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These are not the Droids you are looking for...a first impression

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  • These are not the Droids you are looking for...a first impression

    Hi guys. Had my first CivIV experience last night and-like some complete nooby-I decided to start off with the tutorial. Now, in spite of a few very minor graphics 'artifacts', the game worked for me RIGHT out of the box-which was a great start ! Speaking of Great Starts, the entire introduction sequence is just plain freakin AWESOME-there are simply no words to describe it-I could spend several hours just watching the intros alone-be it the 'movie' intro at the start, or the hilarious 'tip of the hat' to Civ I-wow did that revive memories of many sleepless nights !
    Anyway, if I had thought that the great visuals and sound were behind me-boy was I WRONG ! The terrain, cities etc are just absolutely beautiful, and totally immersive. Quite frankly, no screenshot or video preview can do it justice! Hearing Sid guide me through all the elements-new and old-of the game made me realise just how big a change this game is from Civ1,2 or 3. It is probably closest to SMAC or-dare I say it-CtP (in a GOOD WAY), but it still retains the best elements of the previous Civilization games-the ultimate result being that it was-for me-a wholly NEW Civ experience.
    Anyway, seeing Sid explaining the tools and features of the game-all with a 'Obi-Wan' style flourish (hence the title of this thread) was a great touch-absolutely hilarious. What really grabbed me most was how much choice I had even from the very start! Usually, in civ games, it is a pretty mechanical process of 'pick a high food spot', churn out a warrior or barracks, then settler-rinse and repeat. Not this time around. I realised that I had to think in terms of overall resources-and the kind of terrain improvements/specialisation focus I wanted the city to have-all I can say is that I was glad to have Sid guiding me the first time around !
    The same goes with what to research first, or what to build first. True I had to 'do what Sid said' in the first part of the game but, again, I was kinda glad-'cause the decisions were kind of tough (why? Because they ALL had some merit) Do I build a worker straight away, or build Scouts to explore the world, or warriors to defend my city? Or do I forgo units and build a barracks so that all of my future units get a bonus promotion? Choices, choices!!! Same with techs-do I pursue a religious/cultural path or a scientific one? Do I try and get something for my workers to do, or try and get techs which will make me a military and/or industrial power? Even something as 'simple' as promotions was a real 'head scratcher'. I had a warrior gain a 'basic' promotion, but then had to ask myself 'do I want to just beef him up, or do I want him to be a woodsman or city specialist?' All of these DECISIONS, and this was just in the first 10-20 turns of the game. Sure there were moments where I was doing nothing in a turn but clicking on the 'end turn' button, but never more than 2-3 times in a row-and even this I did with anticipation of what was to come-very different from my civ3 experiences!!!
    Another note is the AI. Though my game didn't involve much contact with other civs (except Ghandi) I was VERY impressed with the Worker AI. The 'Road To', 'Create Trade Network' and 'Improve Nearest City' buttons are an absolute GOD SEND!! As is the general Automate worker system-not only did the workers make the improvements which I myself would have made, it actually picked up on opportunities which I had missed (like the forested hill which he first cut down, then mined!)
    So, what is there to say except that I am INCREDIBLY impressed!!! The ability to safely palm off micromanagement to the AI and a huge range of strategic decisions in the early game-in spite of it being a tutorial-made this an incredibly addictive first game for me. In spite of having to be up at 6am the next morning, I still found myself saying 'just one more turn' right up past midnight. It was only a sheer ACT OF WILL that finally got me to put my foot down, and stop playing after I had built the pyramids ! Yep, the 'one more turn' addictiveness of this game is BACK-and then some. Finally, there are a lot of GREAT NEW things about this game, as well as massive improvements of older concepts, but I think it is the 'little things' which impressed me the most-like the sound effects from mousing over terrain and the great music-it just made it such a great overall experience.
    Anyway, you can expect to see more game impressions from me over the coming week-hopefully even with screenshots this time ! I hope you enjoyed my 'First Impression' though !


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    Re: These are not the Droids you are looking for...a first impression

    Originally posted by The_Aussie_Lurker
    I was VERY impressed with the Worker AI. The 'Road To', 'Create Trade Network' and 'Improve Nearest City' buttons are an absolute GOD SEND!!
    wasn't this already availiable under advanced c3c commands?

    glad you like the game (while i am still waiting for it).


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      the intro was ok. if you want fantastic intros check out blizzards WoW intro. now THATS sweet!
      (you should check it fullscreen on a 19" else it isnt much fun)
      Diplogamer formerly known as LzPrst


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        On the intro comments, the best IMO is Dawn of War by Relic. That intro makes you want to just get right into the thick of things.

        However, I would rate Civ IV as number 2, just for the nostalgia. Also, the music in this game is really nice. It is almost relaxing as you play the game. I haven't enjoyed a score like this in quite some time.

        Things I miss: The Throne room! I really miss the Throne Room! That is about it really.

        I like many of the new features, but I really have not had enough time to really digest the game. Looking forward to it.


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