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The Dance of Civilizations [Diplo Game] [Story Thread Pt5 - January 2010]

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  • Acta Diurna
    Ianuarius XIX a.d. Februarius Kalends

    Colonization of Africa Goes Well

    Pioneers! O, pioneers! The brave, intrepid souls who have departed upon grand ships for the southern shores have found their lives tough but rewarding. While resettlement is popular primarily with freedmen and tradesmen, one of the few patricians to establish himself in the African colonies, Quintus Cloelius, has said many good things about his new home of Cumae:

    "The land is wild and free, the weather is brisk and refreshing, and the possibilities are endless."

    Cloelius and other colonists have expressed wonder at the strange manner of beasts inhabiting the southern lands. South of Cumae, large herds of woolly creatures the colonists have named "ovis" graze the short grass. The Cloelius family have made claims over large swaths of their grazing land and have dispatched slaves to attempt hunting, domesticating and finding commercial uses for these animals. They are said to be quite tasty.

    Baron Ozious the Regent World's Most Popular Leader

    English polling firms have completed their international survey of world leaders. While full results have been hard to obtain, it is confirmed that Baron Ozious, the Regent of Rome enjoys a 69% approval rating among Roman citizens. This ranks Ozious as tied for first among world leaders. The poll shows broad popularity for the Roman leader among plebeians, slaves and patricians alike.

    The English study has also shown Romans enjoy the healthiest, longest lives of all civilized people on the planet. Despite a lack of advanced science, medicine and technology compared to other nations, Roman doctor Galen credits the famous Roman longevity to a balanced Mediterranean diet and plenty of exercise.

    Publicare et Propagare
    Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

    When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


    • where is this place called "Africa" and what is the "mediteranean"


      • Said to be inspired by strange voices, the famous Roman mapmaker, Ptolemy compiled his newest creation showing some of the new African continent in the south and its relation to Rome and the Mediterranean Sea.

        Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

        When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


        • Gen Hulk,

          English Brothers,

          You are indeed a fine example how gifted are those who follow the true path of Sha'Tao. Now hear the call from your God, the time has come to demonstrate how strong your faith really is.
          Evil and corruption grew strong in this world, it will eventually destroy it unless we act now, even if that means a sacrifice from us...
          Byzantium has become one of the strongest bastion of evil, poisoning not just their people's mind but their neighbours' too. Now you have the opportunity to eliminate this threat. Your army is the second strongest in the world -just behind ours- with the blessing of God your victory is assured.
          Do not belive those rumors which say they had defeated any of our army. Those we sent were mere missionaries, because of the big distance we couldnt send our true army yet, but soon we will. They will be there to back you.
          Byzantium crimes against our religion and the faithfull should already be enough reason to save the world from them, but you must remember their crimes agains you: You may had wondered why your once were brothers did not help you when your fine country was invaded by four beasts from all side. We had wondered too and just recently we've finally found the truth: they were not just ignorant, but we have evidece that they supported the attacks against you.. maybe they were behind all those events. But fortunately their plan to get rid of their greatest rival has failed..

          So hear the voice of Sha'tur, do what must be done and your faith will be rewarded. Defeat the evil Byzantium and our greatest technologies, wonders which you may not be able to imagine yet will be sent to you from our God.

          For a beter future without Evil,

          Queen Shivali


          • Originally posted by Korea (DoC) View Post
            The Mali have written to the Koreans and the diplomatic relations with them are also on tenterhooks.
            What are tenterhooks?


            • Sha'Tao Citadel, the Queen and the high priests are gathering again..

              Queen Shivali: We've all heard that Byzantium have high hopes for some kind of new weapon, they call it 'cannon' and they belive it will protect them against our armies. As head of the scholars, what can you tell us about this, high priest Neevam?

              Neevam:I think I have told you about it already. This 'cannon' supposed to be a large projectile gunpowder weapon, capable to break down even castlewalls with ease. But I have also told you that no need to worry about it: unbelievers, without the aid of God, are incapable to come up with such a technology by themselves a..

              Ashoka:Hah, you have said the same thing about muskets! Puny humans will never be able to reproduce our magnificent weaponry by themselves! And look now: almost every nation is equipping their soldiers with firearms.

              Neevam:They must have learnt the secret from a traitor, a disloyal emigrant or.... but it doesn't matter: the point is they could have never unfold these secrets by themselves and they will never have these 'cannons'...

              Kordush:Maybe you should take a look at these schemes then:

              -Kordush puts some large papers on the table-

              Queen Shivali:These schematics are coming directly from a top security Byzantine research center. Kordush's agents were observing their engineers' progress for quite some time. Just a few weeks ago they finally made a succesfull test with a prototype weapon. Our agents has brought their latest plans to us, I want them to be studied by your scholars and our own cannons produced as fast as possible.

