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  • I must say...

    That I am having the time of my life playing this game! I cant stop, someone please pull the power out cause I just want another turn.

    Currently at war and having fun going at it.

    I am crushing Cyrus and I have armies marching to his capital alongside Catherine!!

    Whew you all did a GREAT job with this one..

    I have heard about a patch needed. Where can I find the reasons for the patch? I assume bugs but I have yet to find any. IF possible please link me to where I might find such reasons for a patch.

    When is the patch and can I get it with the 'update' feature that is in the game?

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    There are bugs, just try pressing F6 and tell me if it brings up the right screen

    Sid speaks nonsense in the tutorial about how long it takes for cottage to hamlet etc.

    The main thing is the performance issues for it seems a sizeable minority of players, it is for them that the patch is required.

    I'm okay jack, however but I wants my paratroopers


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      F6 brings up the right screen for me!

      What does yours do?
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        Brings up the religious advisor.