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So his name is Shaka?

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  • So his name is Shaka?

    1786 AD

    The acapella harmony of a group of Zulu hunters' echoed throughout the Mkuzi Forest, they had just hunted a leopard of good size and were now making thier usual route back to the Zulu royal Kraal: "Ama-Zulu" .

    Crossing over a small stream, one of the hunters - a muscular man with huge haunches - signaled to the rest of the group to hault.

    "Look down there" - he slowly raised his arm and pointed towards a small group of ladies gathering water to carry back to thier vilage.

    "Diwayo, take the men back to the royal Kraal"

    "Prince Senzangakona, I advise you not to talk to these girls, it is very risky"

    Senzangakona grinned. "That is half the fun of it Diwayo, now go".

    "Yebo Baba, as you wish prince" - Diwayo gave a quick bow before waving to the other hunters to follow him.

    As they went off ahead, Senzangakona made his way down the stream, carefully closing in on the ladies below.

    "Look Nandi, there is prince Senzangakona of the Zulu coming towards us"

    "I know" replied Nandi

    "Now is your chance to finally meet him Nandi"

    "I know" - Nandi gave a devilish grin - "Take the girls back to the village, tell my father that I wanted to stay behind and fetch more water"

    The girl smiled back and nodded in response, filling the last of the clay jars with fresh water, her and the rest of the girls made their way back to thier village. Leaving Nandi alone to meet Senzangakona.

    "Who is there?" - Nandi teased her intruder.

    "You know who I am, Nandi" Senzangakona replied with a humurous tone.

    "No I dont" - Nandi played along

    "I saw you from the bushes, your eyes told me you loved me" - Senzangakona pointed towards Nandis' eyes.

    Nandi blushed.

    Senzangakona moved closer and closer until he was but less then a breath away from Nandi.......

    Little did they know, that this fateful "meeting" would change the course of South African history for ever.

    To be continued...........

    Thanks for reading, I wil try to write more later this week.
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    Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.

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    Chapter Two

    1787 AD

    : It appeared absolute that Nandi was struggling to undergo this tremendous "mission".

    She had gone into labour around sun set, and sun rise was slowly appearing above the greenish mounds north of the Elengani encampment. Her face was flushed a bright red colour, her eyes fighting to remain constantly open.

    "Come on Nandi, you must have this baby for the good of your people"

    Nandi although half uncouncious knew very well that the elder was correct in what he announced. If Nandi had this baby, then Senzangakhona would (by protocol) have to acknowledge this new born child as the rightful heir to the Ama-Zulu kingship.
    But Nandi knew this already. What really caused fear in her, was the mere thought of her and her baby not living through this tremendous agonising accurance.

    "One final push should do it Nandi" declared the elder.

    Nandi, tired and worn out, prayed to the gods of her ancestors to help her. And with a breath of determination, Nandi pushed the life force out of her womb, and into the African sunlight.

    But suddenly, with three meagre words, Nandi invisioned the beginings of an Empire bent upon conquest.

    "It's a boy"...............

    To Be Continued.

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    Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.


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      Not bad at all, I don't think you have to tell us about your interests in continuing it at the end of each chapter though.

      Keep it up.
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        : Thank you for your reply SKILORD, I was beginning to think no one cared about my story lol.

        Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.


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          Chapter Three

          1799 AD Twelve Years Later

          The chirping of Swallows and the roaring of Lions echoed throughout the land.

          It was morning.

          "Mother?" - Shaka, now aged 12, was a slim and rather danty boy for his age. He however was very tall compared to the rest of his "comrades".

          "Why doesnt my Father acknowledge me as his son?" Shaka knew that ever since he was born, Senzangakhona his so called father never really gave Nandi the respect she deserved. And deep down he was beginning to hate his father as the years passed ever so slowly.

