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  • Bloodied by antiquity

    Here I am, happily leading my peacefull, fun loving Mongols, leading the way; by a long way on science, economy, production and especially culture, on king level.

    After a while one of the common conflicts between the scientifically primitive computer players occurs, which is fine as it lets me widen my lead even more.

    The aztecs (friendly towards me) take a roman (also friendly) city close to mine, which is fine as it lets me dominate the area culturally (in fact my culture completely swamps the rioting city). The aztecs arn't happy about this though, and decide to make peace with their enemies (Rome) and attack their friend (me) instead...

    My army is pretty weak, just one archer in each city, with a Keshik a long way away, against about 20 knights. Still, it's not a big deal, I have plenty of cash and upgrade my archers to infantry, build 2-3 cavalry and then beat off the assault, and then go and capture 3 of their cities for good measure.

    They quickly sue for peace, and so I cheerfully go back to my peaceful ways building theatres in the new cities, which happen to be right next to the weak (they have about 1/3 of my score) and isolationist Japs, who, deciding that they don't like me next to them proceed to mass about 30 grenadiers/cats next to my new cities (which by now have machine-guns in) and then attack.

    And so, very quickly, their grenadiers blow up my machine guns, their cats trample my massed fortified infantry, and my cannon/cavalry (they have no horses)are pretty much looking on without being able to do much except die against grenadiers.

    By now I have the tech for tanks, aircraft, marines, etc though all my big cities are building wonders/factories and so, very swiftly, I am pillaged, my new cities taken and my empire in dire peril.

    I miss the days when things were simple and I would get a millitary advisor ranting and raving and telling me to look to my defences and build city walls
    The Roman Kings scenario is now ready for play:

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    Very familiar, although I'm doing pretty good in my games (Prince atm) I know I can suddenly get a very hard time when the AI gets mad at me for some reason. Definately an improvement over Civ3.