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  • Great ...but

    Just finished my first game on this. Noble setting[too easy] napoleon,small map set agianst Victoria,Isabella,Kublai Khan and space ship,timed and other victory conditions on

    I led the points race through out with Washington close behind,I became Hindu and had Kublai as an arrogant but fair and honourable ally throughout.The others were annoyed throughout though Washington was ok for a few years but didn't like my friendship of the mongols.

    We both picked off Vicky early middle ages and shared the spoils.

    Washington attacked once he was well ahead on the tech race and suddenly arrived at my shores with gunboats,SAM men and various nasty marines and Battleships.

    I fended him off [just] we then had peace and he never came back

    I pressed for tanks and when they came i slaughtered the spanish who could not cope with waves of tanks and artillery. I also had a spy go around and destroy there production just as well as she was trying to get tanks out as well too late.

    Kublai did his Mussolini bit and came in when she was beaten to try to share the spoils and i was just about able to keep his mits of all but one city.

    This was about 2030 and put me well ahead [about 1500 points ] from Washington and this is where the but comes in.....

    I just clikced away the last 20 turns no pressure,no wars, nothing there was no time for nukes or the United Nations and in a rather flat and dull end to what had been a great game i simply cantered over the line admittedly my place in the league of houour was appropriately classed as Neville Chamberlain about 15th i think on the list.

    Someone who thought he had peace in his time but was ready to get walloped...perhaps that will be me in my next game when i crank up both the difficulty and size of map...

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    Maybe you shouldn't have disabled the space race, this way the game crawls to the end.


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      i agree but was surprised that the ai simply fizzled out without the direction of space.....the space race always ends up the same for me i use nukes to pull back the leader and then send mine up...