          "It's because he is afraid of you" Nandi knew this was as honest a answer he was going to get. Ever since she gave birth to Shaka all those years ago, Sengzangakhona had neglected his right as a father. Hardly even looking at her when she would put on her most flambouyant isidwaba' or adorn herself in the most stunning ubuhlalu that the kingdom had to offer. Nandi understood why, she just didnt want to admit the truth to herself.

          "Afraid of me?" - Shaka, although usually quick whitted, did not understand why his father: the "great" Senzangakhona would be afriad of him.

          "Dont worry son, in later years you will begin to understand, now quickly go, you are late for your training" Nandi gave Shaka a little nudge and tied his club to his waist band before he sprinted off for the long day ahead.

          The african sun conveyed its powerful arms over the kingdom, it was midday, and Shaka was late for training.

          "Late again are we?" - Philani, the chief instructor of the royal "school" stood an impressive 6'1. A whole head taller than Shaka.

          "You know, your lateness is beginning to annoy me Shaka" - Philani pointed directly at Shaka then back at himself, making himself appear even more intimidating.

          Shaka simply grinned slyly and said "I am the son of the king, I come and go where I want and when I want to"

          Whispers began to be exchanged as the rest of the "class" awed at Shakas' response.

          "Thats it!" - Philani picked up a short yet thick stick laying under a small pile of dirt next to his feet.

          "I warned you before Shaka, to respect your elders, now you must learn the hard way"

          Shaka knew that if he didnt do something, Philani would indeed beat him severely. Shaka at first was afraid, then suddenly a feeling of anger and a wanting to survive overwhelmed him.

          Slowly, very slowly. Shaka untied his club from his waist band and gripped it tighter and tighter, then with a look of determination, pounced onto Philani.........

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          Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.


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            Chapter Four

            1799 AD

            A huge circular human ring now surrounded the two human "competitors". And it appeared that the least likely of the two had the upper hand:

            His name was Shaka.

            "Argggghhhhhh" - Philani had underestimated Shakas' ability, and now he was about to find out just how far a twelve year old "prince" could be pushed before breaking point.
            Shaka had now pinned down Philani onto the blanket of earth beneath them, and with the shaft of his club, Shaka heatedly began to apply a massive amount of pressure, which then in turn began to choke Philani who was now making gurgling noises with what little breath he had left.

            Shakas' intentions were clear, he didnt want to just disable Philani he wanted to humiliate him.

            "Someone get help" - yelled one of the younger boys.

            But noone moved, they instead just stood in a near frozen position as if they were actually being entertained by two struggling warriors: One winning, and the other losing.
            In a way it was simply ludicrous, a mere boy aged only twelve was pinning down a full grown man.
            But it was no joke for Philani, who was now relentlessly trying to pry himself free from Shakas' life-threatening hold.

            Shaka, now at the point of commiting murder slowly realeased some pressure from his hold, lent forward and with a firm voice whispered

            "Do you concede defeat?"

            Philani, embarrassed and gasping for air, nodded his head desperately.
            Only then did Shaka carefully remove all of his force away from Philani, leaving a bright red mark across his neck.

            Shaka raised his club and then stabbed it bottom up into the dirt near his left foot, signalling a succesful hunt, or in this case; a victory worth remembering. Then strode his way through a wall of spectators who at this point moved aside from where he was walking.

            Shaka then paused and turned towards the huddled group of boys that were now looking at Shaka in a new way - a fearful way.

            Shaka smiled to himself then announced in a booming voice:

            "Who ever else here believes that I am an annoyance, raise your hand"

            To his surprise one hand was quickly raised, Shaka then commanded whoever raised thier hand to step forth so he could see him clearly and deal to him next.

            But Shakas' "victory speeche" soon ended as his mother Nandi stepped forward hastily with a look of deep dissaproval......

            "This is going to be a long day indeed" Shaka pondered to himself.

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            Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.


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              Story Moved...........

              ; Well happy new year 2007, I am just here to say that I havnt given up on this story yet!!
              :In fact, I have moved my story to the civ fanatics website. Here is a link to the story it self:
              Empires may come and go, but the word of God remains eternal.