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[Story] Kharmic Retribution time! I've been bad. Very, very bad.

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  • [Story] Kharmic Retribution time! I've been bad. Very, very bad.

    Lets have some fun. A highlands map. Lakes. Ridges. Monarch would be good, don't want it too easy, may as well do Random too, roll with the punches and whats not. *twiddles thumbs while loading*

    Nice. Incans. I have some um, deer. And uh, a nice patch of ice. And a peak. And a pond. And lots more ice. Oh look, Marble!

    Well, this is probably a good as spot as any. I get 2 hammers in the city from the hill+marble, and with a lighthouse the freshwater tiles will produce 3 food and 3 commerce. Could be worse.

    My scouts encounter, Alex. He has a river. I'm so jealous. But he's not doing much better than me... maybe there is hope.

    So I'll just found my second city between the... um... and the... uh? Betweenth the land and sky?

    My settler and the 2 fancy warriors are on an Incredible Journey (check the minimap), and lookit that! A decent city site. But they can't settle here.

    Because they are settling here .

    Yeah yeah rub it in you stupid game.

    Did I mention I wanted it hard, so I turned raging barbarians on? yeah...

    Uh-oh. My warriors may be fancy, the city may be on a hill... but... the garrison is weary, and the barbarians limitless .

    The end.
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    Doomed from the start I think!


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      Re: [Story] It must be Kharmic Retribution time! I've been bad. Very, very bad.

      Originally posted by Blake
      The end.
      And there was, getting all comfortable for a nice long read, ready to be enlightened about good decision-making processes for high-difficulty games. Quite an abrupt stop, that one.

      Care to write about a successful game on similar settings? I'd be one grateful reader.
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        Hey, i'm practising my anti-climatic moments.

        Sadly, I lost the save of that game.