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  • My first game

    My first finished game.
    It took me 24 hours and 5 minutes to complete.
    (I'm also playing a hot seat game with my brother)

    The settings:
    I'm playing as the Aztecs (random)
    18 civs
    Standard map size (random)
    Archipelago - (type random)
    Rocky Climate (random)
    High Sea Level (random)
    All victories on.

    The game:

    I started on a small island (as expected) so I knew it was going to very difficult to expand. I didn't had a good start, still not adjusted at the new game style at start. So my city was a little behind in developing but I had my second city at a good speed.

    I quickly found several players around me, The French, Romans and Germans. I was luckily to get to Judaism. I quickly converted the others (by doing nothing) I also had a Great Prophet at a fast rate so I could build the shrine.

    I was behind score (so I knew I was behind technology). Thanks to the shrine I could put my sience back at 100%. It brought me slowly back into the game. When I started to find other I was roughly 100 points behind. I knew I had to get more cities or I would be doomed. I already had my hopes to win this game thrown into the trash but I was eager to make the best of it.

    I came up against Alexander and it didn't took long before he brought up a war against me. Meanwhile the Romans had stolen a very nice spot for my third city
    Luckily thanks to my religion I could bring in the Romans and the French to help me out with this war. Which saved my ass. It didn't took long before Alex asked for peace. Waging a war in archipelago isn't that much at the early stage. The only thing that is really possible is to block your cities, making it go into red.

    After the war I started to produce settlers and got myself two more cities. I was really lucky to get them, since the AI was only heavily expanding. (18 civs!) Now I had four cities, I was still a little behind. But no longer last. I also started to find more and more peeps and found out that the French were not so strong as I though! There were even stronger guys out there. My hopes to win were totally gone now. But I didn't give up!

    I started to get everything I could. Started to concentrate on Great Persons. MY GGP (I hope this is correct) raised quickly in my capital. I started to finished a few wonders, Haning Gardens and Angkor War. Which was very good for my priest, + 2 production made them my fav specialist to boost my production. Low production was a heavy problem. There was more water then land. While I was discovering more land, I noticed the AI was still colonising. So I decided to join them. I managed to find one more city. It raised my maintenance a lot but I knew it was good for the future.

    Meanwhile I managed to get in the mid row. I was catching up, it felt great! Thanks to some nice diplomatic decisions. I kept popping out great persons to give me boosts in science. Also used a prophet for a production/gold boost in a city. Now I had two cities with some nice production going on for wonders and national wonders.

    I tried to conquer the roman city with culture but failed. I never came close in getting it. I even threw a great artist in it but still nothing. Romans weren't that dumb and made enough culture in the city. This gave me a red line for close borders with the Romans. But still good friends. The French and Germans loved me.

    There were no wars for a long time. It started to get a little boring until I managed to get in the top 5. Popped out two science fast, thanks to a great person.

    Then I wondered what a golden age would do, so I saved two great persons and got myself a golden age. I noticed a few AI doing the same but not many changes in their score. But I wanted to test it out.

    My civics were roughly Heriditary Rule (to keep my happines high enough, there were almost no luxery resources and I had none.), Bureaucracy (Not many cities so capital city is very important), Caste System (scientist specialist), Free Market and Organised religion.

    The golden age was actually good, this made me go up and brought me into the top 8 score list and finished some key buildings in my three smaller cities. Developing them was very hard task.

    When oil and uranium came into play, I had a little extra production but wasn't that worth. I missed coal and aluminium. At that point I knew Space race was over for me. I had a little faith back at winning the game but this made it go back into the trashcan.

    I was also making a lot of gold. And was becoming higher and higher in the score list, I was top 5 now. Thanks to some deals with lower scores sims, though they had more profit then me, it kept me in the game!

    My religion went around pretty well without me doing much. I only convered the English, who were very low. (Second last) but gave me two more gold I had around 25% of the world at my hands. The other big one was Hinduism. Buddism was only at the Spanish empire, which I found strange that it didn't become big one. Third big one was Christianity.

    I didn't look that much at upgrading my units, I saved my gold. I had a lot of units in my cities anyway (for the happyness) so if someone attacked me, I would bought an update then.

