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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 7 - April 2011]

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    The Library in Paris

    Professor Daniel Ducroix approached the head librarian.

    "Ah, my dear Lucien, bonjour! Do you have a copy of this new Tolstoy work - this Voina I Mir?"

    "Ah Daniel! Bonjour! We indeed have a copy, and more than that, I have already read it!"

    "Tell me then, what is it about"

    "Well, let me see. This major power sends its army far from its homeland to invade another nations territory. The invaders travel through land and weather that is foreign to them. There are battles. Very few of the invaders ever see their homeland again."

    "Hmm. That is interesting. Very interesting."
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      The Inca have also read it, but feel the title is a bit too dramatic, and should be changed to: "War, What Is It Good For?" as this more closely represents our sentiments.


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        Absolutely nothin'. Say it again.
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          So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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            President Washington met with his cabinet. They were all seated around a grand mahogany table, polished so well that when George looked down at his own reflection, he quickly ascertained that his nose hair needed trimming.

            "Mr. President!"
            George jumped in his seat. He wished they would stop doing that. It was freaking him out.
            "Mr. President, we have reason to believe that introducing lots of laws and regulations with regards to anything we can think of will greatly help our nation."
            George frowned at his administrative adviser.
            "Why on earth would that help?" he said, trying to cover his nose with one hand.
            "Mr. President, we believe that if we slowly introduce more and more paper work, people will become confused, and believe pretty much anything we say. As long as there is a form for it. We propose starting this policy immediately. All we need is a name."
            "Anything to get that unruly lot under our control. It sounds crazy to me, but it's worth a shot. I will create a new bureau just for this."
            "That will be one crazy bureau, sir" chuckled the finance minister.

            "Mr. President!"
            George jumped in his seat again. His minister of foreign affairs was standing up.
            "Mr. President, we wish to bring another matter to your attention. We have recently been contacted by several nations from across the ocean. Now, of course, from our contact with England and the Incas, we know that there are other nations forming on the continent of Africa. Apparently, there is a war going on there. Also, there is a war on the continent itself, between England and several other nations. Another issue is the settlement of colonies in an area that the Old World calls Oceania. Recently, envoys from Catherine of Russia reached our shores and have asked about our official stance on these matters."

            George scratched his chin. A few white flakes fell on the smooth table, standing out brightly against the dark surface. He quickly wiped them off the table, and glanced around to see if anyone noticed, but no one seemed to have seen it.
            "Mr. President! We have come up with a response, which we will send to all nations that we have contact with, so that the matter is clarified for any who wish to know."
            "Yes, yes, give it to me later and I'll sign it and attach a letter to Catherine. Anything else?"
            "No Mr. President! All rise!!"

            George quickly excused himself. He went to his study, clipped his nose hair, sat down at his desk and grabbed pen and paper. He then put a small painting of Catherine, given to him by the Russian sailors, in front of him and started writing:

            Your excellency!

            We thank you for your kind message! Of course, we are glad to hear you are a fan of our great nation. Now that we have met you, and seen the images of your queen that your sailors bring with them, to keep them warm at night, we would like you to know that we are also a huge fan of you.

            Regarding the matters you raise:
            1. America has declared itself neutral regarding any European issues. We do not have enough knowledge of the circumstances that are currently evolving there, so we find ourselves unfit to judge on any matter. This means that we will neither assist nor hamper any nation there. At present, we have never even properly met with envoys from several nations in Europe.
            2. Regarding the war in Africa; we of course know of this famous continent, yet never met any of its nations, nor have we heard any tales about it. Needless to say, we do not have any stance on any current issues there.
            3. Regarding colonies in Oceania; we have only recently heard about a certain continent, which goes by the name of Australis. As we have no idea where it is located, nor have we been contacted by any nation with regards to its colonization, we also do not have an opinion on the matter.
            4. Regarding your proposal on a border agreement, we of course wish you more than welcome in our waters, and hope that we will both profit from trade between our great nations. Indeed, perhaps we shall trade resources in the future; we would be delighted.

            Kindest regards,
            President Washington

            PS: if you by any chance have some free time, I would love to show you around my capitol hill sometime...
            George read it again. He then crossed out the last sentence and sighed. He stood up, locked his door, grabbed the picture and a napkin, and sat down on his sofa.
            So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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              Meanwhile, in the Court of the Sultan...

              "What news of the War?" inquired the Sultan of his assembled advisors...

              "The French have halted their advance inside the African territory claimed by Neandor. Since we are at peace with the Neandor and King Veneta denies us entry into his lands, we cannot pursue. Our forces have camped in Israel, awaiting your orders"... said Mohamed

              "And what of the seas?" questioned Sultan Ahmed

              "Your Majesty, there are many matters to discuss regarding the Navy," said Jamal. Most importantly, the Neandor built Frigates that the French are using... as your Majesty is aware, the French lack the ability to build such vessels and the Neandor are..."

