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The unexpected demise of the great Persian empire

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  • The unexpected demise of the great Persian empire

    The Persian prince looked upon the large lands that had so fast been settled. The dust cloud on the horizon marking the approach of the combined Mongol and Russian forces. Pillars of black smoke indicating the marauders path through the once fertile river valley.

    How could this have happened? Just a few years ago in 1820 the Persians had won the battle for Washington, reducing their northern neighbors to a shadow of their former glory. The Persian army had returned to Susa and Persepolis to a great many cheers from the populace.

    Now Susa lay in ruins and the front line was so close to Persepolis that you could here the sound of cannon – the towns in the hinterlands being reduced to rubble.

    The tensions with the Mongols had been building for nearly three hundred years, but the Persians had relied on their superior arms and military. Granted, the American war had made a shift towards military production necessary and the educational funding had to be adjusted. But Persia had still been on equal terms and the military build-up from the war time had made the Persian people sure of the adeuqateness of their defenses.

    A woeful error to be sure. Shortly after the outrageous Mongol demand for classified scientific advances had been turned down the devious Mongols had crossed the Persian border with three separate forces of cavalry, riflemen and cannon. War had returned to Persia.

    The Persian cavalry had proven to small in size and too scattered around the empire to put in much resistance in the field. Single divisions had been cut off and eleminated. The garrisons of the seaside cities and those on the American border had been called to the capital to beef up the defenses. Meanwhile the remaining cavalry divisions had been pulled together in central Persia, west of Persepolis.

    Reports of unopposed Mongol advances and terrible crimes against the defenseless poulation had reached the capitol from the southern parts of the empire. Yet the quickly reequipped SAM infantry had been able to hold their own in the province capitol down south.

    In a desperate plea for aid, the Persian government had opened talks with Germany and managed to secure their support. The German declaration of war against the Mongols made the outlook seem less bleak. German forces crossed into southern Persia and advanced on the Mongol spearheads.

    Persepolis meanwhile was in a desperate struggle to defend its most vital strategic and food resources. It was a loosing fight, but Susa and the other northern towns were gearing up for pushing out reinforcements. Susa with its vast industrial base would certainly turn the tide. Add in the war time governmental policies that had passed the legislative and a push back into Mongol territory seemed possible in the medium future.

    But oh, the treachery, the shamelessness, the monstrosity of the Russian soul. How they had assured Persia of their friendship. Year after year, century after century. Voracioulsy salivating over countless state gifts. Their declaration of war was a slap in the Persian peoples face.

    A combined Russian and Mongol landing party raided Susa and its sourroundings. The Mongols devastating the countryside, the Russians directly advancing on the thinly defended city itself. With the Susa 1st Grenadiers and Susapalooza Cavalry regiment aiding in the battle for Persepolis, Susa was near undefended - two outmoded musket battalions holding the pearl of the northern shore.

    The rest was slaughter. The relentless shelling followed by wave after wave of Kossacks reapidly overwhelmed the garrison. Susa was lost. The Persian economy seriously crippled.

    Persepolis, meanwhile, ran danger of being surrounded as the Mongols started a pincer move.

    The prince turned his eyes to the hills in the north. One last SAM unit was holding the mining center. Another one was guarding Sopolis City, the wealthy suburb of the Persian traders. Persepolis itself had another two SAM regiments ready and the remnants of the cavalry army groupd had withdrawn to the capitol as well. Odds for a mobile outbreak and surprise attack were heavily weighted against them.
    Being outnumbered 4:1 the prince decided to evacuate and make a desperate dash for the northern provinces, hopefully avoiding the pincer and retunring to fight another day. Amidst panicked civilians, begging not to be left behind, the Persian soldiers marched to the city gates – tears in their eyes.

    „Things fall apart; the center cannot hold“
    W.B. Yeats

    Needless to say, Persepolis was lost the next round. The Germans lost scores of knights against the Mongols. The south was overrun shortly thereafter. Before I thought of switching my civics so that I could draft, I was washed away by scores of Mongol and Russian units.

    I had lead in points from the start for the first time out of all the prince games I played. The war with the Americans had pushed me back to second place, after the English under Elizabeth. Nonetheless I was just getting out of the war time depression and geared up for taking back firts place when the Mongol hordes hit me.

    Boy was I surprised at the sheer amount of units they had. Wave after wave of Mongol cavalry totally wrecked my economiy. Ressources and even important inland roads were pillaged. My friends the Germans where hopelessly underpowered and unable to help me much.

    The Russians were also underpowered, but they met little resistance since I had pulled the seaside garrisons down to Persepolis where they were slaughtered in defense of the countryside. I’ll never make the mistake of poorly defnded ports again.

    I probably should have looked at the statistics screen a bit more. After the war with America I had been sure that my military was comparable to my neighbors. Didn’t even bother to check. I guess that was my great mistake.

    Well, a lesson learned. My new game with Mansa Mussa is turning out ok so far. We’ll see what that’ll bring.

    Settings of course were: Prince, Standard Map, Fast Speed.

    Cheers and hope you enjoyed my blunders a bit.

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    all i can say is that i feel you pain, and i have enjoyed the read, but to experience a higher level of pain, try pangea standard, 12 civs. no need to turn on agressive ai, beta testers were right - sit back and pump out units, because your neighbours will always be ready to stab a stack of gloom in your heart.
    power rating is key. never underestimate it and always give ANYTHING to a third party to drag it in as quickly as possible. do not be stingy, or you might end in ruins (as i ended up twice).


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      Good story, arien101. It's pretty amazing how evil the AI could be sometimes.
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