              Neevam : Yes my Queen, but I think we are wasting our...

              Zulkash: Do what She says! This wouldn't be the first time we underestimate the unfaithfull. We let ourselves belive that our God given technology will make us undefeatable and you saw what happened. We have to be more vigilant and more cunning if we want to prevail on our enemies.
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              • Love the animation!
                Βασιλεύς Βασιλέων Βασιλεύων Βασιλευόντων


                • Originally posted by Byzantium (DoC) View Post

                  Love the animation!
                  ((I wanted a different kind of picture, but when I've found this I just had to choose it ))


                  • Powhatan learned about the latest military invention and his imagination ran riot.


                    What with India handing out gold and all.
                    I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself.

                    Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)(Teton Sioux)


                    • Selim of Ottomania,

                      Congratulations on the death of you father.
                      He was a great Ottoman ruler and he's with Hastog now, taking the best for himself on the fields of selfishness!

                      This letter arrives that late because the secretary who was supposed to write it saw an opening to get a better life, stole the pen and the paper (and 1000 gold) and fled to Russia. Good for him.

                      Great Guru Bad'Az
                      Force is always beside the point when subtlety will serve
                      <a href = "">Darius order to kill Oroetes</a></p>


                      • Hidden in the mountains above Pendragon, Kane opens the door to a room hidden under
                        the rubble of an old research lab. Inside was a large pool, in the center of that pool was
                        a purple glowing light. Kane pulled the lever next to the door. The water empties out and
                        up rose a platform with a man laying in the center. He walked over and spoke to him.

                        “They have abandoned us my child. The Brotherhood has been broke, you are the only
                        one who has not forsaken me. At this very moment the fool Brother Obama and his
                        Taoist lackeys are celebrating what the call the rise of Tao. Our technological path has
                        failed us, many of our scientist are no more, but their memory shale live on. Our enemies
                        think we have easily been defeated and that I am no longer among the living but they
                        are gravely mistaken. You and I are all that remains of the Brotherhood yet, all that is
                        necessary. Together we shale raise a great army. Together we shale show the world
                        who the real enemy is. Tao offers peace and prosperity but in the shattered slums of
                        Britannia the homeless and hungry know the truth, they have nothing but... their...
                        anger. We will take that spark and start a fire that will become a great congregation.
                        The civ formerly known as The Holy Empire of Britannia/dutch


                        • so india steal techs now and no one wil lstand agaisnt them///

                          Korea vows to build a military finally...


                          • Edmund barto nsat with his asdviosors all the pictures from india showed they had 6 galleopons ready to be upgraded to the next technology with large armed forces resdy to laod

                            only one tsrget for them

                            India were going to attack as Fellow Tao nation

                            The truth was finally coming to fruition ad predicted centuries ago .

                            The byz and english would take note that india will be very low in defecne during any war with korea.

                            not even the mali and natives would have enough to protect india.

                            korea though remains as it always has the voice in the wildernenss. we will protect our shores and despite the indian scientific stealing from byz we will go down fighting.

                            we will never surrender toy you india if your troops turn our way. we will not offer pease once war starts. you will need to go al lthe wy and take everyone of our cities.

                            asny city left will use whatever it has to annoy you .

                            We see the future india and god has shown us cake raining from heaven, the cake was yellow.

                            come destroy us and prevent the vision of god coming truie.


                            • Persia almost Bankrupt

                              The maintenance of New Russia almost pushed Persia over the edge of bankruptcy. The research rates had dropped by almost 70% since New Russia was founded. Eventhough the settlements in the colony slowly started to grow and expand, the Persian scientific program started to drop behind.

                              "I must build another palace there to oversee the colonies from nearby" Great Guru Bad'Az decided.
                              "Thy Greatness, it will take is about 250 turns to finish this palace" the governor of New Russia told him.
                              Sha'Tao in Persia!

                              Oh Horror!
                              The Tao faith has expanded into Persia!
                              The citizen of the former Native American colony started to practice the believes of their ancestors in Native America.
                              Force is always beside the point when subtlety will serve
                              <a href = "">Darius order to kill Oroetes</a></p>


                              • Russia can burn that city if you wish..?
                                You may also sell me some of those colonies...?
                                Bare derutsya u kholopov chuby treschat.
                                The Russian Dynasty:
                                Samo the Headbanded
                                Catherine the Progenitor
                                Dominika Ekatarinova
                                (Konya the Lost)
                                Igor Exilaskaya