              "Forget about that," Sultan Ahmed quickly interrupted, waving his hand in dismissal. I regard those vessels as belonging to Veneta, regardless of the flag they fly... I will not attack them so long as they do not attack the Ottoman Turks. So long as Veneta instructs the French not to use his ships against us, I do not regard them as a threat... What else?"

              Jamal continued... "Well Majesty, they do not exactly leave us alone... After King Veneta forbade us to enter Neandor's territorial waters, the bulk of our meager Navy, was marooned in Carthage. Following the massacre at Carthage, these vessels were trapped in French waters, and could not return home, because our waters in the Mediterranean are locked in by Neandor's territorial waters...

              So we sent our few ships, a couple old outdated Galleys escorted by a slightly less outdated Caravel North towards friendly waters England, in the hope that their crews would be able to sit out the War and return home to their families after. We requested King Veneta's assistance in this regard, and the King stated publicly that he would prevail upon the French to leave our small boats alone."

              "And did they reach safe waters in England?" asked the Sultan...

              "No your Highness, the French sunk them, they were defenseless, and all but one of the sailors were killed," lamented Jamal. "The survivor hid amongst floating debris, then swam ashore and made his way to the straights of Gibraltar, where he was able to book passage on a trade vessel and make his way to Israel"

              The Sultan's eyes narrowed... "Defenseless you say? Was the attack committed by Neandor-built Frigates?"

              "Well... We are currently investigating this your highness," interjected Mohamed quickly... The survivor is being questioned by our soldiers in Israel... We know at least that our soldiers in Israel report the Neandor-built Frigates have entered our waters and... "

              The Sultan rolled his eyes, clearly gowing impatient, turned to Jamal... "What other news of these Frigates that Neandor has been relentlessy building for France? Are the Neander crews aboard these Neandor-built vessels respecting our peace with Neandor at all or not? Afterall, the English blockade has been broken. So are you telling me now that King Venetta is supplying Arms to the French to attack us?"

              "Majesty, we met with representatives of Neandor and discussed this very delicate matter," said Ali. "The discussion were very robust and spirited, but ultimately fruitless. The King apparently intends to continue to allow the French to use the ships he has given them to attack and blockade us. We explained that they were attacking our defenseless fishing vessels and blockading our ports, but this made no impression. The emmisaries insist that we are serving the Russians interests with the French... that is what they kept saying in response to us."

              The Sultan raised his eyebrow... "What interests does Russia have in France, other than defending its Ally, England from the unprovoked French attack? How are we serving Russian interests by attaking France? If anything, accuse us of serving English interests... but serving Russian interest? It smacks of nonsense and propaganda." The Sultan waved his hand in disgust, dismissing the report. "Anything else?" he asked.

              Jamal stepped forward... "Yes Highness. The Neander Pirate ship has returned. It is once again docked in Grunzen City."

              Sultan Ahmed sighed a deep sigh... he called his advisors into his private chamber... and then pressed his lips together for a moment, apparently in thoughtful consideration... then he looked up at Jamal... "Jamal?"

              "Yes Highness?"

              "Tell the Naval Commander to start sinking the Neandor-built French Frigates that enter our waters."

              "Yes Highness..."
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                As long as my friends are happy, I am also happy. We support Japan, India, and German land and water rights in the Pacific and Australia.

                We are open to discourse with any nation.

                The Mongolian War will only get bloodier, we are open to cease fire but they are leaderless. We are considering renting out (protected) land between us and Mongolia.


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                  India feels that it may be wise of China to give concessions for peace as surely the grand emperor can afford such.


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                    North Africa. An Englishman in the Ottoman military camp.

                    - Fucк me, hold tight. What's that?
                    - It's me belt, Turkish.
                    - No, Tommy. There's a gun in your trousers. What's a gun doing in your trousers?
                    - It's for protection.
                    - Protection from what? "Zee Germans"?
                    - Those are French we are facing.
                    - Doesnt matter. They look the same to me.


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                      The Daily Turkey

                      French Blockade of Athena Broken!

                      Following reluctant orders from the Sultan, Ottoman Turk vessels have begun firing upon Neandor-built French Frigates in Ottoman Turk waters. The Neandor-built Frigates have reportedly been destroying defenseless fishing vessels and blockading the port of Athena.

                      Reports are coming in that the blockading French were totally routed by the Sultan's vastly inferior Naval Vessels through superior bravery and cunning. we will continue to report as more details become available...

