persia's real view of Greece, which to our shock was nothing good. Last time Greece politicians checked an alliance was a "a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries." Some feel that this alliance was only used by Persia to protect itself from Greece herself and nothing more. Some suspect that Persia has been using her control over others to spy and gather intel on Greece. Well of of this is nothing good. So we now have sadly officially ended this alliance, an alliance that it seemed it never worked the way Greece hoped it will.

                        And for the record as usual Greece to honor the alliance pact, it is following the 10 cycle notification which was agreed when it was signed if one wish to end it.

                        Persia now you are trying to picture Greece as the possible aggressor? What reason have we given you for this, some evidence would be nice to point out. Let me tell you what i see and has been going on for years, you say that we have increased our military presence, well yes, that was only because you did that first and this was while in an alliance with us, so you are allied with us, but you go ahead and increase your army on your border with Greece, hmm interesting. You go ahead and massively upgrade your units to Red Coats, why? Everyone is free to make deals of course, but why such a dramatic increase in time of no actual need? I did offer you to upgrade your crossbows and macemam to Grenadiers, which i think you declined or didn't answer at the time.

                        Now trying to sell the idea to the world that Greece will attack Persia in 10 turns is ridiculous, at least you are using this to your personal advantage and excuse to arm yourself and ask for foreign assistance.

                        Well the funny thing is that time will tell who is right, if your propaganda of trying to portray us as being aggressors. Of course shocking words for an ally to say as well, which further show your real attitude towards us.

                        As always we are open to talks and ready to work closely to resolve any issues.


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                          In the chambers of the Grand Vizier, smoke rose in waves from a brazier, soft fragrance filling the room where its inhabitants were in deep discussion. Dressed in traditional white and green, Menkanesh the Brilliant reported from the academies after General Rafi bin Kaled made plain all military movement among the other nations. Concern etched the face of two men recently returned from River village. Among them all walked Grand Vizier Tajimal, listening, dismissing, sometimes accepting and giving out orders that ran throughout the realm.

                          In a corner three men enscribed the reply minted to the Greek authorities by the Vizier earlier that day.


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                            Greeks rail workers are in search for work, if anyone wishes to offer them temp work please contact the Greek rail union.


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                              The Greek military academy has started accepting applications for the coming training season, foreign citizens are welcomed to join if they wish. They will be offered the same conditions as locals.