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    to short of a list, but what hit me the best

    1. check box to help with that annoying firewall issue
    2. saving city production ques
    3. the interface-especially when you mouse over the AI civ and you get a small history of thei attitude
    4. you can check one unit only
    5. sleep until healed
    6.not changing the order of the advisory hot keys

    when is the other poll going to happen?

    to see if our quess at our liking the game based on what we herad was right/wrong?
    anti steam and proud of it

    CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


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      So to compliment my list of negatives, I have to come up with some positives too

      There are a lot of other things I like about this game that I just like about the civ series in general. I'm not going to list those. Just the ones that I find stand out in this game.

      1. Tech progression top and center. Bravo.
      2. Super-cool way of zooming out on the whole world. Techs affect this too. Too awesome!
      3. Multiple unit levels and unit upgrades. Very nice.
      4. Easy to see how good a square is for production, and suggested sites when building cities or using workers.
      5. Leonard Nimoy.
      6. A scripting language! Now to learn python...
      7. Changing gears on technologies on a whim.
      8. Awesome alpha-centauri style government/etc picker.
      9. I love the combat system so much more than Civ 3. I am not quite yet sold on if I like it more than civ 2 though


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        They've done a LOT with the game, and addressed most of the major faults of previous Civ's. I think the better thing to discuss is what *isn't* good about Civ 4, but that's a topic for another thread!


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          I have to say I like the job they did on the sound. I can hear the brush snapping back as my troops move through a forest square, and I can hear the clang as workers hammer railroad spikes.
          When you zoom way out, it's pretty quiet, but as you come back in you hear the wind blowing as the clouds move. Moving in more, you hear the soundtrack come in, and when I am zoomed all the way into London, I can hear the tune "Rule Britannia". That's really something.


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            Originally posted by ERLoft
            A couple of rough edges (see the negatives post for my couple items), and of course the ATI card debacle,
            What "ATI card debacle"?? The only thing I've heard is that ATI cards work well and GeForce's don't. So which is it?
            Let Them Eat Cake


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              Another thing that I have to say I love is how the promotion system makes me care about what happens to my units. They're not just numbers anymore.
              A group of marines that have been through several amphibious ops, for example, rack up some nice promotion modifiers, and I take care of them like prizefighters. I make sure the defenses are well softened up before sending them in, and it hurts to see a unit like that get whacked.


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                I dont know why civer here dont mention this:

                THE CLOCK AND ALARM!!!

                It's one of the most useful addition i've seen in the games!!!

                This way I was able to listen my t.v show(in time). without watching my watch all the times.

                See ya...

                Without kiddin, I'm in the process to complete my first full Civ4 games... I'll tell you the positive point later. (but the clock alarm is a really good idea)
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                  - Sound world is the best I've encountered in any game during my life so far. The reviewers who are giving sounds of this game average scores are clearly nuts or haven't played the game.

                  - AI doesn't always see all the units and the world map the way it did in Civ3 anymore, thus eliminating n+1 exploits you could use against it.
                  - You can destroy city defenses with your artillery

                  - City walls don't mean anything against after-gunpowder units -- this is a feature I've (unsuccesfully) tried to mod into every Civ before this, so I'm very happy now that it's already in the game

                  - Techs are better thought out and much less artificial than they were in Civ II.

                  - Much more realistic terraforming system, it doesn't make sense to build roads everywhere anymore et cetera.

                  I would probably praise different aspects of map editor and modding abilities of the game, but I haven't tried them yet properly.


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                    1. Production (and food) overflow is not wasted. I goes to the next project! At last.
                    That is the best feature for me. It greatly reduces the micromanagement.
                    The same is true for research.

                    2. No hard limits of city size. The health system is much better.


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                      Pretty much all the addition are nice.

                      I feel like if Civ4 was more "organics", the games evolve more in an "organic" way than Civ3. The way you build your empire in Civ4 is really different than Civ3. The way your border expand, how your city the terrain, the land improvement is evolving. It's really less mechanical and stagnant than Civ3. Yep the perfect word for me its, Organics

                      Religion are a nice addition. Dont know exactly how religion is working, what are all the effects on diplomacy, culture, etc... But for what i've seen so far, i think it will improve the gameplay a lot. And I dont know a heck about modding in Civ4, but i'm pretty sure you can modify many things to actually have each religion a special effect. I understand why Firaxis did not want to give special effect to each religion.

                      How the terrain evolve, and the improvement you can make to land is really, but really good. Feel more accurate.

                      Diplomacy is a way better than Civ3.

                      I love the new combat system. It's more complex, more accurate and more tactical than the older one. Even if i find it bad that I cant bombard other units. Maybe in a future patch if the Civer want's that, we can add Bombard.

                      A.I. seems better at war, but i need more game to have my exact feeling about this.

                      Clock and alarm is COOOL!!!

                      For now I think it's good!

                      See ya


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                        The Negative thread is more active than the positive... Maybe we find negative point more easily than the good one.

                        Another Positive point:

                        - Leaderhead are better, really better. They have more expression in their face. Specially when you choose your leader at the beginnings. I love to see Napoleon and Julius Cesar salute me.

                        See ya


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                          FYI, earlier in this thread I reported a sound and gfx cut-out in the intro movie and some of the wonder movies. Per recommendation, I have since installed the latest nVidia vid driver and this problem is solved for me 100%.
                          Let Them Eat Cake


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                            incredibly stable, works like a charm. absolutely no problems during installation, play, etc
                            lovely graphics...and overwhelming amount of new features. takes some time to get used to it...but that is precisely what i wanted


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                              Great combat system. Now I can see the odds of winning in clear numbers.