                      More Purported Writings of the Messiah Child Surface

                      As part of our ongoing coverage, reporters from The Daily Turkey have discovered new information on the so-called "Messiah Child of Turkey." Apparently, during his young life, he was an activist as well as an amateur inventor, scientist and philosopher. His writings include an outspoken stance against the Ottoman colonization of Africa, as well as numerous texts calling for the Ottoman Turks to extract themselves from all the conflicts of Europe. He wrote that:

                      "Europe will be forever embroiled in violent conflict, that will eventually consume all nations, including the Ottoman Turks."

                      Of course his ideas are extremely controversial, as they conflict directly with the policies of the Sultan. The Daily Turkey will continue to report on this compelling story as more details become available...
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                        Amram Goan addressed the Sanhedrin:

                        "Members of the Sanhedrin,

                        We are living in the most troublesome times since the fall of Jerusalem.
                        Once again Satanael, the deceiver of the goiim, has gathered his armies around our holy ground.
                        Now it seems like the peoples will fight each other. Christians murdering christians. Goiims going after goiims.
                        But tomorrow, when the dust has been blown away by the winds, the remaining armies will turn against us.

                        Do not forget that it is Samael's desire to turn the peoples only against G'ds chosen people.
                        That is how he wants to stop the coming of the Messiach. Only by ending the lives of all the people who may father the Son of Man one day.

                        Our children may be trown in the River Nile.
                        They may crucify our people like the Ottomans did around Jerusalem.
                        They will plow our cities like the armies of General Titus did with Sion.
                        They will hunt us, banish us, gather us and destroy us.

                        Lucifer's eyes are upon us once again.
                        We should all turn back to G'd the Most High and confess our sins.
                        Let us abandon all idols and tear down the alters of Baal.
                        Let us follow the Thora, give to us by Moses.

                        Only Elohim Adonai can save us from the deceives peoples.
                        Only the Messiach can and will break the powers of Satanael."


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                          Back in the Sultan's Court...

                          The Sultan was in private chambers with some of his many wives, when Jamal and Mohamed were announced... "This had better be important!" the Sultan bellowed, looking annoyed as he waved his hand dismissing his wives to recieve his advisors...

                          A small grin crept across Jamal's face. "I have good news Highness. We have nearly completed our Investigation of the sinking of our Vessels off the coast of France and I can confirm that the culprits were indeed Neandor-built ships. We are still verifying the actual designations of the attacking ships, but we know for certain that at least one was a Neandor-built Frigate. So your Highness was wise indeed to order the Neandor-built Frigates sunk."

                          The Sultan's expression did not change... "Is that all?"

                          Jamal quickly continued, "No Highness. I have come primarily to report the matter of the 2 Neandor-built French Frigates that attacked our fishing vessels and blockaded Athena."

                          "Apparently, an obscure, freshy commisioned Captain of a newly constructed Galleon shoved off before his Vessel had even been christened. He set sail directly for Athena and opened fire on the Neandor-built Frigates as soon as they were within range. The French sailors were so startled by the audacity of his attack, that his guns had punctured their hull and set their sails ablaze before they even had time to beat to general quarters."

                          "It seems," Jamal continued, "that the French were arrogant and secure in belief of their Naval superiority, thanks to their Neandor-built Frigates. They never dreamed that a brazen Galleon comander would attack them so fiercely."

                          The Sultan eyes brightened, and he leaned forward... "What is the name of the young Captain? I would have him come to court to be honored for his guile."

                          "Alas, highness, he perished in the battle" Jamal continued... "but he died well. When the crew of the Neandor-built Frigate finally came to their senses, they fired their massive cannons. Outmanned and outgunned, the Galleon continued to fire, but the young Captain soon sounded the call to abandon ship as his vessel began to take on water and sink beneath the waves. Thankfully, our Frigate, 'The Pain' had arrived and was sailing alongside the Galleon when she sank, so most of the sailors were able to swim or row over to join the crew of The Pain."

                          "However, the young Captain would not leave his ship, and he manned one of the deck guns... loading and firing it himself, even as his ship burned all around him and sank underneath him... 'For the Sultan!' were reportedly his last words as the deck of his ship was obliterated by the enemy Frigate's cannons."

                          The Sultan beamed... "What magnificent valor! Jamal, you shall find out the name of this young Captain so that he will always be remembered for his heroism! It is always tragic to loose such a brave Ottoman Turk... But now, I thought you said you had Good news?"

