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You can disable the new CIV 5 launcher by typing "ineedlegacyaccess" into the betas tab.

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  • You can disable the new CIV 5 launcher by typing "ineedlegacyaccess" into the betas tab.

    For people who the new launcher doesn't work for, or who just don't want to have to load adverts every time they launch their game, you can revert the the old CIV 5 launcher using the following steps:

    Open up Steam and navigate to your LIBRARY.

    Right click on the game in your library and choose "Properties."

    Selected the "BETAS" tab.

    You should see a confirmation message that access has been granted.

    If not already selected in the drop down, select "legacy" and click close.

    Steam may require you to download and update for the game. Wait for this to happen or force it using "LIBRARY -> DOWNLOADS".

    Once the game has been updated, click "PLAY" as usual and you will be running the legacy branch.
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    5 tips for the first time in Civilization VI

    Civilization, an excellent 4X strategy series game that has been created continuously for 25 years, from the first installment in 1991 until the last installment, Civilization VI, which was released on October 21, 2016. Which has plugged in the tremendous response from fans of this game series Including new players who want to try and experience the leadership of the country


    Civilization VI is a 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) taking on the role of a country leader. Wounded out strategies for leading the country to become a superpower. There will be a variety of directions that can be developed, such as military, government policy, diplomacy, dissemination of culture, religion, and many others, which is a huge concern for new players. Especially Thai players, because it takes effort and time to understand the game system. In this article, we will introduce 4 tips for beginners to get started with Civilization VI.

    1. Choosing a location for building a city will have an impact on research.
    Of course, civilization must grow in conjunction with the environment. For example, if your town is far from the coast. Of course, you need to research yachting. This will get a special research bonus, allowing you to research faster. Or if the city is near the mountain Mining research will also give you a special research bonus over farming.


    2. The citizens are happy, the country can move forward.
    If you are a player from the old sectors, you will definitely focus on scientific research. Or military technology, which in the Civ 6 will focus on population development, such as the creation of entertainment venues. Building a residence, building a library or university, etc. In this sector, there are clear zones in the construction, which should not be over the farm or mining area. Because it will lose the benefits in that part If there is not enough space, you can buy more. The more complete the city is built, the happier citizens will receive many special bonuses.


    3. Look at your neighbor's relationship
    Before making friends with any leader Please look at your relationship with other leaders. Of course, no one is a true friend or a permanent enemy. If we choose to befriend a leader of a country Will immediately make the leaders of many countries upset Before we choose to befriend anyone The relationship with each leader should be looked at first. Because of the rules in this game, we should make less enemies. And make friends as much as possible For the benefit of many areas


    4. War is not all the answers
    If you want to expand the area Or need resources from neighboring cities. Of course, bringing an army to siege other cities and declare war would be the easiest way. But there will also be many negative consequences. Of course, no country likes war. If war is declared arbitrarily, it will cause the relationship between countries to plummet in the blink of an eye. There are many other ways to take over other people's land, such as creating a deal to buy a city or requesting a contract to open a border to pass through another city.


    5. Technology is lower than you think.
    It would not be a good idea to declare war on neighboring countries that have machine guns. But the country itself still uses the bow. It would definitely be a bad ending if the war In this game, we have to keep an eye on the technological progress that he has and what parts we have that are lacking. Will not be disadvantageous in the military And various bargaining aspects

    But even with higher technology Because for making high-tech weapons such as tanks, of course, fuel is required. If we do not have enough fuel to build conditions Will not be able to create To create only one car In the end, less water will lose to fire anyway


    Civilization VI can be a pretty hard start for beginners. But if you try to play little by little, you will be able to understand the different systems of the game itself, which this game will play must be calm because the game focuses on Turn like walking chess You have to move all of our pieces before you can go to the next turn. Although the way to play looks slow, I can say that Stuck to the point that the mouse can not be released for sure.

    Civilization VI, Civilization 6 UFA777
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      Construction projects include constructing a home, a library, a school, etc. There are several areas where building is prohibited in this sector, including over farms and mining operations. Brooklyn home renovationwellington retaining wall foundation repair mobile Alabama


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        Other methods include making a deal to purchase a city or negotiating a contract to open a border so that it passes via a different city. New Braunfels foundation repair


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          There are clear zones in the construction, which should not be over the farm or mining area. Prayer team


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            This information should be helpful for players who prefer the old launcher or want to avoid advertisements when launching Civilization V. CS Gruter LLC Excavating