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The American Revolution - Review

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  • The American Revolution - Review

    I'll steal Sleague's old grading scale for this review:

    Playability: 3/10

    On the default level for the game (noble) I just sat around. I turned everything on auto for my cities, and made sure every city had walls. Then I just concentrated all my forces in my two northern big cities (new york and philly).

    Then I pressed enter about a hundred times to end my turn. Any new forces that auto built got sent to these cities. Pretty much the british just crashed wave upon wave of infantry into the city. I'd just go do the dishes or some house chore while they were suiciding.

    Yep. Pretty boring. None of the elements that characterize the American revolution were even brought out. I didn't have to do anything to impress the French. Preserving my forces was a non-issue as the AI could never take a city.

    Level of General Care: 5/10

    I suppose this is bare bones playable. Most of the events consist of giving me troops or giving the British troops.

    The scenario starts in July of 1775, and doesn't even make mention of the declaration of independence in july of 1776.

    No real interesting decisions have to be made.

    Artwork/Originality: 4/10

    There were a number of renamed/themed units. Their stats were pretty much identical though, so it didn't really matter what I built.

    Overall: 12/30

    On a really high difficulty setting, this might be interesting simply because of the imbalance. This scenario seems like pretty standard fare from ship-with-the-game offerings.
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