                          "Yes Highness" Jamal continued, "As I said, The Pain was sailing alongside the Galleon, so as the Galleon sank, the Pain let loose with her guns, shooting over the sinking Galleon and shreding the hull of the Neandor-built Frigate. The attack was so devastating that the first volley sent the enemy ship beneath the waves. They fired back, damaging The Pain, but it was too late. The combined damage inflicted by The Pain and the Galleon was too severe and the first Neandor-built ship sank."

                          "Excellent! And what of the second Neandor-built Frigate? Did The Pain sink her as well?" the Sultan was now sitting on the edge of his seat...

                          Jamal smiled... "No Highness. The Pain immediately put to port for repairs. But upon seeing the fate of its sister ship at the hands of the ferocious Galleon commander, and seeing another Galleon approaching, the French tucked tail and ran to the safety of Neander waters, rather than face the guns of our fearless Galleon Commanders. Eyewitnesses report having actually seen French sailors wetting their pants as they fled."

                          "As your Highness is aware, King Veneta still denies us entry into his lands and waters, so we are unable to pursue."

                          Mohamed interjected... "Yes Majesty, the cowardly French have used the same tactic in Africa... retreating into Neandor lands where we can not pursue! The Neander King is allowing the French to use his land as a staging ground for..."

                          Sultan Ahmed raised his hand slightly, signaling that he wanted silence... "I do not wish to hear your editorial Mohamed. Give me the facts of the situation in Africa."

                          Mohamed calmed down... "Of course Majesty. We have it on good authority that the Nean...

                          Who's authority?" the King asked incredulously...

                          "Stirlitz sire" whispered Mohamed...

                          "Ah... continue" said the Sultan...

                          Mohamed looked cautiously over his shoulder and began again "The Neandor are not simply building Frigates for the French to combat the non-existent English blockade. They are now openly arming the French ground forces in Africa... supplying guns and other Currasier weapons to the French knights and caste iron Grenadier bombs and cutlasses to their other forces."

                          "What?!?" The Sultan stood abruptly from his chair...

                          "Yes Majesty...It has been reported that at least 10 units of troops have been provided arms by the Neandor. The Neandor can no longer feign neutrality, as they are openly arming the French directly against us!"... Mohamed was agitated again, raising his voice and shaking his fists...

                          Seeing the mood of his advisor, the Sultan sat down, stroking his beard thoughtfully... "I will think on this matter... good work both of you... Now leave me and summon my wives back to me."

                          "Yes, Sultan"... they said in unison as they bowed and left the chamber...
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                            Dear Ahmed,

                            It is to be regretted the actions that take place in war.

                            Neander's position is clear. The Ottoman Turks attacked France out of sympathy and support of the Damn Anglais. As a result Neander closed her borders with you. The fact that the war turned badly for you is not of Neander's making. France must protect its borders and when a large stack of your soldiers appeared at Tangiers then what is to be expected?

                            Neander helped the French build some Frigates to break the damaging blockade by the DA. "The Pain" Frigate was gifted to you by the DA so any actions taken by the French captains is understrandable, although Neander's policy finds pilliaging and blockading by the DA and the French to be a repugnant act. I ask the world community to consider international drafting of laws for future governance of disputes; and the behaviour of soldiers in battle.

                            However the tone of this war has been set now.

                            I look forward to opening borders with you just as soon as world peace is concluded and hopefuly relations between us may improve. Our ancient ties have seen to it that we have never crossed swords in the field of battle. Neander herself means no direct harm to your people and will assist you in future recovories.

                            King Veneta.
                            The question of whether modern humans and Neanderthals mated when they encountered each other 40,000 years ago is highly controversial.


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                              General Nicolas Jugan strolled through the streets of Tangiers. They had once been thriving with people. But the blockade had cost the population dearly, as had the threat of the Turko-Russo-Israeli attack. The flowers and trees still bloomed, but few people were around to see the natural beauty of the city.

                              From the people he did meet, there was also a palpable tension in the air. They had seen military units coming and going, and the city garrison preparing for a possible assault. They knew much of the world was aligned against them, and although the had confidence in General "Nico", as he was fondly known, and confidence in the French Army, they also knew that a battle was inevitable. And that it could change their lives dramatically.

                              With that thought, General Jugan remembered his reason for his walk today. With his mind thinking of various things, and now dwelling on the sad state of his beloved Tangiers, it had slipped his mind. He backtracked, and with a quick right turn could see the church. There were few people in this area of the city as well.

                              Prayer. That would calm his mind. It always did.


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                                Plato sat back and read the report again. China continued its incursion into Mongolia, and according to his informants in the Emperor's Court of Science, the Chinese would shortly bring to bear a new weapon of unspeakable horror on the ragged defenders of Mongolia. Ca-Non the informants called this new weapon, apparently a siege weapon made to send explosive death by use of gunpowder across great distances. Plato was worried.