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I like it, but it's bugging me

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  • I like it, but it's bugging me

    I love the new goverment/religion/production system, it's marvellous.
    Rest of the game is pretty classic, seems more like a graphical update from Civ3, which is normal and good.

    However i have a concern; my first few games i had this strange feeling that the time was passing too fast regarding to my tech discoveries; i often discover things like alphabet in AD 500 and more, but when i reach renaissance, i feel that the tech tree speeds up way too much, not giving me the time to update my units properly.
    it feels like the "second part" (cities at 11+) of the game is too fast while the beginning is too slow.

    It's a new problem compared to civ3 where the tech development was pretty quick right at the start, often leading to having tanks in 1200 AD...

    It's a problem to me, even tho the rest of the game is pretty ok and i didnt have any "crashing" problem, and the UI suits me.

    So far the game is overall better than Civ3, but this tech/units/building development issue is annoying.
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    Yep, after the Medieval era, time can seem to pass faster, actually, even earlier on. That's because Civ4 IS faster. If you want to get rid of that, the best way is to play on Epic, it really gives you more time to use your units and generally provides a longer game.
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      Epic does feel better; been playing my latest game on it. And though it is still faster than some of the classic CIV games (CTP2, SMAC) it isn't as 'lingering' either. Decently paced