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  • Don's Record.

    Just won my first game (see? I said I was going to win my first game.). Hehehe... settler level, small map. Won by domination oh.. I forget the year, maybe I'll look it up again sometime.

    Two continents. Me (Ghengis Khan from randon setting) sandwiched inbetween Luis and Peter. Luis found Hindu and I snag the other early ones. I spread Judaism all over and even get Luis to convert while doing almost strictly building. I get so far ahead in tech that I start to mass produce Ax/Mace men, support them with lots of catapults, and go hog wild first on Luis, then on Peter.

    Float across the ocean and find Picachu (or some other such dude al dressed in feathers) and Bismark. I convert them both to Judaism then smash. Both. At once. I got up to Cavelry and it went pretty quick from there.

    Easy win, but I knew it was going to be. Just needed to work out some of the features first. On with the thoughts.

    Combat: Wow. Loved it. No longer can you build up artilery and pound the opponents to one hp and walk in. You gotta think about your attacks.

    Promotions: I LOVE this feature! I got an axeman with the all three heal promotions and I hooked him with an Axe/Mace/Grenadier and just let the two of them tak over cities. The Medic would just sit there and the attacker would pluck one unit off at a time, heal inbetween battles then attack again. Rinse repeat. I had him with Combat I, II, III, and City Rader I, II, III before the game was over.

    Religion: Nice feature, but I would want it to have more of an impact on your civ, like it would actually give you things such as Confusiousism give all cities with it +10 sci; Islam a +20% spead feature that does... I don't know, I don't know the religion well enough, but maybe it should prohibit the Universal Sufferege Government Civic if it is the state religion or something... Plus's and minus's for each one.

    Overall, I liked this one alot. I will probably play it over and over and years and years with mods (Unless someone discovers the "sure thing" strategy. Then games get boring.).

    Wins: 1
    Losses: 0

    Time to up the level.
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    Let's see...So far I am 1-0 (space race win) on Warlord level, and 0-3 on Noble level. I'm not used to losing in Civ...
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      Well, with the new baby, games are few and far between. I finished my second game with a Space Race Victory. Standard size world level 2 (I forget the name). Me (Nepolean), Peter, Ghegis and Alexander on one continent. The Incans had their own Island and the Mallinese and Egyptians shared the other continent. I had a great choke point for a city that I named "Combat City". It lived up to its name. The Mongals came at it three times. Clobbered him each time. I coud have got him to convert to my religion, but decided against it as I knew we would be fighting again. I did not expand beyond Combat City and just enjoyed my powerful little empire for some time. Built the UN and realized that nobody liked me except for Peter so i decided to increase the votes I had in the elections by crushing Ghegis with tanks. I quickly got Modern Armor and decided to just finish him off. Still not enough for a diplomatic victory. Meh. Built the Space Race instead.

      Comments about game play:
      Man is it hard to get people to like you! The only one who voted with me in the UN was Peter. I'll have to keep better track on my relationships in the future.

      Wins: 2
      Losses: 0

      Time to up the stakes again. Next up: Noble, Large, Epic
      Founder of The Glory of War, CHAMPIONS OF APOLYTON!!!
      1992-Perot :(, 1996-Perot :(, 2000-Bush :), 2004-Bush :|, 2008-Obama :|, 2012-Obama :), 2016-Clinton :(


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        I'm 4-0 on Warlord (no surprise here)

        I'm about to win my 5th...

        I should raise the difficulty, but I love receiving good stuff from goody huts!

        Maybe I will just mod the game and remove the handicaps from Warlord so that the playing field is level.

        The AI still uses military units and stuff the same regardless of the difficulty level, right?

        Maybe I will create a thread on this.
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