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  • Post positive points of Civilization 4 here


    1. ONLY post if you HAVE the game and have PLAYED the game.

    2. Only post your POSITIVE VIEWS on the game. (For Negative points, post here: )
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    OMG OK now that I have this thing up and running -- i.e., after the Radeon rendering problem -- can I just say how AMAZING this soundtrack is? It is one of the best I've heard thus far in terms of video games.

    that's all I have to say about that. Out.


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      Game is excellent: visually pleasing, sounds great, and for now, an overwhelming array of choices and decisions to make. This is rich and deep. Thanks Firaxis!

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        Haven't played it enough yet for in-depth critique, but.......

        Music is very, very good.

        Spock is pretty cool, too.


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          Earth Map included with the game
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            Great, great, great intuitive interface. It's easy and fast to see all the important information I need, and to make the necessary changes. Good job there!


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              * nice soundtrack
              * no more riots/pollution
              * integrate religion (allthough I am not believing - its part of mankind - history!)
              * perfectly included editor


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                actually city unrest and pollution still exist, you just dont get a million unrest reports every turn
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                  I just had it. But I can't see it. When I hit a city by an ICBM some terrain is glowing. But from the pollution side I get a message "city xy shows global warming" and thats it. I can't see any "dirty" terrain?


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                    Based on just limited hours of game play. Lots I like:

                    The ability to share tile with units from other nations. No more getting caught in narrow straights with nowhere to go just because another unit occupies that space.

                    The zoom ability. Eye candy, sure, but good and useful eye candy.

                    Still getting the hang of promotions, but so far like the concept.

                    Interface is way better. More information is readily available right on the screen.

                    The Barbs are no longer wandering buffoons. They can do some serious pillaging damage if you are slacking on defense, which I was.

                    I really dig the Huge Lake map. Interesting concept. And: Huge map seems Huge (yet to uncover all of one, however)

                    Borders are sacrosanct. And, as of yet, saying “you can’t cross my borders” during diplomacy caused no negative reaction..

                    Nice general atmosphere to the game.
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                      Borders are sacrosanct. And, as of yet, saying “you can’t cross my borders” during diplomacy caused no negative reaction..

                      Opening borders on the other hand gives a boost to diplomacy with that civ.
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                        I honestly can't say enough good things about this game. Played (and hooked) since Civ 1, and Civ 4 sucks me back in, over 10 years later, like a professional crack dealer.

                        Good job Firaxis, one happy customer here. I'd have gladly paid $100 for this game.
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                          Catherine the Great slapping you (and your perspective rocking) when she disapproves of an offer - very nice touch.

                          Able to play without religion so far. Noble, small map, 3 continents, 7 AI opponents. I never founded a religion or adopted a state religion (though I've been "infected" with this superstitious twaddle, and Cathy wanted me to convert to Buddhism) yet am in 2nd place and very close to 1st at 1650 AD.

                          Able to play as builder (only combat has been vs. barbarians) by trying to keep AI happy via diplomacy (though I think it's a matter of time before Cathy loses her patience with me.)

                          Oh, and I *love* naming landmarks. I have Mt. Cumus & Mt. Vesuvio labelled, as well as the Bitter Desert (not feeling to creative last night.)


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                            Choices for the next tech have increased from a typical 5 in Civ3 to more like a dozen. More choices = more strategy.

                            Irritatingly intelligent barbarians. They see you're just sitting in your city... Okay then, time to pillage!

                            AI that actually attacks!

                            Religion. I can't figure out whether it's understated or overpowerful. And that probably means it's balanced.

                            Resources are more powerful than in Civ3. Holding and utilizing them is key to success.

                            So far, I haven't felt like the AI is purposely treating me unfairly for being a human. The diplomacy "makes sense" as others have mentioned.


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                              It "feels" like Civ1 to me. That's the biggest positive of anything to me.
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