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WoW, the AI performs good on pangean maps

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  • WoW, the AI performs good on pangean maps

    After having won on an archipelo and terra map tried I a pangean map. From the beggining noticed I that the AI his score was raising very fast, doubling my score while on other map types I had the highest or second highest score(all on noble). Soon declared the spanish war on me with a technologically and numberically superior force, they easily took one of my cities and I knew the game was over

    It could be just bad luck, but it seems like pangean maps are a difficulty level higher then the rest.

    EDIT: The funny thing is that this whole war started after I refused to give 1 technology to the spanish. Next time shall I be nicer to the stronger empires
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    It seems like the AI had just extreme good luck with starting locations in that game, when I tried pagean again was it still somewhat harder then the other maps but not a lot. Thought the AI seems to attack more when all civs are one one conitent, what makes the game more fun


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      Yeah, Civ games are actually notorious for being broken on maps with alot of sea. The AI just can't handle a massive invasion on another continent.

      There are a lot of natural advantages you get from being on a map with a few continents.

      I play pangaea exclusively now, and I notice a lot of AI agression too. I mean when you got 8 AI civs on the same land mass, you better make friends quick, or else eventually someone will get mad at you and start attacking.

      Maybe it's not harder, but definetly more agressive, on continents you can just be friends with your 2 neighbors and be safe, but on pangaea, the lines between 2-3 religions get drawn pretty quick and you better choose a side.

      Glad you are having fun on pangaea too, hehe.


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        I played on an Archipelago map recently, and I was invaded! And with a few units.


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          I often play pangea and have noticed a tendency for neighbouring civs to attack when you already are at war with somebody else next to you, when you have four or five different civs right at your borders it becomes very dangerous. Even an opponent that seemed to weak to bother you can suddenly cause serious damage when you have concentrated your efforts on the other side of your nation. Trust noone.
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            Try a Highlands map if you really want to help the AI. No seas at all and no world wrap. Owch.
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