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LAN problem, Network Socket Error...

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  • LAN problem, Network Socket Error...


    I'm having problems with using LAN game with my friend.
    We try through Hamachi. We both run Vista, me Ultimate, he runs Basic.
    It have worked before with another friend but then we were both on XP.

    Anyway we both get 3 popups inside civ that says:

    The network socket could not be created.
    The network socket encountered an error and was closed. Disconnected.
    Unable to start the messaging engine.

    I've been googling and searching this forum. There are people with the same problem but no one seems to have a solid solution for this? Most posts about it are from 2005 or 2006. Does anyone Now know the solution to this?
    We can direct connect through IP but since we are not on static ip's a LAN version is easier.
    Ohh and other games work just fine for us, but We are using Civ 4 BTS 3.17.

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    Why not just use a dynamic DNS service like ?

    You could have a directIP address such as (or pretty much anything else) and use that in-game.
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