    The end game was coming closer and closer and I noticed that my good friends no longer wanted to trade me. I though, damn this is stupid AI diplomacy so I checked it out what text came up at the red line. It said "We are afraid you get to far advanced."

    Wow, that is cool! I was amased! Excellent game play
    With Rocketry it said "We want to win the game, thank you very much" Hehe

    I thought now, maybe I can win the diplomacy victory. So I did my very best to get the wonder and I got it. (I think I used a great engineer for it) I was easily Secretary General. The other guy (Japan) wasn't that liked at all. So I was very happy. Looking at the votes I got from secretary general I thought I was going to win so I made a try. Boy was I dissapointed. Only French and German voted for me! Not even the Romans! Bah. I did some research and those two were only friendly(or pleased, the highest happy level) with me.

    While I was trying to get diplo vic. I managed to get at the 3rd place sometimes. I still wonder how I actually managed it but I got there. Maybe the long hours of getting the max out of my cities. Maybe it was time for anothet attempt at the space victory. I had a Great Engineer ready! But I was dissapointed again, you can't use them for projects. So I decided to use the Universal Suffrage. For my big money to buy it. Again, not possible.

    I noticed I would never get the space ship done at 2050. So maybe the AI wouldn't get it done either! I changed to nationhood, environmentalism and free religion to make sure my cities won't get mad. Though my capital went mad, but thanks to +20% culture it was fixed. (Thank you Theatre)

    So I bought in all my cities all the science buildings to max out science in all my cities. It brought me in the top 3 race against Roosenvelt (founder of Hinduism, who also had a shrine) and Ghandi.

    I noticed I was becoming very good, Roosenvelt and I raised fast in score. Ghandi couldn't keep up. I have to thank Saladin and Mansa Musa for all the technology trades we done.

    Defensive pacts also came up, I had one with French, Germany and Saladin. So I felt quite safe. Germany was also top guy but the French had made a drop into the middle group. The Romans also good friends were also on the top.

    Suddenly the Romans started to attack me! I was in shock. So good friends trying to screw me to win this game. Alot of war declarions followed up. I also managed to get Mansa Musa against the ROmans. Hehe poor Romans. They managed to pillage a few fish nets but that's about it.

    A little later Roosenvelt fell into war too against a rather low enemy, wasn't a match against him. I'm not sure why he declared that war since it was still a very close race for the time victory.

    The last 30 turns we switched first place constantly, it was so exciting! I was trying to do anything to win. Even changed production into science, since science = points.

    Also tried to get some pop growing, for the little points. I thought, a point is a point.

    I calculated it so I had a new science one turn before the game ended. I also ended up with another great person at the end and did some research boost which made me make two more science in the last 20 turns.

    I finished the last science 3 turns before end. I had 4 more points then Roosenvelt. Those last 3 turns, I was so nervous like hell. Was I going to win this game! I was so far behind.

    EDIT: I have 2557 Points and I'm Don Quayle, I don't find it fair after doing so much trouble to get so low points and so low rank. (Should be changed in my opinion)

    After the three turns, I WON the game!! Man I jumped and made a small dance. My parents were giving me a strange look (A 22 year old being so excited to win in a game )

    I must say, Civ 4 is fun.
    I love it that you can come back after being so far behind!
    I saved the autosave file if anyone wants to see it

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    Man, that's great!

    Makes me wish I didn't quit those games where I was behind in score.

    What difficulty level was it on?

    I plan on winning my first Noble victory this weekend, but first comes homework.

    Now that I know that the Culture Slider affects your CPT, I should do MUCH better.

    Dan O.


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      By the way, Huge with 18 civs will be even more fun. On Standard, it's very cramped, so neither you nor the AIs can get a very powerful empire.
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        I also like huge maps, but just to vary I tried a tiny map. Just two opponents, 'always war' and 'raging barbarians' made for a fast-paced game - which I won on Noble. Good fun.


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          Btw - I wasn't aware that the 'always war' option just applies to the AI vs the human. So the others, as well as the barbs, ganged up on me, which made me hard-pressed for a time.


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            It was on noble
            doing the tournament now!
            Playing on standard is also a lot of fun, more paced!